Halloween costumes – unusual ideas and tips

halloween disguise couple cool

Great Halloween costumes ideas

Do you like going to parties? Are you always ready to dress up and play a surprising role in it? If so, you have come here in time … Because we are the coolest today Halloween costumes Have collected ideas. Inspiring embodiments wait to be discovered.




But first a few words about the strange, effective and magnificent occasion … .. Halloween!

Be unique for Halloween

halloween decoration pumpkin lights


The world-famous festival Halloween is a funny and mysterious celebration, but it is a lot of fun. Ask for “sweet or sour” to feel the solemn spirit. Be careful, though, because the pumpkin monster can lurk somewhere near you. The great celebration has different names worldwide and is also celebrated quite differently. There is something that unites the different cultures and peoples … The night of October 31st to November 1st always belongs to the spirits, witches and scary monsters. The time of pumpkins, zombies, skeletons, demons, vampire parties, and the begging ghosts on the front door. The other world, the world of shadows – it can really shake you with fear, right? D rather not! The real reason, the cause of this eerie celebration, is the reminder that life has a beginning and an end, that we only come here for a short time and are replaced once …

Fancy Halloween make-up

halloween disguise ladies make up

The Halloween Party continues to be associated with good humor, celebrating people and stunning Halloween costumes. Here you will find our suggestions, full of color, imagination and effectiveness. Maybe you will find yourself with us …

Halloween witch

halloween witch in black





halloween costumes ladies zombie

Carnival costumes for families

cool halloween disguise families

Peter Pan’s family

halloween costumes for families peter pan family

Halloween costumes kids

cool halloween disguise children effective

Disguise yourself like teeth

halloween costumes children teeth

The skeleton couple

halloween costumes skeleton couple


halloween makeup tips costumes party

Woman skeleton

carnival costumes halloween disguise skeleton

Blue wig

halloween costumes blue wig

Scary clown

halloween costumes ideas clown

The red queen

halloween costumes red queen

Blue bride

halloween disguise creepy bride

the snow Queen

great halloween disguise ideas

Witch with piercing

halloween witch cool party decoration

Unicorn mask

halloween costumes ladies unicorn

Eye lenses combine with a great make-up

halloween costumes ladies eyelens

Cook and spaghetti

halloween costumes family spaghetti cook

Sweet pumpkin

halloween costumes kids pumpkin

Half face in black

halloween makeup tips costumes party decoration

Scary zombie

halloween costumes ladies carnival costumes

Horror look for Halloween

horror halloween costumes carnival costumes

Mickey mouse couple

carnival costumes halloween costumes make up

Orange inspiration

carnival costumes halloween disguise lady

Feminine and stylish

carnival costumes halloween disguise ladies

Carnival costumes and party decoration

halloween disguise ladies party decoration

Two babies


Chic image

carnival costumes halloween disguise hairstyle

Dot pattern

carnival costumes halloween disguise ladies make up

Halloween disguise for men

carnival costumes halloween disguise for men

Terrible couple

carnival costumes halloween disguise couples

The Queen of Hearts

carnival costumes halloween disguise heart queen

The skeleton couple

carnival costumes halloween disguise couples

In black and white

carnival costumes halloween disguise black red

Black mask

carnival costumes halloween disguise mask

Impressive face

halloween disguise and make up

The wolf

carnival costumes halloween disguise wolf

Funny disguise


The Flintstones

halloween costumes kids family flint

Mario and Luigi

halloween costumes children luigi and mario

Pac one

halloween costumes kids pac man

The wizard of Oz

halloween costumes kids wizard by oz

Marie Antoinett

Marie Antoinett Halloween party disguise

Halloween Witch – eyecatching


Blue inspiration

halloween costumes ladies blue peruvian carnival costumes

Great Halloween make-up

halloween costumes ladies pink inspiration

Lurking wild animal

Halloween costumes in black carnival costumes

Carnival costumes for children

halloween costumes kids funny

Joker and Batman girl

halloween costumes couple joker batman girl

Family pirates

halloween costumes pirates carnival costumes

Doll make-up

halloween costumes doll make up

Carnival disguise for couples

unique halloween disguise couple

Unique embodiment

Halloween disguise party decorations

Purple clown

halloween disguise party decoration purple clown


halloween disguise party decoration make up

Great Halloween make-up – Fascinating eyeshadow by Tal Peleg


halloween eyes make-up princess

Halloween make-up – eyeshadow that recreates your famous movies and favorite fairy tales

Have you already prepared your Halloween costume? And you have the right one Halloween make-up to? You have not come up with something original? Then let’s introduce you to stunning eyeshadow that is a real art.




