Tips for a healthy life: how important is your morning routine?

Lead healthy lives – healthy habits for each morning

The healthy life has many aspects and above all – many modern versions. One thing is certain: Healthy life is also linked to healthy habits. It is not worth to eat only healthy food in reasonable quantities today and in the next few days then again only greasy fast food goods to eat.

Healthy life requires healthy habits. They are also part of the healthy daily routine. Everything starts with an optimally organized morning. What does it mean to have an optimally organized morning? In the next lines we would like to answer this question.

Good Morning!

healthy lives lead healthy habits every morning

Prepare the night before

Do you want to go jogging in the morning or start the day with a healthy herbal tea? We have little time early in the morning. Prepare the clothes for jogging or the herbs for tea the night before. So, the likelihood of meeting your good intentions is much greater.




Is jogging part of your morning routine?

healthy living lead healthy habits morning routine jogging


Waking up must also be fun

Your attitude with which you go through the day, is determined by the type of waking up. That’s why a motivating melody in the morning is a very good idea. Choose it carefully and look forward to it every morning!

Get up early! So you have enough time to enjoy the morning

Healthy Living Lead Healthy Habits Morning routine wake up early

Get more time in the morning

Do you have enough time in the morning to enjoy a relaxed coffee or make-up? Both are very important for your mood and your self-confidence! So why not stand up earlier and give yourself plenty of time for everything! That brings you more energy in the day!

Time for make-up

healthy life lead healthy habits morning routine make-up




First drink water

What’s the first thing you drink in the morning? You should drink water before having coffee or tea. This gives you energy and a good feeling from within.

Maybe a few drops of lemon?

You lead a healthy life if you do something good for your figure from the morning on. A few drops of lemon in the water are exactly fitting.

Refreshing morning drink – healthy Water with lemon

healthy life healthy habits lead water with lemon

You eat something that tastes good and gives you a lot of energy

The breakfast must taste good and give you enough energy for the day. There are many good breakfast recipes that serve this purpose. You must also taste good, so that we feel the day successfully! Choose only what you would like to eat in the morning!

A healthy and delicious breakfast is also part of the start into a healthy day

healthy life, healthy habits lead to healthy breakfast

Do you like your morning routine?

The morning must be fun and make you feel very happy! So enjoy your time in the morning and bring a lot behind. You will have time in the afternoon for sports, family, friends. To easily lead a healthy and happy life.

Start every day with a big smile!

healthy lives lead healthy habits Good morning routine

The perfect start to the day

healthy lives lead healthy habits to enjoy the morning

Delicious recipes with beer: your favorite beers with a difference

3 delicious recipes with beer

Who at beer thinking only of an alcoholic soft drink is wrong – with a little culinary skill can be with the hop drink and prepare some culinary delights.

The brewery Oettinger stands not only for its excellent beers, which are brewed according to traditional, proven recipes and the highest purity requirement, but also for a whole series of delicious ones Soft drinks ,
And if you want to experience your favorite beer in a completely different way, you should definitely try the following recipes:

keep calm and drink beer three tasty recipes with beer

Your favorite beers with a difference …

How about, for example, a delicious beer bread? All you need is 370 grams of flour (preferably whole wheat flour), a tsp salt, a tsp baking powder, two tablespoons honey, a teaspoon of soda, 380 ml of Oettinger and some melted butter.
First mix the dry ingredients in a sturdy bowl.

Then add the Oettinger and the honey and mix everything evenly. Preheat the oven to about 200 ° C and place the finished bread dough in a greased box baking pan.
After a baking time of about 30-40 minutes, the crust of the bread should be lightly browned. Brush the finished bread with the melted butter and bake for another 10 minutes. Done is a tasty beer bread that tastes best with hearty cheese.

The perfect barbecue marinade

For a delicious barbecue marinade you need 300 ml Oettinger, three finely chopped garlic cloves, a finely diced onion, two tablespoons olive oil, a few tablespoons of mustard, dried rosemary, and pepper and salt.

Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry in the chopped garlic and onion. Add the mustard, the rosemary, and salt and pepper and put the whole thing off with the Oettinger beer.
Then remove from the heat and let the mixture cool. The marinade should be given to the meat about 2-3 hours before preparing.

delicious recipes with beer

Sliced ​​with fine beer mustard sauce

For a delicious Geschnetzeltes with fine beer mustard sauce you need 250 g of meat for sliced ​​(turkey or pork depending on your taste), 100 g fresh mushrooms, 50 ml creme fraiche, a large onion, 100 ml cattle or vegetable broth, 1 -2 tablespoons flour, 300 ml dark beer, 2-3 tablespoons mustard, salt, pepper and cumin.

First cut the meat into bite-sized strips and then stir together mustard, oil and the spices. Cut the onion into small pieces and add about a third to the marinade. Put the meat cut into strips, top it all with the dark beer and let it soak in the fridge overnight.

Remove the meat from the marinade the next day and fry it in heated oil. Then dust it with 1-2 tablespoons of flour, let it simmer for a while and then remove it with the broth.

Lightly roast the remaining onions with the fresh mushroom-cut mushrooms, add the meat and stir in the creme fraiche. Done is a tasty Sunday dish! Serve it best freshly made spaetzle.

Salvation without sunburn and skin cancer risk spend the summer

Healing through the summer sun

Summer time is not just holiday time, but also solar time. Because the sun lures us all out into nature, into the open, to the lakes and to the sea. Spending the free time outdoors, of course, does our health very well – boosting the production of vital vitamin D, thereby strengthening the immune system. But especially light and sensitive skin needs a lot of attention in the sun. It should be protected in time from the sun.

But who wants to spend the summer without sunburn and skin cancer risk, should follow a few simple rules.

  • Around noon, avoid the sun
  • Cover sensitive skin with clothing
  • Use sunscreen with at least SPF 20
  • not for hours without hat or cap in the direct sun
  • Wear sunglasses with specifications such as UV-400 or 100 percent UV

What most sun worshipers do not know: A tanning effect occurs on the skin even when it is creamed. The advantage of creaming, however, is that damage to the skin is avoided.

Prevent sunburn

Salvation without sunburn and skin cancer risk spend the summer

Sunscreen for children and for animals

Babies and toddlers have to be protected from the blazing sun and you should not expose them to the sun without hats anyway. And especially with the young children, the creaming of the skin is essential. But they also need unconditional protection not only outdoors, but also a sunscreen in the car. However, this is true for older children and also for animals, if they drive in the hot summer time in the car.

Since it may happen that on a hot day in the car, the heat is literally and through the windows the blazing sun shines. This is not only unbearable, but also particularly harmful to health and sometimes life-threatening. Of course, one could now crank down the windows, but this leads to a direct direct draft, and the risk of a cold would be too high. A sunroof could be a solution, but not every car has it. What has proved to be a good solution over the years, however, is a sunscreen for the windows in the form of films. They do not allow sunbeams to penetrate the vehicle and they are easy to attach to the windows themselves.

in the Sun protection foils shop You will find a rich selection and lots of variants for glass and windows. Another side effect convinced. At the same time, car window films, car privacy screens and tinting films can improve the appearance of the car and offer protection against thieves. Because behind dark windows, they can discover no handbag or other valuables without further notice.

But the best thing about sunscreen films is the harmful UV radiation and the heat in the car – especially when children or animals are “on board”.

10 tips and natural remedies that protect children from cold

10 tips and natural remedies that protect children from cold

Posted on September 1, 2017 by Silvia Akaga Updated on September 1, 2017

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Balanced nutrition is easy with a colorful diet

Ensure a balanced diet with a colorful diet

It is healthy to have many different colors in your own environment. It is also very healthy to see her on the plate! Why this is important, and how we manage it in practice, we explain in the following article. Yes, we know that you have already heard or read similar information several times. Today, however, we write about why you go to one balanced nutrition and why this is not just empty talk.

Balanced nutrition – fresh salad of avocado, oranges and almonds for a healthy body

balanced diet avbocado almond orange salad

One thing I want to tell you in advance: The best and most effective method for a more colorful diet and one balanced nutrition are the salads and the consumption of a lot of vegetables.

Balanced nutrition – Consuming vegetables is healthy and therefore important

balanced diet varied vegetables

Salads are fresh idea for dinner

balanced diet varied colored salad

The alkaline foods

For our health, the balance between acidic and alkaline foods is of fundamental importance. This is changing all the time and is related to many factors. These include food, fluids, physical activity and general health.

