IKEA children’s room – simple, ergonomic wooden furniture for your little ones

Current inspiration for the children’s room from IKEA

Do you know when the designers of nursery furniture did their job really well? This is the case when adults wish to find such models in suitable sizes for themselves. This is clearly the case with the latest Ikea furniture for the nursery. We’ve picked some great ideas for you with these pieces of furniture to really impress you with their high quality and stunning design. Do you stay with it?

At the age of 3 to 12 years

The following IKEA nursery furniture is intended for ages from 3 to 12 years. Most of them are made of pine wood and spiced up with great accents.
The benefits that can make anyone jealous do not stop there. The IKEA nurseries are super adaptable. This is thanks to new production techniques. Not only do they contribute to multi-functionality, they also bring many other benefits.
The new IKEA furniture can grow with the kids. Thanks to the stable and adaptable mechanisms, their height and size can be changed and adapted.

IKEA children’s room – color joy and optimal coziness

ikea children's room wood furniture light wood bookcases colorful drawers carpet stripes

The table

We show you some great tables for the children’s room first. Most have a simple structure. Above all, they surprise with their super comfortable character and with the color added extras, e.g. the storage areas. As far as stability is concerned, you are on the safe side with both the tables and the chairs.

IKEA children’s room with ergonomic wooden furniture

ikea children's room wood furniture table wood stool

ikea children's room wooden furniture tables stools wall paneling

Interestingly designed storage area

Not even the storage space for adults carries an ordinary character with IKEA furniture. What’s left for the children’s collection! Look at the great shelves that mimic the shape of a house!

The wall shelf – Dollhouse Flisat

ikea nursery wooden furniture wall shelf bookcase dollhouse flisat

Or do you prefer the colorful wardrobe for the hallway?

ikea nursery wooden furniture light wood wardrobe corridor

Also, the hangers escape any boredom thanks to simple yet super attractive ideas.

The children’s furniture from IKEA and the furniture

The IKEA children’s room furniture can be the source of interesting topics and ideas. On the other hand, they can be enrolled in other concepts through their simple design. It just depends on how you interpret these and their role in interior design.

By the way, the IKEA nursery furniture can also be a great inspiration for the furniture of the adults!

And some nice ideas for your kids room from IKEA:

ikea children's room wooden furniture white table chairs bed frame wardrobe wooden floorboards

Simple nursery decor in white and pink

ikea children's room wooden furniture cot pink dresser wood

Dreamlike furnishing idea for your girls

ikea children's room wood furniture bunk bed light wood desk office chairs

Colorful nursery idea for all genders

ikea children's room wood furniture high bed nursery carpet dresser

Pastel green and light wood – a soothing, soothing combination

ikea children's room wood furniture wardrobe green walls bed nursery rug

More homeliness in the nursery

ikea children's room wooden furniture metal bed high bed children's room racks shelves office chair

Brilliant lemon yellow for more positive, sunny energy

ikea children's room wooden furniture table chairs chalkboard toy storage

Optimal toy storage with style

ikea children's room wooden furniture wall shelves toys storage nursery rug

Baby blue and playful triangular pattern

ikea kids room wooden furniture white bunk bed linen geometric pattern

Dining room setup: 60 interior design ideas and examples

Ideas for your dining room furniture

Need inspiration for your home furnishings? This can come from, for example, modern designer dining rooms, right? In this article you will find some such! Hopefully, this will create your own, fabulous furnishing concept.

How to set up a modern dining room – 60 furnishing examples

modern dining room furnishing examples copper pendant lamp

Bright green

Bright green is a current color trend this year. Choose this color for your wall design if you want. You can combine with neutral curtains and floral patterns. What do you think about this idea?

With the furniture you could opt for an antique style.

The modern decor would be suitable.

Wallpapers in fresh green

classic dining room decorate wall color green chandelier

Dark green

In addition to the current bright green and the dark green is super up to date. How do you like the combination of the two? That would be an interesting experiment!

Cold and warm shades in combination

classic dining room set round table glass upholstered chairs

animal pattern

A current choice for the dining room would be different animal patterns. Do not restrict yourself to textiles when using them. You could also use it to decorate the floor and the walls.

The animal patterns can also be found in the dining room

classic dining room set up wall mirror glass table

Vintage lights

Many of the current dining room furnishings ideas also include vintage lighting. Do not reject this idea! This could be a great choice and make something special out of a simple interior.

Use subtle vintage accents

classic dining room set up dining table wood oval fireplace

Exotic motifs

As you can see, many exotic design motifs dominate in many designer dining rooms. Just as in the example with the antique lighting, they are that certain something that contributes to a designer look.

A bit of exoticism is also in demand in the dining room

classic dining room set up colonial style chandelier upholstered chairs

Glamor like in Hollywood

What is the design of the designer dining room? It makes us feel like real stars. Why do not we learn from the source, namely from the stars themselves? Even the designers who like to use Hollywood Touches in the dining room do that.

Glamorous touch

classic dining room set up dining table with chairs upholstered in white

The traditional stripes in current nuances

Stripes are one of the ideas that have been proven best over time. They also take a worthy place under the current design trends. Often we find you in the most recent nuances of the season.

Dining room rug with striped pattern

classic dining room set up large dining room table wood

Oversized art

The oversize prevail in this season in the clothes. In addition, the oversized art is quite current. You can transform the simply designed dining room into something very special.

