Halloween costumes – unusual ideas and tips

halloween disguise couple cool

Great Halloween costumes ideas

Do you like going to parties? Are you always ready to dress up and play a surprising role in it? If so, you have come here in time … Because we are the coolest today Halloween costumes Have collected ideas. Inspiring embodiments wait to be discovered.




But first a few words about the strange, effective and magnificent occasion … .. Halloween!

Be unique for Halloween

halloween decoration pumpkin lights


The world-famous festival Halloween is a funny and mysterious celebration, but it is a lot of fun. Ask for “sweet or sour” to feel the solemn spirit. Be careful, though, because the pumpkin monster can lurk somewhere near you. The great celebration has different names worldwide and is also celebrated quite differently. There is something that unites the different cultures and peoples … The night of October 31st to November 1st always belongs to the spirits, witches and scary monsters. The time of pumpkins, zombies, skeletons, demons, vampire parties, and the begging ghosts on the front door. The other world, the world of shadows – it can really shake you with fear, right? D rather not! The real reason, the cause of this eerie celebration, is the reminder that life has a beginning and an end, that we only come here for a short time and are replaced once …

Fancy Halloween make-up

halloween disguise ladies make up

The Halloween Party continues to be associated with good humor, celebrating people and stunning Halloween costumes. Here you will find our suggestions, full of color, imagination and effectiveness. Maybe you will find yourself with us …

Halloween witch

halloween witch in black





halloween costumes ladies zombie

Carnival costumes for families

cool halloween disguise families

Peter Pan’s family

halloween costumes for families peter pan family

Halloween costumes kids

cool halloween disguise children effective

Disguise yourself like teeth

halloween costumes children teeth

The skeleton couple

halloween costumes skeleton couple


halloween makeup tips costumes party

Woman skeleton

carnival costumes halloween disguise skeleton

Blue wig

halloween costumes blue wig

Scary clown

halloween costumes ideas clown

The red queen

halloween costumes red queen

Blue bride

halloween disguise creepy bride

the snow Queen

great halloween disguise ideas

Witch with piercing

halloween witch cool party decoration

Unicorn mask

halloween costumes ladies unicorn

Eye lenses combine with a great make-up

halloween costumes ladies eyelens

Cook and spaghetti

halloween costumes family spaghetti cook

Sweet pumpkin

halloween costumes kids pumpkin

Half face in black

halloween makeup tips costumes party decoration

Scary zombie

halloween costumes ladies carnival costumes

Horror look for Halloween

horror halloween costumes carnival costumes

Mickey mouse couple

carnival costumes halloween costumes make up

Orange inspiration

carnival costumes halloween disguise lady

Feminine and stylish

carnival costumes halloween disguise ladies

Carnival costumes and party decoration

halloween disguise ladies party decoration

Two babies


Chic image

carnival costumes halloween disguise hairstyle

Dot pattern

carnival costumes halloween disguise ladies make up

Halloween disguise for men

carnival costumes halloween disguise for men

Terrible couple

carnival costumes halloween disguise couples

The Queen of Hearts

carnival costumes halloween disguise heart queen

The skeleton couple

carnival costumes halloween disguise couples

In black and white

carnival costumes halloween disguise black red

Black mask

carnival costumes halloween disguise mask

Impressive face

halloween disguise and make up

The wolf

carnival costumes halloween disguise wolf

Funny disguise


The Flintstones

halloween costumes kids family flint

Mario and Luigi

halloween costumes children luigi and mario

Pac one

halloween costumes kids pac man

The wizard of Oz

halloween costumes kids wizard by oz

Marie Antoinett

Marie Antoinett Halloween party disguise

Halloween Witch – eyecatching


Blue inspiration

halloween costumes ladies blue peruvian carnival costumes

Great Halloween make-up

halloween costumes ladies pink inspiration

Lurking wild animal

Halloween costumes in black carnival costumes

Carnival costumes for children

halloween costumes kids funny

Joker and Batman girl

halloween costumes couple joker batman girl

Family pirates

halloween costumes pirates carnival costumes

Doll make-up

halloween costumes doll make up

Carnival disguise for couples

unique halloween disguise couple

Unique embodiment

Halloween disguise party decorations

Purple clown

halloween disguise party decoration purple clown


halloween disguise party decoration make up

Ecologically build – the 10 most important reasons to have a mud house

ecological building clay house earth straw

Why should you build ecologically

After we talk about the sustainable tourism , renewable energy and the passive houses have written the topic about ecological construction. How the word ecologically It can be seen that this is a way to build houses made entirely of natural materials.