Do you like broccoli?

balanced diet broccoli food healthy green vegetables

For modern people who do not move enough, food plays a very important role. Many health experts believe that the way to better health is to consume more alkaline foods. These should account for 70% of a balanced diet.

Why are fresh vegetables and ripe fruits so important?

Most vegetables and fruits are alkaline foods. They contain a lot of fiber and other healthy ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Prepare the salad with onion

healthy eating salad eat healthy onion

We have created three lists for you below. They each show the high, medium and low alkaline fruits and vegetables. Of course the lists are not detailed. They contain the most purchased products and can be supplemented by more.

Alkaline foods are fundamental to our organism

healthy eating vegetables eat alkaline foods

High alkaline vegetables and fruits are:

  • Leafy vegetables,
  • algae,
  • Ginger,
  • Broccoli,
  • Spinach,
  • onions,
  • Parsley,
  • cucumbers,
  • radishes,
  • Beetroot,
  • Garlic,
  • Herb,

Little alkaline substances

  • Asparagus,
  • Brussels sprouts,
  • Tomatoes,
  • carrots,
  • eggplant,
  • Zucchini,

Little alkaline or sour fruits

  • avocado
  • Coconut,
  • Lemon,
  • Other citrus fruits.

Why should we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?

After what has just been written, you are certainly wondering if we really need anything other than leafy vegetables? A balanced nutrition is not only alkaline, but also varied.

In addition, the colors of the various fruits and vegetables are not random. They say a lot about the healthy substances they contain. Each color is therefore associated with one or the other healthy addition! Here are some ideas on how to incorporate vegetables in different shades into your menu!

Green vegetables

These vegetables are alkaline and therefore you need to consume as much as possible. Eat meat with spinach or make a salad more often! Do not forget the delicious broccoli dishes!

Fresh broccoli salad

healthy eating broccoli salad lifestyle

Add nuts to the salad

balanced diet spinach walnuts healthy

Red fruits and vegetables

From red vegetables you can make delicious soups and homemade sauces. Maybe you fancy a red citrus between meals?

Colorful rows of lemon fruits

healthy eating citrus varied diet

Yellow-orange fruits

These also go very well with cream soups. They are also some of the tastiest dessert recipes ever. You can also drink ginger juice or make lemon dressing for your salad.

From lemon fruits you can prepare delicious dressing for your salad

healthy eating citrus yellow orange red

Orange smoothie and ginger smoothie

healthy eating ginger orange smoothie lifestyle health

White vegetables and fruits

Let’s conclude our overview with the white vegetables and fruits! You can use garlic and onion in the salads and the coconut goes well with the smoothies!

Garlic gives the dish a characteristic taste

cooking healthy food add garlic

The healthy diet is the varied diet

balanced diet salad eat green vegetables onion

Do not neglect the fresh and seasonal vegetables. They are always a priority for the person regardless of their color healthy eating , Make an experiment: Could your next salad be a bit more colorful than before?

Salads bring color to the dining room table

balanced diet green vegetables eat salads

A vegetable salad will satisfy your hunger

balanced diet green vegetables healthy lifestyle

Joy for the eyes, healthy for the body

healthy eating salad broccoli lifestyle

African mango – a healthy gift from the warm continent

African Mango – Some facts worth knowing

The mango is a fruit that can be described as a true gift of nature. This fruit is delicious, it is healthy and it helps us lose fat. When consuming African mango, we can stay fit for our exercise. It is important, however, to distinguish between the real properties of mango fruit and these, which are “sold” for marketing reasons in an exaggerated form.

African Mango – An exotic fruit with benefits

mango fruit mango benefits food additive

African Mango – worth knowing and interesting

mango fruit bark healthy lifestyle

What does that make African mango represent?

Today we write about the African mango. This has some unique features that deserve special attention. The Latin name of the African mango is Irvingia gabonensis. African mango found as a food supplement. Our presentation refers to this form of consumption.

African mango fruits

african mango benefits fruits eat healthy

The “treasure box” of the African mango are the seeds. They consist of 10% protein, 64% fat, 15% carbohydrates. They also have 3-4% ballast fibers. They contain no rare but very important micronutrients. These include calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamin C.

The discovery of the healthy properties of the African mango is a merit of modern science. They are not known to traditional African medicine. Until recently, these fruits were mainly used in the cosmetics industry. They served as compaction material there. The seeds of African mango have a measured antioxidant effect.