Artworks as inspiration

classic dining room set up round table wall decoration ideas paintings

Chic from past eras

You want something chic and romantic at the same time? Be inspired by dining room design ideas from past historical periods. Colonial chic is currently featured in many designer dining rooms.

Something romantic should not be missing

classic dining room set up wooden dining room chairs upholstered blue

Elegant seating niche

The concepts of kitchen, dining and living rooms are often intertwined in modern concepts. How do you bring all these functions under one roof? How do you turn the dining room and kitchen into a place for great family entertainment?

That works very well if you design next to the main table also great seating niches in which to talk a little less formal and enjoy the food.

Large dining room decorated in a rustic style

classic dining room set up stone wall rustic ideas

Let it shine!

Radiant colors are also part of modern dining room design ! You could contribute to the glamorous dining room furniture. Take a look at the following great examples!

Shining accents

classic dining room set up wall mirror sun dining room furniture

Create a natural room appearance

You can also bet on a completely different strategy! Choose items that look gorgeous in a natural way. These are e.g. certain decorative items and many green houseplants.

Use home textiles that look natural

Classic dining room set up tablecloth linen rustic wood furniture

Design a classic dining room with a fireplace and decorate it comfortably

classic dining room set up Kolonislstil upholstered chairs

Dining room with a retro look

classic dining room set up retro furniture round table

Your favorite color in use

classic dining room dining room with fireplace

Mix of different dining chairs

classic dining room set up mural wooden table

Wooden table in combination with upholstered bench

Furnishing examples Dining room bench Upholstered wooden table

Cleverly bring the sill to use

Furnishing examples Dining room bench upholstered chairs turquoise

You will also find other modern furnishing examples below

Furnishing Examples Dining Room Frame Green Aemes Chairs Furnishing Examples Dining Room Ideas Dining Table Houseplants Furnishing ideas Dining room Ideas Dining room furniture Showcase Wood Furnishing examples dining room ideas use colored accents Furnishing ideas dining room ideas wood dining room table classic Polasterstühle Furnishing examples Dining room ideas classic dining table Eames Chairs Furnishing ideas dining room ideas classic dining room Furnishing examples dining room chandelier Furnishing examples Dining room ideas Metal chairs Color accents turquoise Furnishing examples Dining room ideas Furniture Dining table Solid wood Furnishing examples dining room furniture white upholstered chairs Home Furnishings Dining Room Ideas Dining Room Furniture Bookshelf Furnishing Examples Dining Room Ideas Dining Room Furniture Solid Wood Interior examples Dining room ideas Wall decor Mirror Furnishing examples Setting up a colonial-style dining room Furnishing examples Dining room entirely white Furnishing examples Dining room Penny lights Metal Furnishing examples Dining room table with yellow wood chairs Furnishing examples Dining room table with chairs mirror wall Home decorating dining room wall decorating Furnishing examples of rustic dining room table with chairs Dining room ideas classic furnishing colonial style furniture Dining room ideas classic furnishing examples upholstered armchair Dining room ideas rustic furnishing examples brick wall Dining room ideas rustic furnishing examples brick wall wood furniture Dining room ideas rustic furnishing examples different dining chairs Dining room ideas rustic interior design seen from above classic dining room decorate wooden table classic dining room decorate ideas ideas classic dining room decorate upholstered chairs modern dining room set up furnishing examples furnish modern dining room furnishing examples bench and chairs modern dining room furnishing examples dining room bench furnish modern dining room furnishing examples photo wall modern dining room furnishing examples bright dining room furnish modern dining room furnishing examples wooden furniture wooden floor modern dining room furnishing examples leather chairs brown modern dining room furnishings furnishing examples robust dining table pendant lamp modern dining room furnishing examples black white furniture modern dining room set up furnishing examples and ideas modern dining room furnishing ideas

40 living room armchairs with a cool look, which are clearly distinguished in the room

Living room armchair in beautiful colors and with a beautiful look

Each room needs a unique and unique eye-catcher, which arouses the interest and remains in the memory as something extraordinary. When it comes to the living room, this can definitely be modern seating, which has an undisputed charm and therefore makes the space look atypical. Some are in our eye catcher today Living room armchair advised, which leave a lasting trace in the memory. Have you already become curious? Then stay with us, because they will follow soon!

Living room armchairs create a different feeling of living

living room chair stark colors colorful carpet retro dresser

Living room chair in beautiful pastel color refreshes the interior quite discreetly, but clearly

living room armchair pink dark blue armchair round coffee table

Create a colorful ambience with armchairs in fresh, stark colors

comfortable armchair colored designs yellow green crass shades

Red armchairs spice up the boring interior

living room chair red armchair white ambience

Creating a living room that makes you feel at home in this is no easy task. From each room you can make a comfortable room, but you have to spend some time and effort. In the right way though! You have to feel comfortable between the four walls, right? Carefully matching the individual components plays an essential role in interior design. An armchair with a futuristic design can e.g. not just like that in a traditional interior design. If you want to set accents through individual pieces of furniture, you have to be very attentive. In a simple interior design could be against a Living room armchair for a wonderful visual effect.

