Longboard types and components – Basic Info

Basics on the Longboard Trend – Of Components and Board Types

As surfers equipped their surfboards with rollers to make the streets unsafe with their beloved water sports equipment, they certainly did not suspect the trend they triggered. But in the meantime, the original do-it-yourself idea for moving has developed into a distinctive boom: the Longboards ! Not only kids and teenagers cruise over the asphalt with it. More and more adults are discovering the hip skateboard alternative for themselves. But what does a longboard actually look like and what about the different forms? We have put together some of the most popular types and explain the structure roughly.

Longboard types and components Basic Info

The construction of longboards

The basic structure of the various longboards is always the same. They consist of a deck, axles and rollers. In the following, these three components will be briefly discussed:

• Deck The deck is the part of the board the boarder is standing on.

On the website http://www.longboardtest.org/ Not only does it compare longboards independently, it also provides essential information about the materials, the deck states: “Most boards are made of either horizontal wood or VLAM bamboo. VLAM means vertically laminated. “In addition, it adds:” The decks should be noted that not every type of wood has the same degree of hardness. “While maple wood produces relatively stiff boards, mahogany wood provides for softer models and therefore higher flex. Mahogany boards are so flexible. What kind of wood the deck is made of has a big impact on the driving experience. Often the respective wood is supplemented or coated with epoxy resin, fiberglass and other materials. There are massive differences in shape, length, width and shapes. These dimensions and properties decide what kind of longboard it is.

• Axes : The axles connect the rollers to the deck. On longboards, so-called “reverse king pin axes” and “standard king pin axes” are common. The axles must fit the deck width to provide sufficient stability, flexibility and driving pleasure.

• Roll : Longboard Wheels are sold in many sizes, widths and hardnesses. They have an influence on smoothness, traction, grip and slidability. The production is made with robust polyurethane.

Longboard types at a glance

Anyone who has already looked around in a skatershop or online, will quickly find that longboards sometimes look extremely different. In particular, this affects the deck. From relatively uniformly shaped designs to models with individual shapes, the spectrum ranges. We have researched eight types of board and have a brief explanation of who they are suitable for.

1. The cruiser

Of the type Cruiser There are three variants:

Longboard Cruiser These longboards are around 80 to 120 centimeters long, relatively wide, soft and very stable. If you are mainly in the city or on slightly sloping roads, this model is well-advised.
Freestyle Cruiser Also this cruiser board offers good cruise-ability, but is also suitable for freestyle tricks. If you want to combine cruises and tricks, you should take a closer look at this variant.
CityCruiser This board is the perfect city guide. A wide deck and a shorter surface, like the other two variants, make the Citycruiser more accessible for limited space in the city. At the same time, the board is very agile and can be used for tricks.

2. Drop Down

The deck at Drop down board tilts down and the axles are bolted from below. The boards are ideal for cruising due to the low center of gravity.

3. Top Mount

Top mount boards are sold very often and are among the most popular designs. The cornering is very good, so Sliden and carving makes it fun. The standard assembly of the axles is from below.

4. Drop Through

Drop Through refers to the mounting form of the axles. Unlike Drop Down and Top Mount, these are mounted on the board from the top of the drop through board. The key difference: the center of gravity of the entire longboard shifts, which makes the steering behavior different. With this board beginners get along well, but also professionals like to access Drop Through Board , Almost all driving techniques can be practiced with this practical all-rounder and even high speeds are no problem.

5. Double Drop

On Double Drop Longboard has a low center of gravity and a down-turned deck. While an axle is attached to the bottom of the board, the second axle is mounted through the deck. This longboarding brings a lot of stability and combines the advantages of drop through and drop down.

Longboard Types and Components Longboard Roll Basic Info

6. Slalom boards

Slalom boards are particularly well represented in Switzerland. The length is around 50 to 80 centimeters and is therefore similar to the skateboard. Narrow axes are far out here. Slalom boards are characterized by high flexibility, maneuverability and speed. They are predestined for both the city and the freestyle sector.

“Especially for drivers who are only occasionally with the board, the Slalomboard is very popular due to its maneuverability and transport-friendly size,” one adds in the blog below https://www.skatedeluxe.com In addition, a guide and shop around the topic of boarding.

7. Downhill Longboard

Downhill Longboards They are usually stiff, flat, offer maximum smoothness and are designed for high speed descents. But also wide curves can be driven with it. However, if narrow streets and tricks are to be completed, another model would be better suited.

8. The hybrid

hybrid boards can be compared with skateboards. They are just a bit bigger, relatively hard and ideal for pool rides, that means driving with boards in disused swimming pools, which is often used in America. Old school skateboarders and those who enjoy doing tricks will have fun with the hybrid.