Created by the Israeli Tal Peleg, this will attract your attention for a long time. Look at the impressive pictures, maybe you will find inspiration for your own make-up!

Yin and yang

Eye makeup halloween cats


Wicked look

eyes make-up halloween evil

Hansel and Gretel

eyes make up house illustration




Instead of using eyeshadow only as a means of enhancing one’s own look, Tal Peleg uses them to create stunning art. In her work, she paints illustrations from famous films and favorite fairy tales or other things from everyday life. The Israeli artist explores motifs from classic works such as “The Sound of Music”, “Hansel and Gretel” and “The Spirit of the Opera” and goes on to modern versions such as “The Princess and the Frog” and “The Excellent”.

snow white

make-up make-up halloween fairy tale

The little frightened Little Red Riding Hood

halloween make-up eyes rottkäppchen


make-up halloween make-up


halloween make-up eye treats

Gone with the wind

halloween make-up fascinating eyeshadow

Their ability to reproduce scenes on such a small surface with such distinct details and colors is truly unbelievable. It is not strange that her talent has aroused significant interest in the social media; As a result, she has numerous followers. One can get up to work Instagram , Facebook or deviantART to introduce in more detail.


cinderella illustration make-up

Nils Holgersson

make-up make-up halloween blue white

Dr. Seuss

halloween eyes make-up dr. seuss

The spirit in the opera

halloween make-up eyes artwork

The princess and the frog

halloween eyes make-up princess

Sweet favorite heroes

make-up animals illustration


rudolph illustration eye make-up


halloween make-up eye make-up illustration

The sound of the music

halloween make-up eyes make-up green

Dream within the dream

halloween make-up eyes black

The little mermaid

halloween make up mermaid illustration

Edgar Allan Poe

halloween make-up man illustration

The power of words

halloween make-up black tear


sushi illustration make-up

The excellent

halloween eyes make-up original

Christmas greetings – special Christmas cards for companies and private

Special Christmas greetings

What used to be a matter of course is almost a rarity today: in times of Facebook and WhatsApp are special Christmas greetings in the form of a beautiful card for many a great pleasure. This little attention costs little time and money.

The easiest way to have a personal Christmas greeting is to buy a classic card from the trade. In the meantime you can even find them in the supermarket and do not have to go to a stationery store. However, this is a mass product. If it should be a little more individual and yet not take much effort, offer yourself personalized Christmas cards from the internet. Special online shops have a large selection of designs. It does not always have to be a red card – blue ones can be found here as well as international designs. The latest trend: Christmas cards with QR code. In it, a message can be packed that is not recognizable at first glance.

Christmas cards for companies and private

Some vendors specialize in business greetings and particularly elegant cards in the range, which can be printed on request with the company logo. There are even special Christmas greetings for special industries, such as a Christmas tree made of metal construction pipes or a bathtub shaped like a tree for sanitary companies. The selection is huge and offers the right motif for everyone. An alternative for the private sector are large online print shops, where you can not only print flyers and posters, but also cards for many occasions. For example, Christmas cards with scented or glitter varnish in various sizes are offered.

Special Christmas Greetings Christmas Card tinker Creative DIY Ideas




If you have a creative streak and a lot of time, you can also design the Christmas card yourself. Special computer programs such as Ashampoo Photo Card, which already contain templates and offer the option to insert your own texts and graphics or photos, will help. There are internet pages with Christmas theme collections that can serve as a source of inspiration. A classic text would be for example:

A happy and merry Christmas and health, happiness and success for the coming year.

It may also be a good advice:

Greetings to the Christmas days and please do not spoil your stomach!

… or something philosophical:

The secret of Christmas is to be pointed to the inconspicuous and the small in our search for the great and the extraordinary.

This allows you to create great maps that are then sent to the printer. This should on the one hand be able to handle thicker paper and on the other hand print in good quality.

Design Christmas cards yourself

If you do not have a suitable printer, you can drag the card data file onto a USB stick or a memory card and go to a print shop or copy shop. There you get a professional expression and usually you have to fold the card then only.

A special experience for the whole family is that Tinker of Christmas cards. Cardboard in different colors, scissors, glue, pens and your own imagination are the tools with which to create very special Christmas greetings. The relatives are happy about that.