There are already many building materials that come from nature. We focus today mainly on the clay. We show you some beautiful mud houses, which are not only to be admired for their sustainability, but also look fairy-tale and fascinating. You have us right off to the hobbit-houses Lord of the rings remind. Curved lines, cute oval windows and doors, thatched roofs – simply gorgeous.

Imaginative mud house in the forest

ecological building clay house natural wood forest

Would you like to know the 10 most important reasons that make for an ecological mud house?

1st reason: Clay is a building material that is easy to handle. Even inexperienced enthusiasts can handle it calmly and above all successfully.

2nd reason: This material has the property of acting as an electromagnetic insulator. So you can reasonably stop the negative radiation of the WLAN, the mobile phone and the TV satellite.

3rd reason: The walls made of clay have a high thermal insulation. That means a mud house will be pleasantly cool in summer and nice and warm in winter.

4. Reason: The soundproofing of this natural material is also at a maximum level.

Etho house in the village Bania in Bulgaria

ecologically build clay house rustic environmentally friendly

Work the natural building material

ecological building clay house earth balls building material

Stable wooden construction

ecological build clay house wood earth sustainable

5th reason: clay breathes. In this way, the moisture in the house is regulated and the processes of condensation are prevented. Especially for people who suffer from asthma, such a home is the perfect home.

6. Reason: Clay is a sustainable material that contains no toxic chemicals.

7th reason: This building material is easy to find in nature, especially if you live in such a place, rich in clay soil.

Sustainable construction with fairytale design

ecological building mud house bulgaria

8. Reason: When building the mud house you hardly need electricity. You can just do the whole process with your own hands and feet.

9. Reason: Clay is inexpensive and abundant in nature.

Reason 10: And last but not least, you can use all your heart in building your home. It’s like creating a sculpture. The mud house can be expanded and maintained like a living creation that is filled with your energy.

Have we piqued your interest? We hope so. Look at all the pictures and imagine what your own mud house could look like.

Cosiness of a special kind

ecologically build mud house village banja

Rustic and unique

ecologically build clay house sustainable

Perfect unity

ecologically build clay house sustainable nature

This could be your own eco-house

ecological building clay house village house rustic

Imaginative mud house in the village Leshten in Bulgaria

ecological building clay house village leshten bulgaria

Organic interior

ecological building clay house village leshten interior decoration

Chic mud house with African flair

ecologically build mud house healthy life

Let your imagination run wild

ecologically build clay house interior decoration

Tree trunks and sturdy wooden beams

ecological building clay house interior decoration living room open plan

A bedroom like from the fairy tales

ecologically build mud house interior bedroom

Entrance area with a shabby chic touch

ecological building clay house rustic interior

Romantic at sunset

ecological building clay house thatched roof forest

Smooth lines and pure nature

ecologically build mud house roofed roofed terrace

A cozy hobbit worthy kitchen

ecologically build sustainable house kitchen

Definition Brand: What makes a charismatic fire?

Definition Brand item as an example

The definition of the brand and how to build it charismatically

In today’s article, we speak of a sub-concept. It’s not about the fire as such, but about the charismatic fire. What makes him and how does such a brand win in bulk the sympathies for themselves – these are the main questions that need to be answered.

Definition brand: the brand ITEM as an example

Definition brand example item unique home design

The main definition

But let’s start with the main definition of a brand. It is a sign that distinguishes the goods and products of one manufacturer from those of other manufacturers. It can be a graphical representation in most cases. Above all, we mean words, letters, figures, figures, pictures, the shape of the goods or their packaging, etc. What else could you give here for further examples? The combination of colors, sounds and any kind of such could be crucial.

What makes a brand?

Definition brand example item branding business cards

Business cards and promotional materials are of great importance

Definition Brand example item marketing products

It’s about graphic representation

Definition Brand example item marketing and advertising

How do you define the charismatic fire?

Now let’s define the charismatic brand. They have achieved this as soon as users begin to believe that this product would have no substitute in the marketplace. When such a mark disappears, then the buyers are usually really disappointed and depressed. It brings much joy and emotional benefits through the charismatic brands.

Advertising posters – colorful and charismatic

Definition Brand item as an example take advertising posters

People are not fooled

Now let’s share a basic fact about the charismatic brands and their definition. It’s about the judgment of buyers. If people think a fire is charismatic, then it is one. Because the brand definition goes beyond the perception of consumers. You can not keep the two things apart.