How longboarding can look like in practice is shown by a longboarder in the following video:

Men’s fashion online – stylish clothing and shoes with the brand Otto Kern

Men’s fashion online – Deliver the good taste to your home

There is a rumor that men have an easy time dressing, because they are not so much spoiled for choice as we women … at least we often think so. When it comes to shoes, we are even pretty sure.

It is impressive, too few men like to go to town to buy shoes. Most choose the sporty-elegant line and buy several pairs at once, so they just do not have to shop soon again. Others have discovered the online shopping and are happy that they can get menswear and much more online.

The advantages of men’s fashion online at a glance

men's fashion online mens shoes beige

To reach the golden mean would be desirable, namely to be able to touch and try on the shoes and to order safely and conveniently online. You can not get good quality online, many would say, who have been in the same business for years and always seek professional advice. That may be true, but every rule has an exception, in our case the brand Otto Kern Men Shoes represents.


Valuable materials, good quality of men’s shoes

men's fashion online mens shoes

On the online portal of the designer Otto Kern, you will not only find excellent shoe quality, but also elegant and comfortable clothing that a fashion-conscious man appreciates. Related accessories and current looks and trends can also be found in the online catalog.

Balance between quality, price and model

men's fashion online mens shoes blue

In the production of the shoes, great importance is attached to good quality. Precious leather and suede are processed properly and provided with extra lightweight outsoles. In the design of the shoe models, attention is also paid to health values, such as the breathability of the shoe. Modern shoe design is meant for every taste. There is something suitable for every man, for the one who likes to drive his fast car and for the other, who prefers to walk.

The shoe for you

menswear online mens shoes mahogany

The Otto Kern shoes are universal and timeless. That makes them perfect for any target group, regardless of age and social status, and we proudly present this exclusive German designer.

So that the shoe never pushes

men's fashion online mens shoes brown

men's fashion online look2

men's fashion online look2

men's fashion online look5

Insurance check: Can you reduce your insurance costs?

Ideas to reduce insurance costs

Many people have these days set the goal to put some money on the side in order to meet the big dreams. Often, however, it is precisely the running costs that consume their own savings over and over again. Especially with insurance companies, subscriptions and Co., we are often unaware of the total amount of smaller amounts per month at the end. For this reason too, it is very important to take into account one or the other possibility with which the costs can be reduced.

insurance check

Insurance check Insurance costs reduce ideas

Which insurance makes sense?

Now it is not a successful way to reduce your own insurance to an absolute minimum, after all, there are quite a few policies that can be a real support in case of damage. However, due to the fact that many people are reluctant to deal with the issue, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to which insurance is really important and right. Again and again, there are also cases in which one and the same service is covered by two insurers, whereby the customer naturally expects additional financial burdens. Policies that cover the widest possible range of different insurance claims are therefore of particular interest, as a result of which the number of own contracts can be reduced. A good example of this is the comparison portal Verivox , which is currently enjoying great popularity.

Superfluous safeguards and cost traps

Of course, there are still some things like term life insurance, foreign travel health insurance or sickness allowance that provide some benefits. On the other hand, some people tend to add extra coverage for glasses or cell phones, which only costs unnecessary. On the other hand, there is the classic life insurance, which in the opinion of the experts is not necessarily worthwhile. In order to be able to reduce the costs, it also makes sense to regularly check the current hedges. If the circumstances of life change, for example if a shared flat is shared, a wedding is due, or the pension starts, some insurances may become unnecessary. This may also result in some options that can be used to save money.

Have you seen these Cameron Diaz films?

Do you know the ten best movies with Cameron Diaz?

Are you looking for new ideas for cozy movie nights at home? You also want to make sure that you find something that is really worth the time. Have you watched all the movies with Cameron Diaz? Below is a list of the best films from this actress. Maybe you have not looked at one or the other? Then now could be the perfect matter for it. Here are the ten films with Cameron Diaz which we think are the most worthwhile! We hope you enjoy watching!

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz

Actress Cameron Diaz films elegant in white

Do you know any Cameron Diaz movies?

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz films

On the red carpet

Actress Cameron Diaz films on the red carpet

Stunning in a sexy red dress

Actress Cameron Diaz films red dress

Last Supper – The Last Supper

The political satire is not very well represented in American film production in recent years. But it has not always been that way and movies like The Executioner’s Day prove it. Besides Cameron Diaz, you’ll also experience the masterful game of Ron Eldard and Annabeth Gish here. It’s about a World Rescue campaign that includes poisoning Conservative guests at dinner as a strategy.