A fresh touch of yellow makes the living room more lively

living room armchair yellow gray carpet living room small living room set up

Modern wing chair in red immediately attracts attention

comfortable armchair red armchair living room set up elegant carpet

Fancy armchairs create an exuberant interior design

living room armchair cowhide leather fur mat glass table

Are you a fan of extravagant pieces of furniture or are you not interested in colored armchairs? Maybe it seems too pushy for you to put those next to the stylish living room sofa? Armchairs in crass yellow or pink are sure to captivate your gaze. Some, however, take these as too bold. Undoubtedly, extreme interior solutions are simply not part of a particular interior concept. But if you want to accentuate the living area, make sure you have some color in it!

Correctly combine yellow with other shades

living room armchair yellow armchair black carpet white sofa

Make the relaxation area attractive with a green wing chair

living room armchair dark green open wall shelves noble decor

In some interior designs, bold combinations of colors and pieces of furniture are particularly extreme at first glance. For example, one agrees The pink sofa on the pink carpet and so you bring them to the fore. You just rely on the color power and emphasize individual elements.

Color contrasts make the living room more interesting

living room armchair blue armchair pink leather sofa pink felt carpet

Armchairs in retro look create a unique ambience with its own charisma

comfortable armchairs light gray blue sofa small living room set up red curtains

After all, everything is relative! Even when it comes to interior design … The design of the armchairs offers a limitless choice of possibilities. Depending on what type of housing you are, you choose a different armchair. It could be a wing chair that makes up your living room. Or maybe a red armchair that brings some freshness to the stylish but boring living room. It also depends on what activities you regularly perform in your living room. If you like to read a book in the evening or if you prefer watching television, you need a comfortable armchair to relax in. It is also not excluded that you placed a designer armchair in the living room to make a splash. A leather armchair, on the other hand, brings style and class to the living room.

Gray armchairs look stylish on the ambience

comfortable armchair round carpet home interior furnishings

Place comfortable armchairs next to the fireplace and relax in peace

living room armchair modern fireplace black armchair

Leather chairs are elegant seating for the living room

living room chair black leather armchair modern fireplace

The purple armchair has a minor decorative function

living room armchair purple armchair purple accents white carpet

Black leather armchairs correspond nicely with the brick wall

living room armchair black armchair white sofa brick wall

On fancy armchair could not produce the desired effect that one sought. First and foremost, however, comfort and well-being are at home. Of course you could do that without spectacular interior solutions. So be sure to consider whether, every time you enter the living room, you’re ready to look at a particular piece of furniture that is clearly distinctive among everyone else.

Living ideas in light blue

living room armchair light blue armchair living room living room

Living room in retro look

living room chair retro look wood texture walls

Fresh patterns make the living room a fresh space

comfortable armchair colored design green elements retro accents

Choose armchairs in matching colors

comfortable armchair green armchair white carpet living room set up

comfortable armchair yellow sesel white corner sofa

comfortable armchair laminate flooring green carpet living room

comfortable armchair green armchair appealing ambiente

comfortable armchair yellow armchair set up green wall glass table living room

comfortable armchair leather armchair brown classic carpet pattern

comfortable armchair open plan retro elements living area gray carpet

comfortable armchair beautiful pattern recreation corner shape plant

comfortable armchair living room set up leather armchair colored accents

comfortable armchair living room set up modern fireplace recreation corner

armchair white modernist white sofa

living room armchair yellow corner sofa yellow accents minimalist coffee table yellow tulips

armchair white stool living room darker floor

armchair white white carpet living room interior design ideas

armchair white living room set up residential wall

armchair white living room open plan living area dining area round wooden table

living room armchair brown yellow sofa wood floor fireplace

living room armchair yellow black sofa bright walls

living room armchair green armchair black sofa green accents

living room armchairs black armchairs small living area

living room armchair yellow black sofa wood floor living ideas

Furnish a studio apartment – stylish ideas from specialists

How to set up a small studio apartment

Those of you who just want to set up their one-room apartment are in the right place. And if you do not, then you are welcome to stay with us, because we would like to introduce you today to a delightful little apartment in Manhattan. The special thing is that this is the boss of the architectural studio Office owned by New York, Koray Duman. It’s always exciting to be able to take a look inside the four walls of architects and interior designers, right? And in this specific case, we were not disappointed, quite the contrary. The philosophy of Buro was implemented here one hundred percent. The architecture should be functional and unexpected, engaging and poetic, experimental and at the same time affordable. It should have the power to challenge our perceptions in everyday life, to surprise and even shock us.

The Studio bought Duman in 2011 This is located in a building from the 80s, in the middle of Chinatown. Although the newly purchased apartment was actually a bleak, gloomy dwelling, it has already convinced its new owner with the beautiful view of the park. And so he started the renovation work. As a result – nothing has remained the same. All floor coverings were replaced, the original bricks on the walls were exposed and painted in white. The whole floor plan has been completely changed. Now the apartment has a bedroom with shower cubicle and a spacious living area.

Furnish a studio apartment – professional ideas for your own four walls

one-room apartment loft apartment living room white couch plastic designer chair

Throughout the living space runs a multifunctional wall, which is geometrically constructed and highlighted in a fresh citrus green. It starts in the bedroom and ends at the opposite end of the living room. That hides the partition wall the bathroom, the small cellar and the laundry room.

Multifunctional and original it continues with the furniture.