Billboard advertising at stops

Definition Brand item as an example take stop advertising

What stands in the way of manufacturers who want to build a charismatic brand?

There are far too many examples of brands that are charismatic. It takes a super long and elaborate explanation of how it actually comes about. Everyone would usually earn their own book to explain these phenomena.

Pay attention to positive effects

Definition brand item graphic design

But you can also take the other strategy and explain what mistakes you usually make. You can talk about this topic for a long time, but the things can somehow be explained more easily and quickly.

Be an expert in your own field

Definition brand item home design marketing ideas

Visit trade fairs and find new customers

Definition Brand item as an example, take exhibition space

Own products should always be labeled

Definition Brand item as an example label

One has the merit in view

Often one has the merit mainly in view, and not the high quality of the product itself. The first should always be done from the second. The users are very intuitive in terms of their own interests. You would feel it immediately, if somehow this is not protected well enough by one company or another. As soon as one abuses the trust in some form, one feels repelled by the corresponding fire. You could also do other things wrong, but this is the mistake that you usually can not make up for.

The goal: satisfied customers

Definition brand item as an example store shop design

The social networks

Since social networks have developed so rapidly, they also play a very important role in updating the definition of brands. Above all, consumers are becoming more and more a part of it. Companies take the opportunity to get feedback quickly and impulsively. This is a huge advantage that was previously less available.

Internet advertising in the main social networks

Definition brand internet advertising social networks

Do not sell ?!

People hate that something is sold to them. But you like to buy one. Remember the big difference? Watch this with your own behavior in the market. The charismatic brands are by definition also those which make the purchase easier for a user.

Another kind of advertising

Definition Brand item tote bags promotional materials

Cloth bags with your brand logo

Definition Brand item as an example promotional bags fabric

The packaging is important!

Definition Brand example item advertising paper bags

Do not give up quickly

Certainly one does not always reach the good goals in the easiest ways. Often at the beginning everything looks desperate bad. The rule of thumb is that the product must be different and good. As soon as these basic requirements are correct, it is mostly due to the good promotion of the product.

Logo and slogan go hand in hand

Definition Brand item as an example logo

Define your brand!

Definition brand item as an example wall decoration brand

Romantic wedding celebration in the French style

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor door

A different wedding in Utah

In today’s post, you’ll find a brilliant French-style wedding celebration that took place in La Caille. This is a French restaurant based in Utah with a spectacular architect design in a magnificent natural environment. The white gardens around remind us of the garden of Claude Monet.

The lovers have chosen the romantic open gazebo for their wedding day, rounded off by a bizarre reception in the fascinating greenhouse is where comprehensive climbing plants and chandeliers can be seen. The wedding theme was in yellow, white and gray and we are in love with the beautiful flower arrangements, the roses, lilies, solidago and the yellow spring colors.

The happy bride Holly says: “All the tables were covered with white tablecloths and decorated with lush bouquets in the middle. There was also a photo of me and my husband on each table, and our photos were still there cake stand and on every page of the guest album. ”

Romantic wedding party

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor classic

The bridal gown with the shoes

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor dress shoes

Carefully maintained

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor veil

Compact, covered balcony

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor area

Water system with waterfalls

Romantic wedding celebration french style mountain

Gazebo with antique columns

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor

The smallest wedding guests

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding step outdoors

Elegant and themed

Wedding party french style guests

Bridesmaids in yellow dresses

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor flowers

Yellow roses in the bouquet

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor yellow flowers

The family

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor wedding guests

Couple in love wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoors couple

Backless bridal gown

Romantic wedding party ideas wedding outdoor green

Relaxing nature

wedding celebration ideas wedding outdoor summer house

The guest tables

Wedding party french style accents

Freshly baked cookies

Romantic wedding celebration in the open air dining

The celebration hall

wedding celebration in the wedding hall

Porcelain dishes and cloth napkins

Wedding celebration french style plate

Glittering lights

Romantic wedding celebration french style white deco

The healthy wedding menu

Wedding celebration french style delicious

The big buffet

Romantic wedding celebration french style ceramic

Other chocolate surprises

The multi-storey cake with white glaze and yellow accents

Style multistory pie Romantic wedding celebration french

The nature prospects in Utah

beautiful rocks wedding celebration french style nature

Spice up the local aquarium – variations and ideas

Whether as an indication of a peaceful balanced lifestyle or out of interest in the underwater world, aquariums enjoy great popularity in Germany’s living rooms. So that they not only become the perfect habitat for plants and fish, but also decorative a real eye-catcher, it is important to pay attention to some basics. Above all, it is important to choose the right aquarium for your needs. This depends on different factors.