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Tips for a healthy life: how important is your morning routine?

Lead healthy lives – healthy habits for each morning

The healthy life has many aspects and above all – many modern versions. One thing is certain: Healthy life is also linked to healthy habits. It is not worth to eat only healthy food in reasonable quantities today and in the next few days then again only greasy fast food goods to eat.

Healthy life requires healthy habits. They are also part of the healthy daily routine. Everything starts with an optimally organized morning. What does it mean to have an optimally organized morning? In the next lines we would like to answer this question.

Good Morning!

healthy lives lead healthy habits every morning

Prepare the night before

Do you want to go jogging in the morning or start the day with a healthy herbal tea? We have little time early in the morning. Prepare the clothes for jogging or the herbs for tea the night before. So, the likelihood of meeting your good intentions is much greater.




Is jogging part of your morning routine?

healthy living lead healthy habits morning routine jogging


Waking up must also be fun

Your attitude with which you go through the day, is determined by the type of waking up. That’s why a motivating melody in the morning is a very good idea. Choose it carefully and look forward to it every morning!

Get up early! So you have enough time to enjoy the morning

Healthy Living Lead Healthy Habits Morning routine wake up early

Get more time in the morning

Do you have enough time in the morning to enjoy a relaxed coffee or make-up? Both are very important for your mood and your self-confidence! So why not stand up earlier and give yourself plenty of time for everything! That brings you more energy in the day!

Time for make-up

healthy life lead healthy habits morning routine make-up




First drink water

What’s the first thing you drink in the morning? You should drink water before having coffee or tea. This gives you energy and a good feeling from within.

Maybe a few drops of lemon?

You lead a healthy life if you do something good for your figure from the morning on. A few drops of lemon in the water are exactly fitting.

Refreshing morning drink – healthy Water with lemon

healthy life healthy habits lead water with lemon

You eat something that tastes good and gives you a lot of energy

The breakfast must taste good and give you enough energy for the day. There are many good breakfast recipes that serve this purpose. You must also taste good, so that we feel the day successfully! Choose only what you would like to eat in the morning!

A healthy and delicious breakfast is also part of the start into a healthy day

healthy life, healthy habits lead to healthy breakfast

Do you like your morning routine?

The morning must be fun and make you feel very happy! So enjoy your time in the morning and bring a lot behind. You will have time in the afternoon for sports, family, friends. To easily lead a healthy and happy life.

Start every day with a big smile!

healthy lives lead healthy habits Good morning routine

The perfect start to the day

healthy lives lead healthy habits to enjoy the morning

Delicious recipes with beer: your favorite beers with a difference

3 delicious recipes with beer

Who at beer thinking only of an alcoholic soft drink is wrong – with a little culinary skill can be with the hop drink and prepare some culinary delights.

The brewery Oettinger stands not only for its excellent beers, which are brewed according to traditional, proven recipes and the highest purity requirement, but also for a whole series of delicious ones Soft drinks ,
And if you want to experience your favorite beer in a completely different way, you should definitely try the following recipes:

keep calm and drink beer three tasty recipes with beer

Your favorite beers with a difference …

How about, for example, a delicious beer bread? All you need is 370 grams of flour (preferably whole wheat flour), a tsp salt, a tsp baking powder, two tablespoons honey, a teaspoon of soda, 380 ml of Oettinger and some melted butter.
First mix the dry ingredients in a sturdy bowl.

Then add the Oettinger and the honey and mix everything evenly. Preheat the oven to about 200 ° C and place the finished bread dough in a greased box baking pan.
After a baking time of about 30-40 minutes, the crust of the bread should be lightly browned. Brush the finished bread with the melted butter and bake for another 10 minutes. Done is a tasty beer bread that tastes best with hearty cheese.

The perfect barbecue marinade

For a delicious barbecue marinade you need 300 ml Oettinger, three finely chopped garlic cloves, a finely diced onion, two tablespoons olive oil, a few tablespoons of mustard, dried rosemary, and pepper and salt.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry in the chopped garlic and onion. Add the mustard, the rosemary, and salt and pepper and put the whole thing off with the Oettinger beer.
Then remove from the heat and let the mixture cool. The marinade should be given to the meat about 2-3 hours before preparing.

delicious recipes with beer

Sliced ​​with fine beer mustard sauce

For a delicious Geschnetzeltes with fine beer mustard sauce you need 250 g of meat for sliced ​​(turkey or pork depending on your taste), 100 g fresh mushrooms, 50 ml creme fraiche, a large onion, 100 ml cattle or vegetable broth, 1 -2 tablespoons flour, 300 ml dark beer, 2-3 tablespoons mustard, salt, pepper and cumin.