What are the seeds of the African mango?

mango fruit african mango healthy food tips

What positive qualities does that have? African mango ?

Proven benefits of consuming the African mango

In practice, much of the water extract from the mango bark is used. This has an analgesic effect on burns.

Why is the bark of the African mango useful?

african mango benefits health bark

Some research indicates that by consuming the African mango reduce fat and reduce cholesterol levels. These results are still awaiting further investigations and confirmations, which prove this theory 100%.

It may be that the constant consumption of the African Mango reduces the amount of blood sugar.

In addition, in some people, the appetite can be suppressed.

In which doses should you African mango to eat?

The right daily dose deviates from humans to humans. It depends on the weight and also on the physical activity of the people. It gives way between 150 and 3200 mg and the dose has to be distributed between each main meal.

The maximum effect can be achieved by pressing African mango eat about 10-15 minutes before eating.

The consumption of African mango has various health benefits

mango fruit benefits hunger reduce healthy diet

Side effects and limitations

There are no serious side effects from the consumption of African mango known. No toxic effects have been noted even at daily doses above 2500 grams. So far everything talks about the fact that the consumption of the African mango is absolutely risk-free.

How can you combine the African mango?

There are no risky combinations between African mango and other products registered. The pairing of this product with drugs and medicines has also been described as risk-free.

It is recommended that African mango to combine with products that enhance their positive effect. There are special combinations that help block carbohydrates and reduce blood sugar. Appropriate in this case is the simultaneous use of green coffee or green tea.

Consume African mango together with green coffee

mango fruit properly combine green coffee

To regulate blood pressure, you can combine the African mango with garlic. Look only for products with proven origin and highest quality.

What is the African mango to combine with?

african mango garlic mango combine

Healthy nutrition for children – useful tips

Useful tips for healthy eating of children aged 1 – 3 years

Let’s start our article with some very important hints. This post refers to children aged 1-3 years. Until the age of 2 years, different products must be avoided. These are usually the following: eggs, cocoa, honey, strawberries, peanuts. The reason for this is that these products could cause allergies in toddlers. However, at this age, young mothers can be wary of some of the foods mentioned if their child shows no intolerance to them. This must be done carefully and step by step.

In this article, we would like to help you teach the child the right habits for good nutrition. Everything we write here are general hints. So they are not always valid.

Healthy food for children

healthy food for children balanced menu

Anyone who eats broccoli and plenty of fresh vegetables from an early age will grow up healthy

healthy food for children broccoli fresh vegetables


Eggs are among the products that can cause allergies in many children up to the age of 9 years. However, if you find that this is not the case with your child, then you can integrate it into their menu.

They are a very good option for breakfast. The eggs are healthy because of the vitamins and the vitamin E contained in the egg yolk.

Boiled eggs for breakfast for young and old

healthy food for children boiled eggs for breakfast

Some children refuse to eat egg yolk. There are several ways that you can outsmart the little ones. You can stir the egg yolk into a soup or smear it on a slice of bread.

The eggs keep the kids full longer. The quail eggs are another, very good variant. However, you must not believe that your children can eat much of it. They are real calorie bombs!

Quail eggs are also highly recommended for the children’s menu

cooked healthy food for children quail eggs


The oatmeal is rich in fiber and is a great variation for us, as well as for the kids. They promote digestion, fill you up and give us a lot of energy. They help us to better focus on our everyday routines and focus on our work.

Oatmeal promotes digestion and makes you feel full quickly

healthy food for kids oatmeal with fruit for breakfast


The fruits are another obligatory part of every kids menu. They contain a lot of vitamins and fiber. If you were to make a classification of the healthiest fruits for the kids, then these 3 head the list: apples, kiwi, raspberries.

They have many antioxidants, are very healthy against diabetes and heart disease. The fresh fruits also improve the thinking ability.

Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and fiber

eating healthy food for kids lots of fruit

Eat fresh fruit in between or for dessert

healthy food for kids fruit red apples

Nuts (especially walnuts and almonds)

The nuts are a good source of healthy fats. The children especially need a lot of it as they grow. The nuts promote cardiac function.