Variety of aquariums is comprehensive

First and foremost, the type of aquarium is about what kind of fish and plants someone wants to keep in it. But also the size and the sense and purpose play a role, as the following list of different options shows.

Picture 2 types

  • Artaquarien are designed so that the housing conditions are precisely tailored to the needs of the animals and plants kept therein. They are great for watching the animals and their behavior well – in a stress-free situation with no other fish or disabling influences. At the same time, this means that only one species of fish is kept in this aquarium species.

    Very popular for it

    • piranhas
    • discus
    • killifishes
    • Dwarf puffers or
    • shrimp

In contrast, there are very common so-called in this country community aquariums in which different peaceful animals, which require similar housing conditions, live together.

Living aquarium home properly. Living room

  • Another form of popular aquariums is that biotope aquarium in which the naturally occurring habitat of flora and fauna can be found as accurately as possible. This is one of the best known of its kind Amazon basin or the Amazon Aquarium in which are kept animals and plants whose habitats are the same in the wild. An advantage here is that the different fish species in terms of water value and the establishment of the aquarium almost make the same claims. Further options for these biotope pools are
    • South basin
    • Central America pool
    • Asia basin or
    • Malawi basin

aquarium home goldfish

  • The oldest form among aquarium species is that Coldwater aquarium , Basically, it is simply a pool that consciously dispenses with the heating of the water. If you also want to take care of the cold, you can even use a model with a built-in cooling unit. It is clear in this context that such aquariums must never be exposed to direct sunlight, so as not to heat up. This can be held in particular all occurring in Central Europe fish species. The best known is certainly in this context of goldfish ,
  • In contrast, one shows Saltwater aquarium who also like to coral reef aquarium is called the colorful world of the coral ecosystem. Anyone interested in this type of aquarium should be aware that both extensive know-how and time-consuming care and maintenance are necessary to maintain. Decisive for the life support of this small ecosystem
    • the observance of accurate water values
    • a perfectly coordinated lighting of the aquarium
    • well-tuned temperatures in the water.

aquarium home exotic fish coral

The aquarist will be rewarded with a colorful variety of fish, which will feel at home in the coral aquarium. Besides the eponymous corals these are:

  • damselfish
  • Centropyge
  • coral fish
  • snails
  • Shellfish
  • hermit crabs

Incidentally, the marine aquarium is generally considered to be more time consuming and sophisticated. A contribution shows that it can be suitable for ambitious newcomers with the right planning and care Meerwasser-Guide.de ,

Even plants have a significant effect

Plants for aquariums are available in different shapes, sizes and colors, ranging from naturally bright green to rich dark red. Usually the plants are planted directly in the ground. But there are also species such as the Java fern, which grows on decorative objects in the basin. Floating plants such as the water lens drift freely on the surface in the water and provide protection and visual effects alike. Basically, aquarium owners have two options in plants, namely there are stem plants and foliage plants. While the former – as the name implies – develops the new leaves along its stalk, the leaf plant always has only one leaf per stalk. They are sold commercially in a pot, so as a potted plant, while the stem plants are available as a fret.

When choosing, pay attention to the size of the plant, because sometimes they are available with one centimeter, but can later grow up to a meter in height. This allows an aquarium to be perfectly decorated. Smaller plants are best placed in the foreground of the field of view, while the larger plants come in the middle and the large species are placed at the very back of the tank. However, newbies should not only focus on looks, but first of all have to deal with the basics of aquaristics. In addition to the mere interior design, it is important, for example, to ensure proper water care, technical accessories, filters and the ideal location, and, last but not least, cleaning also plays an important role. ZooRoyal has one in this regard Contribution for beginners created by the first important steps in the aquarium are described step by step.


However, plants not only have design purposes in an aquarium, but are also responsible for the water quality. The fish divorced among others

  • ammonium
  • nitrate
  • phosphate
  • carbon dioxide

that absorb and utilize the plants for growth. These nutrients are converted by photosynthesis to sugar or carbohydrates. The plants but from oxygen, the inhale the fish. However, it is clear that this process only happens when there is enough light. Therefore, a sufficient light supply of the aquarium is absolutely necessary and maintains the quality of life of the aquarium inhabitants.