First cut the meat into bite-sized strips and then stir together mustard, oil and the spices. Cut the onion into small pieces and add about a third to the marinade. Put the meat cut into strips, top it all with the dark beer and let it soak in the fridge overnight.

Remove the meat from the marinade the next day and fry it in heated oil. Then dust it with 1-2 tablespoons of flour, let it simmer for a while and then remove it with the broth.

Lightly roast the remaining onions with the fresh mushroom-cut mushrooms, add the meat and stir in the creme fraiche. Done is a tasty Sunday dish! Serve it best freshly made spaetzle.

IKEA children’s room – simple, ergonomic wooden furniture for your little ones

Current inspiration for the children’s room from IKEA

Do you know when the designers of nursery furniture did their job really well? This is the case when adults wish to find such models in suitable sizes for themselves. This is clearly the case with the latest Ikea furniture for the nursery. We’ve picked some great ideas for you with these pieces of furniture to really impress you with their high quality and stunning design. Do you stay with it?

At the age of 3 to 12 years

The following IKEA nursery furniture is intended for ages from 3 to 12 years. Most of them are made of pine wood and spiced up with great accents.
The benefits that can make anyone jealous do not stop there. The IKEA nurseries are super adaptable. This is thanks to new production techniques. Not only do they contribute to multi-functionality, they also bring many other benefits.
The new IKEA furniture can grow with the kids. Thanks to the stable and adaptable mechanisms, their height and size can be changed and adapted.

IKEA children’s room – color joy and optimal coziness

ikea children's room wood furniture light wood bookcases colorful drawers carpet stripes

The table

We show you some great tables for the children’s room first. Most have a simple structure. Above all, they surprise with their super comfortable character and with the color added extras, e.g. the storage areas. As far as stability is concerned, you are on the safe side with both the tables and the chairs.

IKEA children’s room with ergonomic wooden furniture

ikea children's room wood furniture table wood stool

ikea children's room wooden furniture tables stools wall paneling

Interestingly designed storage area

Not even the storage space for adults carries an ordinary character with IKEA furniture. What’s left for the children’s collection! Look at the great shelves that mimic the shape of a house!

The wall shelf – Dollhouse Flisat

ikea nursery wooden furniture wall shelf bookcase dollhouse flisat

Or do you prefer the colorful wardrobe for the hallway?

ikea nursery wooden furniture light wood wardrobe corridor

Also, the hangers escape any boredom thanks to simple yet super attractive ideas.

The children’s furniture from IKEA and the furniture

The IKEA children’s room furniture can be the source of interesting topics and ideas. On the other hand, they can be enrolled in other concepts through their simple design. It just depends on how you interpret these and their role in interior design.

By the way, the IKEA nursery furniture can also be a great inspiration for the furniture of the adults!

And some nice ideas for your kids room from IKEA:

ikea children's room wooden furniture white table chairs bed frame wardrobe wooden floorboards

Simple nursery decor in white and pink

ikea children's room wooden furniture cot pink dresser wood

Dreamlike furnishing idea for your girls

ikea children's room wood furniture bunk bed light wood desk office chairs

Colorful nursery idea for all genders

ikea children's room wood furniture high bed nursery carpet dresser

Pastel green and light wood – a soothing, soothing combination

ikea children's room wood furniture wardrobe green walls bed nursery rug

More homeliness in the nursery

ikea children's room wooden furniture metal bed high bed children's room racks shelves office chair

Brilliant lemon yellow for more positive, sunny energy

ikea children's room wooden furniture table chairs chalkboard toy storage

Optimal toy storage with style

ikea children's room wooden furniture wall shelves toys storage nursery rug

Baby blue and playful triangular pattern

ikea kids room wooden furniture white bunk bed linen geometric pattern

Ecologically build – the 10 most important reasons to have a mud house

ecological building clay house earth straw

Why should you build ecologically

After we talk about the sustainable tourism , renewable energy and the passive houses have written the topic about ecological construction. How the word ecologically It can be seen that this is a way to build houses made entirely of natural materials.