Two ergonomic sofas in white are placed in the center of the living room. These have an unusual, geometric shape and not without reason. The two parts can be combined if necessary in a comfortable guest bed. The unconventional sofa design is enhanced by the mirror coffee table and the two designer plastic chairs. The last give the room also more freshness, by appearing as a trendy splash of color.

Harmonious contrast – old meets modernity

kitchen interior white kitchen cabinets metal kitchen back wall

Everything else is still a lot simplistic and discreet. A makeshift home office has been created between the two white wardrobes, and the minimalist kitchen has sleek white finishes and sleek matt silver trim on the worktop and back of the kitchen.

Just let the pictures speak for yourself and enjoy this little, architectural jewel of Manhattan!

Rough textures on the walls and smooth furniture fronts

one-room apartment loft apartment brick wall white disclose

Minimalist kitchen interior in fresh colors

one-room apartment box kitchen neon green walls metal kitchen back wall

Optimal comfort with industrial taste

one-room apartment loft apartment brick wall white sofa couch wood furniture

one-room apartment loft apartment living room sofa couch white wood furniture neon green walls

one-room apartment loft apartment home office office chair

one-room apartment brick wall white wall decoration photos pictures

one-room apartment bedroom bathroom shower room white tiles

one-room apartment set up bedroom ideas nightstand wall sconces

one-room apartment wall lamp nightstand modern design brick wall

single room furnished bedside bedroom minimalist

one-room apartment loft table brick wall white

one-room apartment brick wall white shabby chic style

one room apartment shower cabin washbasin white wall tiles wall mirror

single-room duschkabina wall mirror small washbasin

one-room apartment loft apartment small penthouse manhattan

Interior design ideas: what makes the room more relaxed

purple gentle colors in the bedroom bed armchair carpet deco ideas

Refresh your home design

What makes a house relaxing, gentle and quiet. Have you ever run into a room and immediately felt “chill”? Do we want to analyze together today many strategies, which lead to it?

Here’s the good news: you do not have to spend too much to get a relaxing look.

There is no generally accepted rule that could lead to a quite calm and relaxed atmosphere. But if you look at all the rooms here at a glance, you will discover many common features.

Keep in mind that some of the design features vary, depending on what you prefer. Some people may be attracted to the minimalist spaces, but others may find the over-decorated rooms too sterile.

The first step in creating a space that is personally relaxing for you is to understand your own taste. Then you could personalize the interior design ideas with the suggestions and tools below. I wish you a relaxing read.

Room to breathe.

Let’s start with the calming effect of unconfined spaces. If you have room to breathe, then you keep your head clear and manage to get your thoughts back in order. No wonder so many people enjoy the clearly defined designs, such as the modern washrooms below! [according to E / L Studio]

Interior design Ideas for relaxation

interior design ideas bathroom bath showers partition

Actually, you can create a clear look by arranging beautifully practical pieces. Remember how the carefully folded white shawls create a spa effect. They give the residents all the extras they need. [according to Concreteworks East ]

Interior design ideas for SPA effect

interior design ideas in bathroom symmetry mirror sink

You do not need a minimalist space, so that the whole appears more spacious. The living room below is filled with personal details, but everything else seems to be crowded. The side tables are largely made of glass. The resulting transparent appearance creates the illusion for more space. Interior design Ideas with acrylic furniture additionally enhance this effect. [according to Lonny ]

Acrylic furniture

design living room sofa glass table decoration

Soothing details

Do we want to go to the world of soothing details together? It’s about those special touches that seem to invite us to another reality and make us really relax. What do you think of a picture that represents a peaceful landscape? Such a work of art has been used in the space shown below. Noteworthy are also the interior design ideas for fresh white comforters, which create a relaxed sleeping area. [according to Job Lomont Rouhani Architects ]

Interior design ideas with a work of art

bedroom interior design ideas bed geomethric carpet

When you talk about fresh, you can not deny the clean look created by the white color. It was used on the walls and work surfaces. Other inviting features, such as the green make this culinary space quite inviting. This is a very appropriate design for the “happy” spaces where the nutrition of the body is just as important as the nutrition of the soul. [according to Lonny ]

Kitchen design with a clean look

kitchen interior design ideas white furniture chairs

Ask yourself: what is it that relaxes you? Is it a journey or a fun? Why not create a relaxed atmosphere in your home by bringing these two experiences together. Cleanly folded towels and fresh green remind us of the simple pleasures of life and of our connection with nature. You can read more about this later in the same article. [according to Sutton Suzuki Architects ]

Create a relaxing atmosphere with folded towels and fresh green

hallway design ideas decorative vase cupboard

A decadent touch

For some, relaxation seems to come from the sense of decadence, from the idea that you should indulge as much as possible without feeling bad. This can be achieved, for example, by creating spaces reminiscent of a luxury hotel. But there are also so many ways that the room feels special and comfortable. Below, we see a series of interesting ornaments in the otherwise contemporary Hollywood space in a skyscraper. [Picture of Alexia Fodere for Britto Charette]

Create decadence

living room design ideas planting sitzecke

Here we see an apartment from the 80s and it belongs to the furniture salesman Lobel Modern. To call them fairytale is not enough. The interior design ideas with golden details, the rare findings, the unique characteristics ensure a true decadence in the room. [Image from David Allee for New York Magazine ]

Apartment from the 80s

interior design ideas living room design fireplace great decoration

Luxury features can be something big, such as the elegant tiles and the beauty of the city view. However, they can also be small but well thought-out design solutions. The airy plant terrarium and the modern lights in the city bathroom are as captivating as the most forgiving features. [Picture of Terri Glanger Photography for Mobili Martini ]

Interior design ideas for urban bathroom

Modern luxurious details in the bathroom

Hello, decadence! Do not forget the claim of interesting textures. The padded headboard, padded linens, and furry bench below are just as seductive as the gorgeous views out there. [according to Carl Mayfield Photography]

Bedroom with interesting textures

plush bedroom in gray interior design

Lighting in the ambience

Let’s return to the main question: What relaxes you most? Here is a hint: What about strategic lighting? Actually, the light coming from different sources gives you the opportunity to improve the mood in your room and create the right atmosphere.