If there is too little oxygen, more algae will develop. However, their food source can be withdrawn from the right plants, especially fast-growing plants are responsible for ensuring that no excessive algae proliferation takes place. Therefore, the following species should ideally occur:

  • waterweed
  • Valisnerie
  • Wasserkelchi
  • Amazonian sword plant
  • Javafarn
  • Indian water lover
  • Indian water whisk
  • chickweed

If you want to provide even more variety in your aquarium, you can inquire at the specialized trade and set appropriate accents.

aquarium home algae aquatic plants

Choice of the ground is visually important

How the floor is designed in the aquarium not only has visual effects, but also a significant influence on the quality in the container itself. Here, the water is filtered, there is a supply of nutrients and should be the support for plants. Basically, a distinction can be made here between sand and gravel. If you ask yourself now, where is the differentiation, then this can easily be explained:

  • Sand has a grain of 2 millimeters, everything that is larger, is considered gravel.
  • Fine aquarium sand often has a grain size of 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters.

Which soil is the right one for the selected aquarium depends on the type of fish that is kept in it. While dwelling inhabitants, such as armored catfishes, tend to prefer fine sand, as they can dig easily and “flush” their gills, crayfish and shrimp prefer the coarser sand. These also seek the soil for food, but can lift the grains and turn them with the scissors.

Of course, there are also plenty of aquarium dwellers who like to be kept on gravel. These include antenna catfish and loaches, as well as cichlids. It is important to know that plants in the aquarium can generally be better mounted on coarse gravel and also hold better there.

Tip: If you want to buy sand or gravel for your Fischzuhause, you should be careful to choose absolutely lime-free varieties. Even sharp-edged ground is to be avoided, since especially grounding fish could injure it.

Once the qualitative properties of the sand have been clarified, optics can also play a decisive role. According to individual preference, there is the material in many colors, with rather dark varieties are suitable. If you then install a dark back wall, you can increase the effect even further. Especially the bright colors of the shrimps are very intense on a black aquarium sand. If you want to have an Amazon basin, you should have gravel in it

  • dark reds
  • black
  • or brown

choose. For African aquariums, on the other hand, lighter gray and white shades are outstandingly suitable, as the preferred live cichlids come into their own.

aquarium home fish algae

The right back wall ensures atmosphere

As visually impressive as the colorful flora and fauna in an aquarium can be, the right rear wall is just as decisive for the visual experience. This simply makes for the right atmosphere, the choice is huge thanks to numerous motif films or special 3D effects. Anyone who decides on a structural wall enhances the depth effect and sets special accents on the decoration in the water. In addition, they look particularly natural and offer additional territorial possibilities for individual species of fish in relief-like design.

A very popular form of back wall design is with films. These can be easily attached by yourself, the choice of motifs is very large. There are those with underwater motifs, for example, represent a rock wall or a green plant aquarium. If you want to be understated, you can choose a back wall in monochrome in black. A dark ground is combined to enhance the color of the fish and the rich green of the plants. Structural back walls, on the other hand, are available in different modules and can easily be attached to the basin with glue or silicone. Anyone with a little craftsmanship and patience can create and apply these back walls themselves. However, it is important to pay attention to the use of the right material to avoid harmful effects on the water and the fish. How this works, for example, shows the following instructions.

The decision as to which back wall to use for an aquarium should also depend on where it stands. While design-wise models are well-suited to the site on a wall or in the central field of view and provide for special effects, when using the aquarium as a room divider is advisable to dispense with a back wall. Because then there is the possibility to look through the water and its living world, which conjures a very individual atmosphere. Then the view of the colorful fish and plant world is interrupted or distracted by nothing and goes beyond the aquarium in the distance.

Regardless of which back wall an aquarium owner decides, it is clear that both the attachment and the possible removal after a certain time is very time-consuming. The pool must be completely cleared.

Transparent designer glass furniture – unique, crystal clear acrylic furniture

transparent furniture designs made of glass table

Transparent designer glass furniture – unique, crystal clear acrylic furniture

Although neutral furniture is usually changeable, few things are as adaptable as transparent glass and acrylic furniture. Here we present a range of clear furniture items, from tables and chairs to desks and lamps that are monotonous and translucent to immerse us in total clarity.

There is something refreshing about such a blank slate, is not there? It’s exactly what these furniture represent. Such pieces could be combined with different, extravagant, massive pieces of furniture.