Nuts healthy

healthy nutrition for children nuts and almonds


Milk is healthy and known because of the high amount of protein and calcium. It may be that your child does not want to drink milk. Do not worry – yoghurt has the same properties and most children do not respond to it.

Yogurt contains many healthy bacteria for the gastrointestinal tract.

Dairy products are rich in protein and calcium

healthy diet for kids regularly drink milk


The tomatoes are an important product for the healthy diet of children. Cooked their properties are even healthier than in harsh condition.

Fresh tomatoes are delicious

healthy food for children vegetables tomato

Cherry tomatoes from our own garden to the Nachen

healthy food for children Chrerry tomatoes aius their own garden


Herb is crispy and can therefore taste good to the child. The slightly sweetish taste contributes to a certain extent. Thanks to the use of herbs, the toxins separate from the body and thus the good enzymes are released.

Another type of vegetable that tastes good to children

healthy food for kids herb salad for toddlers


When it comes to fish, salmon is the first thing you should start with. He must take his special place in every children’s menu. Salmon contains omega-3 acids, and we already know enough about their healthy properties.

A balanced children’s menu should also include salmon dishes

healthy food for children salmon dishes salmon with asparagus


The last product we want to recommend today for the children’s menu is the basil. This herbal plant will surprise you with its good qualities. Basil is full of antioxidants, vitamins A, C and K. Furthermore, the basil contains a lot of iron, potassium and calcium. It helps you to improve the gastrointestinal system.

Basil – a very healthy herb plant

healthy food for children Basil herb garden

The variety of healthy products is great, but you should start with the more traditional the healthy diet of your children. Your little one can then continue to develop his taste with age by trying different foods and drinks. Respect your children’s tastes and yet do not give them too much freedom. It’s better for the little ones to get a little hungry than to eat something that is clearly unhealthy.

Create funny characters that stimulate children’s appetite

healthy food for kids funny ideas bunny carrots

What is healthy food without enjoyment?

What you think is good is healthy food

It looks like a lot of people are interested in the news in social media. This is also true for the messages associated with healthy eating and balanced nutrition.

Healthy food means to feel good

We list some typical expressions and give you some tips.

Online social media marketing is very effective and very aggressive. It seems that our critical thinking is less effective here than when we are learning about something from the usual media.

To be a healthy role model

healthy food balanced diet good habits good role model

Eliminate wrong habits

healthy food balanced diet good habits sake

Does that mean we have to ignore the information on these two topics that we found on Facebook or in a similar network? Not necessarily. It’s more that we try to keep our eyes open for some signs that point to the dubious nature of a particular article or article.

Achieving a balance between exercise and nutrition

healthy eating balanced dieting bicycle

It is mostly certain expressions and phrases that are proven to be used to trap us in the “self-evident”. That is, there are certain kinds of statements that very often arouse confidence in us for psychological and cultural reasons. You can make sure that we turn off our critical thinking and perceive unchecked info just as a true coin. We tend to stop checking for credibility.

Spend time in the middle of nature

healthy eating balanced nutrition model

We list some typical expressions and give you some tips.

Snacking in front of the computer

healthy eating balanced dieting office job

“Scientists discovered …” or “New research shows …”

People like to refer to the “scientists” as a category of people who know everything and are always credible. However, anyone with an academic education should be aware that science is not that accurate.

To teach the toddlers early healthy lifestyle

healthy eating balanced nutrition model

Reduce sugar intake to minimum

healthy food balanced diet good habits sugar

Even in the “exact” sciences, such as Chemistry, mathematics, biology, etc., there is nothing really accurate. Experiments are performed and they show certain results. But to come to a conclusion, you have to evaluate the results. There is a lot of room for interpretation and also for manipulation.

A balanced mix of everything should be right

healthy food balanced diet good habits

Some research is ordered by companies to prove the healthy nature of their products.

Although the scientists are named (their university or research institute), this is not necessarily proof of credibility. Reliable statements about healthy nutrition rely on arguments that anyone can check with their own experiments and prove for themselves. How many healthy eating and well-balanced diets you’ve read lately have such clues?

Lots of exercise and positive emotions

healthy food balanced diet good habits rest

Still water instead of sugary drinks

healthy eating balanced diet good habits drink water

healthy food balanced diet good habits willen2

If something does not sound logical …

Listen to your body and mind. Evaluate the information according to intuition and personal experience. Do this as a separate experiment for a few weeks. You will notice after this time that you have chosen the best strategies for yourself!