Notice how the recessed lights illuminate the structural wall below. And how can one not feel relaxed in a room filled with tropical plants? [according to Interiors by Steven G ]

Strategic lighting

strategic lighting living room sitting area

Built-in lights are the ideal way to make any space bright. Add some bedside lamps and a twilight switch, and you can turn the lights on and off, depending on your mood. We wish you sweet dreams. [according to Woodpecker Harpman ]

Built-in lighting and table lamp in combination

gentle lighting bedroom ideas modern

Another way to control the light in your interior is to use floor to ceiling drapes, such as those you can see in the room below. Again we experience the great interior design ideas of Evan Lobel. Not only can you relax well in this room, you can also achieve a decadent mood through the wall to wall draping. Do you want more sunlight? Pull back the curtains and invite the golden light of the sun into the interior. [according to New York Magazine ]

Use of room-high drapery

interior design ideas bedroom style 80s

The connection to the outside area

We have now come to the last proposal for the design of a quiet ambience. You will surely relax when surrounded by fresh air, beautiful green landscape and the sounds of nature. If you are one of the lucky owners of sliding doors, then it does not bother you to open them from time to time and enjoy the view with all your senses. [according to Shades of Green Landscape Architecture ]

Connect indoor and outdoor

bedroom with connection to outside area

Maybe you have a beautiful view of nature or you have no windows at all. By incorporating plants you can always invite the outside area inwards. On the one hand you clean the air and on the other hand – through the houseplants experience the relaxing effect of nature itself Fiorella design ]

Bedroom with a view of the nature

original interior design design bedroom fireplace

Even a single plant can make a big difference. [according to Lonny ]

Fresh interior design ideas with plants

Living room design leather chair plant

A decent room. Soothing Touches. Decadent details. Strategic lights. Moments from the outside, which are brought inside. These are some of the simplest interior design ideas that allow you to create a relaxing interior.

Just grab them if you want to turn the interior design into a paradise.

Multifunctional furniture combines high aesthetics and practical design

Through clever tricks and tips, you can transform the small room into a fully functional living space. This is a major concern of modern designers and home residents. The following models for multifunctional furniture show wonderfully how something like this can work.

The inspirations come from the English-language magazine http://vurni.com !

worktable integrated chair multifunctional furniture

Only a table or a table and a chair?

You may need chairs at home sometimes, but in a good deal of time, they just take up space. The solution could be such a great table, if in this at the same time a chair is integrated.

The integrated boxes can also serve as a wonderful storage space.

Bed and sofa multifunctional furniture

Bed, sofa or a comfortable seat with a modern design

The next fabulous piece is called “Pause” and is one of the greatest works of Meike Langer. It consists of a wooden frame and 5 large cushions that can be unfolded. It was represented at the IMM in Cologne 2012.

Treads drawers

Multifunctional furniture: stepladder with integrated storage area

Both stepladder and storage space are often needed. And especially in small apartments, they are very functional. That’s why such a minimalist multifunctional piece will be well-suited to practically any modern apartment.

Wall frame with integrated room for organization

Frame / fold-out work table for a small apartment

Multifunctional furniture can also fulfill a decorative function. This is how it looks with this square frame, which can be folded out to serve as additional work or storage space.

wall shelves opened


We also see a related concept on these shelves. They can be folded individually or simultaneously and serve as a storage area or for other purposes.

X legs for a table multifunctional furniture

Foldable X-table

Foldable X-Tables are some of the most practical multifunctional furniture on the market. These can be set at different heights. At the top of the picture you can see such a model.

ottomone with five different seats

Ottoman, which can serve as one and 5 seats

You have a small apartment, but like to invite guests to you? Where should one go with the chairs, which one does not need right now? The designer of this ottoman has a solution. We have a very clever stowing idea here: In this ottoman you have stowed 5 seats. Depending on the case you can use them all. Then they are hidden back in the ottoman and you save space again.

coffee table with mechanism for lifting

Coffee table with a lift up mechanism

In small apartments often one and the same room often have to take on several functions. So you use, for example like the living room as a working space. Yes, but how do you do that when you only have room for a table? The lift up mechanism of this multifunctional piece of furniture shows a possible solution. Depending on the case, use it as a coffee or as a work table.

hangers various variations multifunctional furniture

Convertible wall shelf

Next, we present you an idea for the hall. In a small apartment, the practical furnishings of the corridor is of great importance. If you have a comfortable and well-appointed entrance area, the whole feeling of the apartment is a lot more pleasant. If you have little living space, such solutions as this convertible shelf are simply the best.

seat with storage bin multifunctional furniture

seat and storage multifunctional furniture

Seats with integrated storage space for books

The following two variants show sofas with integrated storage space. In both cases they are mainly intended for books and documents.