Small, colorful, transparent side tables by Kartell

transparent designer glass furniture colorful side tables small

Glass chair with crocodile pattern of Fiam

transparent designer glass furniture crocodile pattern chair

Louis acrylic chair from cartel

transparent furniture designs made of glass armchair

Transparent side table in frosted glass from Triangle design

transparent designer glass furniture frosted side table

Glass trolley from The Water Monopoly

clear designer furniture made of glass shelves roll

Waterford John Rocha Seal floor lamp

Transparent furniture designs made of glass floor lamps

Kivik glass chair from IKEA

transparent designer glass furniture chair modern Glass table of Calico Designs transparent designer furniture made of glass tables

Transparent acrylic table from Baxton Studio

transparent furniture designs made of glass table factual


Glass terrariums and dried flowers as fashion jewelry chains

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine flowers

Fashion jewelry chains with vegetable macro worlds

Breathe deeply! Can you also notice? Spring is coming and that – very noticeable. The first snowdrops greet us from the melting snow and the tits get louder in the morning.

The flowers always stay fresh under this glass hood

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine life blossom

In this way you can save the aromas and the beauty of the summer

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried herbs

A special gift for a special person

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry real life dandelion

Beautiful and unique

costume jewelery-chain-costume jewelery-fresh-flowers

Do you also get an insatiable desire to go to the countryside and take a long walk with friends? You can collect sticks, watch ants and even nature watching the reawakening.

The valuable content should be well protected

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried paper thin

As a gift, the necklaces can carry special symbolism

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry real life dandelion

Moss and wild herbs miniatures

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry

Yes, nature fascinates every time of year and every day. Sometimes you want to capture that beauty and keep it forever. Some even want to wear them around their necks.

A touch of the warm and colorful summer

fashion jewelry chain jewelery genuine life delicate blossom red

A remembrance

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine algae

A confession

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine wood deco

A self-made expression of certain emotions

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry real life delicate flower chamomile

Our theme today is precisely those fantasists who have the desire to perpetuate the beauty of nature and that in a chain pendant. You can almost say that it has become a fashion trend in jewelry design – small dried plants in small glass bottles to wear on the necklace.

An admirable gift

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine lavender

The round frame made of gold makes the piece of jewelry priceless

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine life delicate flower

Lovingly elaborated fashion jewelry chains and pendants made of natural materials with natural content look from online shops such as DaWanda or Etsy and you can not decide which are more beautiful.

With this necklace you can also admire the whole nature

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine life

Transparent and fragile, the small glazed beauties are only protected by metal or wooden frames. The filigree work is done by diligent hands and has its adequate price. Fine art individual pieces are an excellent gift for a very special person.

The interaction with the sun’s rays makes the pendant a real gem

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine life yellow

It would of course be appropriate if this special person shares your love of nature. Then you can be sure that you are giving the right thing and who knows, perhaps you will discover even more shared love, which is addressed to you.

Elderflowers behind the glass

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry real life mini flowers

Jewelry designers take care of the variety

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine life delicate threesome

A rose can be a definite gift for Valentine’s Day

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry real life delicate rose

Soon the feast of love is about to begin, and there is hardly a more fitting way of expressing feelings than real flowers. Even better are the real flowers that can never wither. The pendants are nice to fall in love with and we picked out 2 jewelry designers whose work you can admire in our gallery.

Each pendant can only be a single piece

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine flowers pendant

As in nature, nothing is equal to the other fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine bonsai

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry genuine life flower pot

costume jewelery-chain-costume jewelery-dried-flowers

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried flowery

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried heart of glass

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried magenta

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried mini bouquet

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried round

fashion jewelry chain fashion jewelry dried shrubs



What can the new smart home devices do?

Smart home devices and new technologies gadgets devices

Smart home appliances in the bedroom

The main idea of ​​the bedroom is to sleep there. One thinks that smart home devices are superfluous for the first time. We thought so for a while. But it has turned out that we are actually wrong.

Gadgets for a smart home

Smart home appliances new technologies gadgets

There are a lot of innovations that have been introduced lately that serve better comfort. It definitely pays off to look around for them.

Smart Home Gadgets

high tech smart home appliances new technologies

Smart home appliances for the central piece of furniture

Of course, most of the effort has gone into developing the central piece of furniture in the bedroom. Because the bed can be very much optimized by smart home devices and technologies. If you can afford it, you should have automatic temperature regulation, body adjustment, and independent adjustments for each side.

How “smart” can your home be?

Smart home appliances new technologies hightech

Some of these models are even able to respond to spoken commands. Some offer options for mattress fitting for better sleep. The bed linen can also be regulated in terms of temperature. The cushions often have built-in speakers.

Your comfort is ensured by innovative technologies

Smart home appliances new technologies in the bedroom

More safety

Smart home technologies are also able to provide more security. Lighting under the bed makes it possible to find the bedroom easier in the middle of the night. But their light is so subtle that your partner will not wake up.