Form your own opinion!

healthy eating balanced diet good habits interactive education

Traditional marketing strategies make us no longer believe in ourselves. They unconsciously convey that it is beyond our power to think and live healthy. Then they offer us their expensive help.

Do not believe everything the advertisement says

healthy eating balanced nutrition breathing

Do not fall victim to this deception.

Healthy food and a balanced diet start with the mind

Find time to really relax

healthy food balanced diet good habits rest

The health begins in our soul and our head. You need to harmonize your thoughts and create an inner thinking structure. Then you can clearly see which tips are right for you and which ones you should leave for the others!

Being happy is healthy

healthy eating balanced nutrition breathing

Healthy weight loss – How can you tell?

Sign that you lose weight really healthy

There are so many articles on the internet about the healthy weight loss , Often contradict the information and statements. Sometimes this happens even within one and the same article. Some of us run from one to the other in our quest to follow good advice. The best way out of this situation would be to listen to your own logic and intuition and let yourself be guided by them to a healthier diet. Once you have decided on a healthy daily menu that suits you, then it goes to critical review. We’ll give you some points that will allow you to check again if the selected diet is right for you or not.

Healthy weight loss and proper nutrition are connected

lose weight healthy right diet desirable results

Your stomach feels good

Many of the problems with weight loss come from the fact that the food in the gastrointestinal system is not processed properly. Health problems of this kind are in turn a sign that you may not be eating the right foods or that the diet is not the best for you.

No matter how much exercise and dieting you do, you always have a bloated stomach and look a lot fatter than you are, right? Yes, that happens to many people in their quest to look more elegant and slimmer. You simply have to include more fiber in your diet plan, drink as much water as possible or eat more fruit, because the fruits are excellent satiety. Also eat salad regularly! Such small things can be crucial for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system.

Are you not satisfied with the results after the diet?

lose weight nourish yourself properly

Exercise is only part of the healthy lifestyle

healthy weight loss sport drifting tips

Fruits should be eaten regularly

slimming healthy fruits eating proper nutrition tips

To prefer healthy drinks

lose weight healthy fruits stay healthy

Drink enough water daily

lose weight healthy drink more water healthy

You feel without much pain, that you lose weight, or that your figure improves!

With a proper diet, the results come slowly, but surely. You must have that in mind. You have to restrict yourself or stick to certain rules, but that feels like a healthy change, not a torment. After a week you should feel happy and satisfied with the selected diet. They are full of energy and self-confidence and feel healthy!

Often the fatliquors are just those products that we are addicted to

If we do not eat certain unhealthy products for a while, we no longer feel the need for them. We naturally prefer a healthy dessert to cola or other products that are full of chemicals and preservatives.

One can learn to resist culinary temptations

slimming healthy delicious desserts avoid cake

Even desserts can be healthy

lose weight healthy eating right eating healthy desserts

They have much better mood and more desire to meet with people

You do not have to consider healthy weight loss as a limitation. During your diet program you do not have to do without your daily routines. If you have chosen the right nutrition plan then you should feel completely normal and continue to do your daily work. You have to do without the “non-normal”. These are harmful, unhealthy products that make us addicted.

What benefit do you have from your diet plan if you do not feel happy?

lose weight healthy right nutrition sign to be happy

What’s bad for the body is not very good for the mind either. What makes you grow or makes your skin look bad depresses you. After all, you’ve noticed that after a hamburger of Mac Donalds and a deliciously baked fish, you get a completely different attitude to life, is not it? The right nutrition plan makes you a happier person who likes to communicate with other people.

Enjoy healthy dishes

healthy slimming healthy eating fish food

You have more beautiful skin

The skin is a mirror of the internal processes in our body. If we have a balanced diet and there is nothing important in our body, the skin just looks nice! It’s the same with your hair. So if you have chosen the right nutrition plan, your hair will look shiny and beautiful too.

The appearance is closely related to the diet

healthy weight loss skin problems keep proper diet

To have beautiful skin, you should eat properly

lose weight healthy diet keeping beautiful skin

Normal blood pressure

The problems with high or low blood pressure are very often a result of the unhealthy diet. It may be that you can not completely overcome the problem with just healthy food. But it is still feasible that you have made great progress in this regard.