Concentre de Vie for Campeggi with living room and sofa

Sofa and living area

Do you want multi-functional furniture with an ultra-modern design? The following living landscape should be perfect for you. It can be used in different interiors. The colors are also ideal for a modern apartment.

shelf of several multifunctional units

Chair and storage portable multifunctional furniture

Steel Stool

Last but not least we present you a quite ingenious modular article. Such multifunctional furniture brings a double and triple benefit to your home. What do you need right now – side table or bookshelf?

Multifunctional furniture is one of the most ingenious and useful inventions of modern design. Making these more convenient and useful is a major concern of modern interior designers. What do you think of our ideas? Are you looking for similar solutions in the market soon or are you trying to realize similar DIY projects yourself?

20 crocodiles as inspiration for a whimsical decoration!

Crochet Tinkers Blue Dinosaur Cute

Crocodile – Whimsical creatures with their own personality

Are you a fan of DIY ideas? And can you crochet? If you give a positive answer to these two questions, then we have a great tip for you! Why not make a nice crochet animal yourself? This can turn you into a fancy decoration that makes your heart melt!

Make beautiful turtle

amigurumi crochet beautiful turtle green blue

The Amigurumi art

Häkeltiere DIY is a real art whose roots are in the Amigurumi Art stuck. Crocheting can be a seemingly complicated task at first glance. Creating tiny animal furrows seems rather impossible to many people! But one thing is certain: When making these figures, you spend a lot of time and diligence. But with the right guidance and enough inspiration, you can make a wonderful decoration for your home, even without being a real specialist. These creatures fascinate by their detailed appearance, even if they occur in tiny scales. Because, as you can convince yourself, they can indeed be tiny! So the real art can exist in really small dimensions!

Crochet fresh fish

crocheted animals tinker fish deco ideas

Cute tiny creature

crocheted animals craft amigurumi art deco ideas

Crochet the snails to the last detail

crocheted animals craft snails crochet beautiful patterns

Crocheting as a hobby

You can also have several Häkeltiere tinker and collect a large collection. Just leave them on the shelves, or turn them into the favorite toys of your kids. If you are a beginner, you better follow the guide. You could make the figures to your own taste and make them bigger or smaller, more or less decorate. These little animals are so cute that collecting them rather leads to an obsession. It’s no wonder that tinkering with such figures becomes your hobby.

Use the Amigurumi figures as decoration for the home

Amigurumi crochet beautiful decoys teddies

Colored owls that bring a cheerful mood

amigurumi crochet colored owls tinker

Are not these giraffes impressive ?!

amigurumi crochet colored giraffe tinker

We hope that our picture gallery is a rich source of inspiration for you! Have fun crafting your unique decoration! Enjoy these and let your guests faint with cuteness too!

Great idea how to crochet a sheep

Crochet animals make sheep crochet deco ideas

Black cat in tiny scales

Amigurumi crochet pattern tiny black cat

Make a real turtle

Amigurumi cute turtle crochet deco ideas

Amigurumi figure cow

amigurumi crochet beautiful cow tinker

Inspiring idea how to put your artistic qualities into action

crocheted animals crafting whimsical creature deco ideas

Sweet deer

amigurumi cute deer crochet nice deco ideas

Fascinating Scottish Terrier

amigurumi crochet black dog scottish terrier diy ideas beautiful deco ideas

Use buttons for the eyes

Crochet tinker blue bird buttons

Funny bunny with mustache and hat

Crochet animals make cool bunny hat mustache

Let your imagination run wild

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Make a whimsical Amigurumi figurine

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Crochet elephants in purple

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Gastronomy furniture – Important to consider before buying

Krieterien, the gastronomy furniture should meet

At the restaurant you often forget something important for the comfortable sitting of the guests, namely the right choice of matching chairs and tables. These elements are decisive for the interior of each restaurant. First, they make up a large part of the entire restaurant. They play an important role aesthetically. In addition, their comfortable or not so comfortable character can make them visit the restaurant more often or avoid it.

How should the catering furniture be?

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant sofas chairs


gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables colorful

Easy care

Dining furniture for the restaurant furniture

So how does the selection of suitable catering furniture work? We answer this question by addressing all important aspects.


gastronomy furniture furniture for the gastronomy cafee furniture

Suitable for many guests

gastronomic furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables mix


gastronomy furniture furniture gastronomy restaurant chairs tables NY

You need catering furniture that suits your concept and ambiance

You need to keep in mind the ambience you are trying to create. The furniture has to fit perfectly with the theme. Will you rather organize large informal events or aim for high-level meetings?


gastronomy furniture furniture for the gastronomy restaurant separe

made of natural materials

gastronomic furniture furniture for the gastronomy restaurant chairs table medal

They should be able to clean quickly

gastronomic furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables mix

pleasant to the eye

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables brass

Maybe you do not want to organize big events, but rather offer a place for romantic dating for two.

Folding chairs and tables can be stored practically

gastronomy furniture furniture for the gastronomy bistro chairs

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables chic

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs bar stools

The selected restaurant furniture must visually inscribe into this concept.

gastronomic furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant italian outdoor

You need furniture for industrial use

By no means make the mistake of buying chairs for private use. They are not always stable enough for a local. In the long run, that does not just turn out to be a bad investment. At some point, they just have so many unstable chairs that it could be dangerous for consumers.