Security systems for your home

Smart home appliances new technologies security system

The new security systems recognize your voice

Smart Home devices new technologies in the entry area

Automated lighting

Let’s discuss the automated lighting a bit further. Because this is currently experiencing a real heyday. That’s why it is cheaper every day to install such. These are controlled by a remote control or a pre-programmed system. Even the TV can turn on and off at certain times of the day. So you would not always have to look at your watch so you do not miss the right time for your movie.

At the touch of a button, all devices are operated at home

Smart Home devices new technologies z wave

This lighting system also includes the treatment of the windows. You have experienced big changes lately. You can insert different layers of film, which can regulate the passage of light and thus the room temperature. The permeability can even be adjusted via smart devices. This also applies to the insulation that the special glass films could offer. You could synchronize their darkness with turning on the TV! Great right?

This is the Sentri Smart Home security system

Smart Home Devices new technologies Sentri Smart Home Security System

Hide and see different details

You like to watch TV in the bedroom. When resting but this should be rather hidden. That’s why you already have special smart home devices that disappear into the wall when they are no longer needed. Then you have your seamless, great ambience to sleep again.

A modern home is a smart home

Smart home appliances and new technologies gadgets

Actually, the TV could also grow out of the bed frame …

Set the washing machine with the mobile phone

Smart Home appliances new technologies

Hive hub of BuLogics

Smart home appliances and new technologies BuLogics hive hub

Elegant design and innovative technology

high tech smart home appliances new technologies wifi

Cubic Voice Control

Smart Home Devices new technologies Cubic Voice controls

Solar chargers for your smartphone

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IKEA Kitchens – Why choose it?

Important facts about the IKEA kitchens

Do you have a large kitchen project and would like to realize it with IKEA furniture? Then you are right with us, because we have important things to tell you. IKEA furniture can be adapted to different interior designs and designs. But this only works perfectly if you are well versed in the character of this furniture and its potential.

We would like to give you some hints that you on the IKEA furniture to prepare. You will still have expectations when buying furniture and accordingly will not be disappointed.

The decisive criteria for the selection of IKEA kitchens

The criteria that usually make you decide on the IKEA kitchen are above all two. That’s the good price and the adaptable design.

IKEA kitchens – optimal ergonomics and perfect comfort

ikea kitchens light cabinets brick wall pendant lamps industrial style

The good price

At first glance, one is IKEA kitchen not the cheapest solution. There are also cheaper variants, but usually not in this quality. Even if other providers achieve the same quality of workmanship and materials, they still do not offer the second advantage: they have no modular or

adaptable character.

The modules of the IKEA kitchen

The IKEA cabinets are made entirely from individual modules. You can purchase these in many different variations and adapt them to your personal style and space. The kitchen cabinets and other key elements have a seamless appearance and are therefore well-informed even in the most modern furnishing style.

But is the made-to-measure kitchen not a better idea? Honestly – yes! This solution might prove cheaper and more practical in some circumstances. Especially if you have planned well in advance and do not need to modify anything further.

Stylish inspiration from IKEA for the small kitchen

ikea kitchens small kitchen set up white kitchen cabinets fronts dining table chalk paint wall

Sandstone slabs and MDF

Many of the IKEA kitchens are made of sandstone slabs and MDF. These are cheap solutions with a high quality. There is another alternative that is widely available: that is the plywood. However, it is doubtful that this more expensive solution is indeed worthwhile. In the opinion of many homeowners and designers, plywood has no better quality than the sandstone panels and MDF.

How complicated or simple is assembling the IKEA kitchen?

The modular IKEA kitchen is adaptable. But is that also uncomplicated? Do not we need professional help to build the IKEA kitchen? Yes, it may be that you can use help well. But everything is easier and cheaper than the other types of kitchens.

Straight lines and light wood

ikea kitchens white cabinets light wood fine grain

Other tips and tricks for IKEA kitchens

You can combine the IKEA kitchen modules with other front surfaces!

IKEA offers great solutions in terms of flexibility and modularity. The aesthetics are not for everyone. But it is possible to find other fronts for the IKEA kitchens that are more interesting and exciting.

Modern kitchen furniture with a retro touch

ikea kitchens cream white kitchen cabinets fronts kitchen island dining table

Wait for a clearance sale!

All IKEA kitchens will sell out after a while. They are only slowly losing their relevance. That’s why you’d better wait for these auspicious opportunities.