There are already many building materials that come from nature. We focus today mainly on the clay. We show you some beautiful mud houses, which are not only to be admired for their sustainability, but also look fairy-tale and fascinating. You have us right off to the hobbit-houses Lord of the rings remind. Curved lines, cute oval windows and doors, thatched roofs – simply gorgeous.

Imaginative mud house in the forest

ecological building clay house natural wood forest

Would you like to know the 10 most important reasons that make for an ecological mud house?

1st reason: Clay is a building material that is easy to handle. Even inexperienced enthusiasts can handle it calmly and above all successfully.

2nd reason: This material has the property of acting as an electromagnetic insulator. So you can reasonably stop the negative radiation of the WLAN, the mobile phone and the TV satellite.

3rd reason: The walls made of clay have a high thermal insulation. That means a mud house will be pleasantly cool in summer and nice and warm in winter.

4. Reason: The soundproofing of this natural material is also at a maximum level.

Etho house in the village Bania in Bulgaria

ecologically build clay house rustic environmentally friendly

Work the natural building material

ecological building clay house earth balls building material

Stable wooden construction

ecological build clay house wood earth sustainable

5th reason: clay breathes. In this way, the moisture in the house is regulated and the processes of condensation are prevented. Especially for people who suffer from asthma, such a home is the perfect home.

6. Reason: Clay is a sustainable material that contains no toxic chemicals.

7th reason: This building material is easy to find in nature, especially if you live in such a place, rich in clay soil.

Sustainable construction with fairytale design

ecological building mud house bulgaria

8. Reason: When building the mud house you hardly need electricity. You can just do the whole process with your own hands and feet.

9. Reason: Clay is inexpensive and abundant in nature.

Reason 10: And last but not least, you can use all your heart in building your home. It’s like creating a sculpture. The mud house can be expanded and maintained like a living creation that is filled with your energy.

Have we piqued your interest? We hope so. Look at all the pictures and imagine what your own mud house could look like.

Cosiness of a special kind

ecologically build mud house village banja

Rustic and unique

ecologically build clay house sustainable

Perfect unity

ecologically build clay house sustainable nature

This could be your own eco-house

ecological building clay house village house rustic

Imaginative mud house in the village Leshten in Bulgaria

ecological building clay house village leshten bulgaria

Organic interior

ecological building clay house village leshten interior decoration

Chic mud house with African flair

ecologically build mud house healthy life

Let your imagination run wild

ecologically build clay house interior decoration

Tree trunks and sturdy wooden beams

ecological building clay house interior decoration living room open plan

A bedroom like from the fairy tales

ecologically build mud house interior bedroom

Entrance area with a shabby chic touch

ecological building clay house rustic interior

Romantic at sunset

ecological building clay house thatched roof forest

Smooth lines and pure nature

ecologically build mud house roofed roofed terrace

A cozy hobbit worthy kitchen

ecologically build sustainable house kitchen

Definition Brand: What makes a charismatic fire?

Definition Brand item as an example

The definition of the brand and how to build it charismatically

In today’s article, we speak of a sub-concept. It’s not about the fire as such, but about the charismatic fire. What makes him and how does such a brand win in bulk the sympathies for themselves – these are the main questions that need to be answered.

Definition brand: the brand ITEM as an example

Definition brand example item unique home design

The main definition

But let’s start with the main definition of a brand. It is a sign that distinguishes the goods and products of one manufacturer from those of other manufacturers. It can be a graphical representation in most cases. Above all, we mean words, letters, figures, figures, pictures, the shape of the goods or their packaging, etc. What else could you give here for further examples? The combination of colors, sounds and any kind of such could be crucial.

What makes a brand?

Definition brand example item branding business cards

Business cards and promotional materials are of great importance

Definition Brand example item marketing products

It’s about graphic representation

Definition Brand example item marketing and advertising

How do you define the charismatic fire?

Now let’s define the charismatic brand. They have achieved this as soon as users begin to believe that this product would have no substitute in the marketplace. When such a mark disappears, then the buyers are usually really disappointed and depressed. It brings much joy and emotional benefits through the charismatic brands.

Advertising posters – colorful and charismatic

Definition Brand item as an example take advertising posters

People are not fooled

Now let’s share a basic fact about the charismatic brands and their definition. It’s about the judgment of buyers. If people think a fire is charismatic, then it is one. Because the brand definition goes beyond the perception of consumers. You can not keep the two things apart.