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs bar stools

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables marine blue

You have to care for the gastronomy furniture properly

How much money and time do you want to sacrifice for the care of this furniture? Some materials are much more demanding than others in this regard. How much effort can be invested in care, is a question to be answered individually. Answer them honestly and alone for yourself. Try to be quite realistic.

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs bar stools

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant easy-care

gastronomy furniture furniture for the restaurant restaurant chairs tables white

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables wood

Gas furniture, which can be used in different concepts

Do you have an outdoor area in front of or next to the restaurant besides the indoor one? Would not it be more practical to buy furniture suitable for both zones? There are great deals and a wide selection of modern furniture of this kind. You can definitely make the right decision and make the best choice!

Choosing the right catering furniture is not a difficult task if you follow all these rules.

gastronomic furniture furniture for the gastronomy restaurant chairs table medal

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables marine blue

gastronomy furniture furniture for gastronomy restaurant chairs tables seating

Chesterfield Sofa – Bring a piece of class into the interior design

The Chesterfield sofa and its unique appearance in the living room

Furniture is something you want to have for a long time. That’s why it’s important to invest your money. Furniture with a beautiful design captivates the view and comes to the fore. Nevertheless, there are furniture that stay trendy with time. Today we introduce you to one such: The Chesterfield sofa , Could this be a magnificent completion of your living room furniture? Let’s see!

Chesterfield sofa in a bold color attracts all the attention

chesterfield sofa blue elegant felled carpet fireplace white walls

Chesterfield sofa in green is considered an eyecatcher in the living room

chesterfield sofa green living ideas living stone wall

Acquiring a Chesterfield sofa can be taken as a sign of upscale style. This is a piece of furniture with a long history. The trace of time makes it an interesting piece of furniture, which gives the interior design a piece of uniqueness. At its origin, this is a leather sofa. Today it exists in various designs with different look. The original Chesterfield sofa has inspired many designers to create a range of new models – from classic to contemporary, so there’s something for everyone. Also the colors in which the famous sofas occur, are limitless. A classic piece of furniture in bold colors – is not that something extraordinary?

Traditional and at the same time trendy, the sofa appears in this living room

sofa chesterfield brown classic plants round coffee table

Chesterfield sofas are not just made of leather

sofa chesterfield dark gray grand stylish living room furniture

How does that look? Chesterfield sofa out? This can not be confused with any other sofa. Upholstered armrests and backrest at the same height are typical features of this sofa. The Chesterfield design is easy on the tufting, i. the curved surface, recognize.

Leather furniture in brown look classic

chesterfield sofa brown leather living room set up

The sofa looks good in black

sofa-chesterfield-wohnideen-living room-elegant carpet

Chesterfield sofas have something unique about them: in most cases, they look luxurious and old-fashioned at the same time. Chesterfield sofas are stylish couches with a regal look. Furnished with a Chesterfield sofa, the living room gets its own character and noble charisma. Retro can Chesterfield sofa also look. You can combine it with other pieces of furniture, but this is not obligatory. Alone, this can appear and then it is clear. Such sofas indicate luxury, class and upscale style.

Living room with upholstered furniture set up

sofa chesterfield armchair living room furniture set light carpet dark flooring

The living room with furniture in different colors to set up, looks fresh

sofa chesterfield brown red armchair glass table

Blue sofa is considered an accent in the modern living room

sofa chesterfield blue living room set up open plan

By such sofa So you can put different furnishing styles in action or just complement and emphasize your interior. Choose the right model, a matching color and its place in the living room. It is imperative that it soon becomes the focus of your interior design.

Noble living room sofa in royal blue

chesterfield sofa green elegant chic white floor

Combine classic design with a stylish look in a piece of furniture

chesterfield sofa dark leather chandelier living room

White sofa makes the living room look very chic

sofa chesterfield white carpet pattern glass table plant

The fur rug emphasizes the retro look of the sofa

chesterfield sofa living room leather classic fur rug

Stylishly combine colored living room furniture

sofa chesterfield blue white carpet colored armchair living room set up

Chesterfield sofa with elegant pattern

chesterfield sofa blue stylish living room

Bring more style and sophistication through a Chesterfield sofa to a cozy retreat

chesterfield sofa brown classic fireplace cozy

Spice up the stylish bright sofa by orange stool

chesterfield sofa bright stylish orange stool rustic coffee table

Create a modern ambience with a noble charisma

chesterfield sofa modern brown carpet pattern black accent wall living room

Black furnishings and white walls in the living room combine

Chesterfield Sofa Black Fur Rug White Walls

A Chesterfield sofa also has its place in a Scandinavian living room

sofa chesterfield scandinavian furnishing style striped carpet

Set silver accents

chesterfield sofa light gray luxurious white carpet living room

Luxurious furniture for the living room with a retro look

sofa chesterfield living room living room glass table candles

Bring the beige sofa through a matching carpet to reveal

sofa chesterfield design beige stylish carpet pattern

Design the living room with a Chesterfield corner sofa

sofa chesterfield design blue living room set up

Brown leather comes into its own right in front of the white brick wall

sofa chesterfield leather brown carpet living ideas

Place sofas in different styles in the living room

chesterfield sofa light green sofa light gray carpet living room living room

Retro living room set up

chesterfield sofa leather brown wood floor hanging lamp

In light gray, the sofa looks even more elegant

chesterfield sofa living room living room pot plant chandelier retro coffee table

The living room sofa is in most cases the center of the social life in the room

sofa chesterfield living room furnish chic classic

Make the sofa stand out by choosing it in a contrasting color

sofa chesterfield dark design bright walls

Modern wall clocks – what should one actually consider when choosing a wall clock?