They sleep well

The sleep problems are often due to too much stress in everyday life and too many toxins in the body. The good nutritional plan ensures that these are reduced in our body. If you have found the right diet, then you sleep better.

Insomnia is often associated with unhealthy lifestyle

healthy weight loss sign healthy sleep insomnia reasons

As you may already have guessed right, you can also enumerate other criteria for well-being. In general, the main thing is to make you feel a healthier and more effective person. If that happens then you are certainly on the right track!

Get rid of unhealthy sleep through proper nutrition!

healthy weight loss well sleep sign recognize

Show outwardly that you feel well

healthy weight loss sign have beautiful skin

Do not neglect the sport!

lose weight healthy eating sport

Balanced by a balanced diet to combat the bad mood

Did you know that balanced diet and bad mood depend on each other

Lately, depression has become more and more common. Many more people think they are affected. In fact, depression is a serious diagnosis that should not be diagnosed too fast.

There are many people who only have elements of depression. The quick self-diagnosed diagnosis can be harmful to this group because it leads to false action. Often it is permanent fatigue, burnout or simply an unhealthy lifestyle. The problem area just mentioned could easily be reflected in your mood and self-esteem. In addition, many people have symptoms reminiscent of depression because they eat poorly.

Balanced diet avoids bad mood

balanced diet against bad mood tips

We want to dedicate today’s article to the balanced diet. That’s why we do not use the word depression anymore. With us it is about the bad mood and the feeling of insecurity for one’s own powers. We will discuss the possible connection with the healthy diet and explain how to overcome the bad mood by adjusting the eating habits.

Balanced nutrition – The healthy diet affects all well-being

healthy food proper nutrition well-being

The healthy breakfast is a good start of the day

healthy food being happy health lifestyle

The healthy food and the mood

The unhealthy life and not balanced nutrition are a possible reason for the bad mood. Often they are accompanied by other factors, and even other factors are usually the main cause of this condition. These are due to changes in brain biochemistry, hormonal problems or traumatic experiences.

Unhealthy food can be the reason for the bad mood

balanced diet bad food bad mood

In a strenuous everyday life, proper nutrition is essential

balanced diet stress workplace bad mood

But even in this case, the balanced nutrition an important role in how to cope in such situations and how long it takes to overcome them. In other words, if you are healthy and balanced, you are better prepared for life’s challenges!

To eat a balanced diet and to be fit and happy

balanced nutrition good food positive radiation

Now consider the whole thing a little more scientifically. The bad mood is associated with low levels of serotonin in the brain. Only 10% are in the brain and the other 90% are produced in the stomach in a specific area. Do you see the logical connection between this information? Do you come to the logical conclusion that the healthy diet and the good mood are strongly connected?

Proper nutrition and good mood are connected

balanced diet good mood healthy diet live healthy

Food and food for good and bad mood

We would like to point out in advance that the answer to the question of which food is good and which is bad for your mood has individual nuances. That’s why you must consider our lists as a hint rather than a must.

You have to try and learn to observe yourself and get to know yourself. It can e.g. be that a food from the “good” list triggers you a bad feeling. This may have something to do with allergy, a bad association, or intolerance to a disease. Again, the bad list may contain things that connect you to good moments from your past.

Your own nutrition plan is a personal decision

eat healthy food properly feed good food bad food

Try for yourself what is good for you and what is bad

to be well-balanced diet

The following lists are about the rules of balanced diet and good humor, but you have to find out for yourself how far they apply to you. You also need to be aware that this is about sustainable consumption. Once you eat something “bad” but otherwise have a healthy lifestyle, it does not put you in a bad emotional state.

Everyone has their own eating habits

balanced diet eating habits right diet

Eating fruits, but not only as a duty, but to enjoy them

healthy eating good mood health lifestyle

Make a varied diet

healthy eating healthy breakfast lifestyle

Diets that cause bad mood in most people

As a rule, these are artificially produced foods. They remove us from nature and we are no longer able to keep the balance in our lives.

The natural and varied diet, which also tastes to us, ensures an improved self-esteem and a good mood. Read more detailed information about the “good” and “bad” diets in our next article on the same topic! The sequel follows soon!

Also include vegetables in your nutrition plan

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Rich breakfast gives a good tone

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