However, sometimes you have to wait longer for delivery due to increased demand.

Have you already had your own experience with IKEA kitchens? What opinions have you heard so far? Do they coincide with what has just been said? Would you like to add more tips and ideas?

Dark wood and industrial-style pendant lamps – a sophisticated combination for your kitchen

ikea kitchens dark wood veneer fronts pendant lights metal frosted wall decoration

Urban style in light tones and smooth textures

ikea kitchens cream white cabinets pendant lights industrial style white metrofiles

Minimalist design with wood heat

ikea kitchens veneer furniture cabinets light wood wine rack bar stool kitchen island

Choose the colors of the wood in peace

ikea kitchens veneer furniture cabinets cherry wood metal kitchen island

ikea kitchens wood veneer cabinets brightly straight lines

kitchens wooden fronts grain oak oak plaited storage baskets kitchen equipment

Dark woods also look very elegant

ikea kitchens light cabinets dark wood kitchen island bar stools

Or maybe you stand on gray and high gloss?

ikea kitchens light cabinets gray high gloss bar stools white kitchen island

The kitchen equipment in black and white remains of course the classic

ikea kitchens light cabinets white fronts matt silver kitchen island bar counter bar stool

Fresh accents in violet spice up the modern kitchen

ikea kitchens light cabinets white glossy kitchen island sink bar stools wood

Kitchen inspiration in country style

ikea kitchens kitchen cabinets white light gray wall tiles

ikea kitchens rustic kitchen furniture white cabinets wood

ikea kitchens kitchen cupboards showcase metro wall tiles round dining table plastic chairs

Spacious kitchen for your loft apartment

ikea kitchens metal matt plywood pendant lamps white kitchen cabinets

Neutral colors and Nordic clarity

ikea kitchens modern kitchen equipment white wall tiles kitchen island bar counter bar stools

Bright white and puristic flair

ikea kitchens modern kitchen white cabinets wooden table chairs

Put on the right, varied lighting

ikea kitchens modern furniture white anthracite dining table wooden chairs pendant lamp

Showcase cabinets are also right in your modern kitchen

ikea aküchen white fronts kitchen cabinets showcase built-in kitchen appliances

Subtle kitchen modules and fresh splashes of color

ikea kitchens white fronts pendant lights yellow

Experience simplicity and lightheartedness with IKEA

ikea kitchens white wall tiles open wall shelves folding chairs vanity unit white

And that’s what the kitchen of the future should look like

ikea kitchens futuristic kitchen design innovative metal fronts dining table chairs round baroque

Designer furniture in elegant black: A trend color as exciting as timeless

Black swallows too much light and makes a room look grim? But no! Black is the new trend color that can be used in every home and leads to surprising effects in the right mix of styles. Since the new trend color is black neutral, it can be wonderfully combined with other shades – from gaudy to subtle, from noble to fancy, all options are open to you.

designer furniture Copyright Vitra

The trend color black as a classic
A larger space flooded with daylight Walls in deep black give a fascinating structure and an almost tangible depth. Whether only one wall, two opposite or even all walls are designed in black, is entirely up to your personal taste. Combined with light furniture and home accessories, the space is uniquely harmonious yet dynamically designed.

designer furniture Copyright Diesel Living

If you want to live out the trend, use black furniture in dark rooms and create an exciting balance with a bright color. Complement the design dinette or the living room with highlights such as noble pendant lamps in an original design and decorate the walls with bold color accents. This results in wonderful contrasts – in terms of color and style, creating a whole new sense of space.

Especially in front of the dark base exciting effects can be achieved. Have courage and experiment, for example, with home accessories in bright colors. Colorful wall designs, picture frames and wall clocks in red or storage boxes in bright yellow attract attention and make the room look alive. Black sofa set with brightly colored cushions invite you to linger. The matching dining table made of stained wood shows its natural structure and can be effectively set in scene with colorful tablecloths.

designer furniture Copyright Vitra

Create an elegant ambience with the trendy color

Combinations of black with white and gray or with gold and silver tones not only create fascinating contrasts. This noble, subtle and yet high-quality color mix gives a room elegance and charisma. With a deep black stained shelf, a bright room gets depth; a black lounge chair in front of a white or anthracite-washed wall, combined with a stylish side table, creates a homely atmosphere.

designer furniture Copyright Vitra

Many nice decoration highlights are very individually applicable and spread stylish coziness. Particularly impressive are small wall shelves in black, which loosen up the room or set accents selectively.

designer furniture Copyright Vitra

Image sources: Vitra and Diesel Living