What enhances a space is not always extraordinary items or fancy interior solutions. Even individual details sometimes turn into beautiful eye-catchers and captivate our attention in the long run. So often modern wall clocks move into the limelight. If you have decided to hang a wall clock in the living room or in the kitchen, then we hope to help you with a few tips in your choice!

A wall clock could also lean against the wall

modern wall clocks black hands and red seconds hand

Wall clocks find a practical application in every room. The big advantage of modern wall clocks is their decorative function. Except that you know the exact time at any moment, you can also rely on a stylish wall decoration. Is not it great to have two functions in one?

Wall clocks appear in a variety of designs

According to the interior design you should add suitable elements.

Make sure that the wall clock fits harmoniously into the interior. The reverse is also true: You can choose the wall clock in a completely different style and create beautiful contrasts in the room. The main thing: You select the wall clock design specifically!

Creative design enhances the space

modern wall clocks creative design with fresh green accents

However, there are a number of designs and styles, so each wall clock is suitable for a particular room. Depending on this, wall clocks should have certain characteristics. For example, it would be good if there is no unpleasant sound from the clockwork in the bedroom. But in terms of wall clock design, one has great freedom to apply colors and shapes according to one’s own preferences.

The clocks are divided into several categories:

Wall clocks with pointers

These have a dial. At the same time, unusual ideas for the design of the dial can be observed in modern watches. Watches with hands enjoy great popularity. It should be emphasized that such clocks make a typical noise, which is pleasant for some, not particularly for others …

A wall clock gives the opportunity to know the exact time in the kitchen

modern wall clocks for the kitchen yellow wall clock with dial

Pendulum wall clocks

If you are a traditionalist, you will certainly like the pendulum clocks very well. Normally, the pendulum is connected to the movement and is even essential for the operation of the clock, because the oscillations of the pendulum switch to a tact. But in modern designs with quartz movement, the pendulum is simply a decorative element. In a classically furnished living room, a pendulum wall clock would register perfectly.

Fancy designs captivate the eye!

wall decoration ideas fancy wall clock with pendulum

Digital wall clocks

The digital wall clocks differ fundamentally from the wall clocks with pointers. You have some big advantages, such as a second-exact time. The ticking sound is not heard on these models either. Besides, these wall clocks have many extra features like date display for example. An excellent solution for a modern bedroom so!

What else should you consider when choosing a wall clock?

First, make sure you choose a wall clock that best suits your needs.

  • If you put functionality of the wall clock first, then avoid designs whose uniqueness is the legibility harm. However, some people think that time can be quickly recognized even from a distance. Hands and numbers should not only be visible from close up, but also from a distance. For others, attractive color combinations and patterns are very important. They attach more importance to the look.

Complete the kitchen design with a matching wall clock

modern wall clocks for the kitchen colored design

  • As we have already mentioned, are with a wall clock Percussion and acoustic signals also important. These also differ significantly from each other, so everyone will find it. It is crucial that you have the option to turn off the signal when needed.
  • Be careful too Attachment to the wall ! It is very important, the wall clock is stable.
  • Choose one Wall clock for outdoor use or the bathroom, then rely on models that are resistant to moisture and weather.

Stylish ideas for the living area

Modern wall clocks are a great wall decoration in the living room

If you are looking for a matching wall clock, you realize who has the choice, is also agony! However, if you have certain criteria for your new wall clock, you will definitely find the right one!

Futuristic design in red brings a dose of elegance into the room

modern wall clocks simple design in red

This wall clock certainly has a decorative function in the room

modern wall clocks round and colorful

Stylish wall clock on the bedroom wall

modern wall clocks for the bedroom futuristic and fancy

Insert a vintage wall clock correctly

modern wall clocks for the hallway round vintage wall clock

Traditional design with dial is always a suitable solution

modern wall clocks round with dial

Wall clock as a vintage decoration idea

modern wall clocks big vintage clock

Functional wall clock in the kitchen

wall decoration ideas for the kitchen unusual design and many functions

Modern clock with a more decorative role in the room

wall decoration ideas for the modern living room futuristic wall clock

Round wall clock in the Scandinavian style

wall decoration ideas round wall clock in scandinavian style

A vintage wall clock is a nice decoration for every modern room

wall decoration ideas round wall clock in the living room

Rustic kitchen with matching wall clock makes a nice impression

wall decoration ideas beautiful design and white wall tiles

Fancy design like a clock mechanism

wall decoration ideas wall clock with impressive design

Modern and functional design

modern wall clocks for the dining room

Hang a wall clock in the dining area

modern wall clocks wall clock with clockwork for the kitchen

Funny designs are allowed in the kitchen!

modern wall clocks for the kitchen fancy design

Give the living area more style

modern wall clocks vintage clock for the living area