Billboard advertising at stops

Definition Brand item as an example take stop advertising

What stands in the way of manufacturers who want to build a charismatic brand?

There are far too many examples of brands that are charismatic. It takes a super long and elaborate explanation of how it actually comes about. Everyone would usually earn their own book to explain these phenomena.

Pay attention to positive effects

Definition brand item graphic design

But you can also take the other strategy and explain what mistakes you usually make. You can talk about this topic for a long time, but the things can somehow be explained more easily and quickly.

Be an expert in your own field

Definition brand item home design marketing ideas

Visit trade fairs and find new customers

Definition Brand item as an example, take exhibition space

Own products should always be labeled

Definition Brand item as an example label

One has the merit in view

Often one has the merit mainly in view, and not the high quality of the product itself. The first should always be done from the second. The users are very intuitive in terms of their own interests. You would feel it immediately, if somehow this is not protected well enough by one company or another. As soon as one abuses the trust in some form, one feels repelled by the corresponding fire. You could also do other things wrong, but this is the mistake that you usually can not make up for.

The goal: satisfied customers

Definition brand item as an example store shop design

The social networks

Since social networks have developed so rapidly, they also play a very important role in updating the definition of brands. Above all, consumers are becoming more and more a part of it. Companies take the opportunity to get feedback quickly and impulsively. This is a huge advantage that was previously less available.

Internet advertising in the main social networks

Definition brand internet advertising social networks

Do not sell ?!

People hate that something is sold to them. But you like to buy one. Remember the big difference? Watch this with your own behavior in the market. The charismatic brands are by definition also those which make the purchase easier for a user.

Another kind of advertising

Definition Brand item tote bags promotional materials

Cloth bags with your brand logo

Definition Brand item as an example promotional bags fabric

The packaging is important!

Definition Brand example item advertising paper bags

Do not give up quickly

Certainly one does not always reach the good goals in the easiest ways. Often at the beginning everything looks desperate bad. The rule of thumb is that the product must be different and good. As soon as these basic requirements are correct, it is mostly due to the good promotion of the product.

Logo and slogan go hand in hand

Definition Brand item as an example logo

Define your brand!

Definition brand item as an example wall decoration brand

Effective hanging light in the living room interior

Effective hanging light in the living room interior

Posted on March 16, 2013 by Issue Updated on August 23, 2017

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Romantic wedding celebration in the French style

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor door

A different wedding in Utah

In today’s post, you’ll find a brilliant French-style wedding celebration that took place in La Caille. This is a French restaurant based in Utah with a spectacular architect design in a magnificent natural environment. The white gardens around remind us of the garden of Claude Monet.

The lovers have chosen the romantic open gazebo for their wedding day, rounded off by a bizarre reception in the fascinating greenhouse is where comprehensive climbing plants and chandeliers can be seen. The wedding theme was in yellow, white and gray and we are in love with the beautiful flower arrangements, the roses, lilies, solidago and the yellow spring colors.

The happy bride Holly says: “All the tables were covered with white tablecloths and decorated with lush bouquets in the middle. There was also a photo of me and my husband on each table, and our photos were still there cake stand and on every page of the guest album. ”

Romantic wedding party

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor classic

The bridal gown with the shoes

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor dress shoes

Carefully maintained

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor veil

Compact, covered balcony

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor area

Water system with waterfalls

Romantic wedding celebration french style mountain

Gazebo with antique columns

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor

The smallest wedding guests

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding step outdoors

Elegant and themed

Wedding party french style guests

Bridesmaids in yellow dresses

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor flowers

Yellow roses in the bouquet

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor yellow flowers

The family

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor wedding guests

Couple in love wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoors couple

Backless bridal gown

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor green

Relaxing nature

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor summer house

The guest tables

Wedding party french style accents

Freshly baked cookies

Romantic wedding celebration in the open air dining

The celebration hall

wedding celebration in the wedding hall

Porcelain dishes and cloth napkins

Wedding celebration french style plate

Glittering lights

Romantic wedding celebration french style white deco

The healthy wedding menu

Wedding celebration french style delicious

The big buffet

Romantic wedding celebration french style ceramic

Other chocolate surprises

The multi-storey cake with white glaze and yellow accents

Style multistory pie Romantic wedding celebration french

The nature prospects in Utah

beautiful rocks wedding celebration french style nature