Neither the victims nor the perpetrators are sympathetic. It shows how sometimes similar energetic world rescuers and their counterparts can be like each other.

Cameron Diaz Movies: The Last Supper

Actress Cameron Diaz Filmethe last supper 1999 black and white

3 Angels for Charlie (Original Title: Charlie’s Angels)

This is probably one of the most famous movies with Cameron Diaz. It’s about a film production based on the movie series that became famous in the 70s. In addition to Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu will participate in this movie. It’s an action movie in which Cameron Diaz takes the role of a test pilot. The attractive Kung Fu scenes are combined with humorous and romantic ones. Everything a little more modern and dynamic than the original.

The 3 Fishing – Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

Cameron Diaz films charlies angels collection

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Is there someone who does not know My Best Friend’s Wedding? That was an absolute success, after a long period of relatively weak films with Cameran Diaz. The movie has shown her talent for comedy. Here she plays together with Julia Roberts, who represents the best friend of her fiancé. The latter is suddenly plagued by fears that she could lose the best man for herself.

Next to Julia Roberts in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding

Cameron Diaz Movies My Best Friends Wedding

In my sister’s shoes (original title: In Her Shoes)

Based on the book by Jennifer Weiner, this film is one of the most successful film productions with Cameron Diaz. After a long separation two sisters live together again and they remember very quickly what has kept them apart for so long.

The following scenes are instructive for those who have already stuck in such a situation.

The stars are Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette

Cameron Diaz films in my sister's shoes

Gangs of New York

Do you know this movie with Cameron Diaz? He is by Martin Scorsese and has a historical subject. It shows the drama of the huge battles that were common in nineteenth-century New York. Diaz does not play the lead role, but she proves her talent alongside many well-known actors like DiCaprio, Day-Lewis and Henry Thomas.

Gangs of New York

Cameron Diaz Movies gangs of new york

With her film partner Leonardo Di Caprio

Cameron Diaz films gangs of new york Leonardo Di Caprio

The mask

That was not the biggest and most demanding role of Cameron Diaz. At the same time, this is an unforgettable performance. This is also one of her first films. At the time she was new to the film industry and she did not even speak the pronunciation. But the criticism was so good that this film certainly provided a wonderful basis for her future career.

The Mask (1994) – one of the first films by Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Movies The Mask Cover

Crazy for Mary (There’s Something About Mary)

Anyone seriously interested in movies already knew Cameron Diaz very well at the time. But others might have missed this 1998 movie production. It is up to date and funny enough to be watched now. According to many critics, the direction was not so strong and it was above all the performance of Diaz. which makes up the movie. So, in the end, everyone goes crazy about Mary!

Cameron Diaz in the movie comedy Crazy for Mary

Cameron Diaz Movies Crazy for Mary

Shrek – The daring hero 1 and 2

Cameron Diaz was also part of the actor team, which provided by their voices for the great success of the cinema adaptation of the book by William Steig.

Cameron Diaz is the voice behind Princess Fiona and thus had one of the leading roles. We think that there are no two opinions that she could emphasize the depth and drama in the character of the princess by her intonation and grimaces!

In the movie Shrek, Cameron Diaz is the voice behind Princess Fiona

Cameron Diaz Movies Shrek The daring hero

Being John Malkovich

We think this one is the best of all Cameron Diaz’s films. She has participated in many dramas and comedies. Being John Malkovich is one of those movies that are virtually incomparable to other movies.

Our favorite: Being John Malkovich

Cameron Diaz Films being John Malkovich 1999

Diaz himself is hardly recognizable. She wears brown hair and has a miserable appearance. She plays the role of the unlucky wife, Lotte, of the equally miserable John Cusack. He’s a puppeteer who finds a secret door to the head of John Malkovich. That makes for a big mess in their lives.

Do not you still know all the movies with Cameron Diaz? Then you can choose one for your next movie night?

Another top movie with Cameron Diaz – super cute and super sexy

Cameron Diaz Films The Sweetest Thing 2002

Jazz music speaks a universal language and knows no boundaries

Jazz music as an avant-garde lifestyle

“For more than a century, jazz music has given thousands of people all over the world the opportunity to express themselves freely through the spirited rhythm and guarantees them a certain freedom of expression in this sense. There is no doubt that jazz is a true cultural ambassador and gives all its important doctrines to all around the world – this music values ​​diversity and diversity, promotes ethics and honesty, expresses innovative ideas in an emotional way and insists that everyone be responsible for takes his own actions. Jazz is a kind of music about human evolution and years of accumulated experience! “Over time, jazz became a symbol of freedom, a distinctive lifestyle for many artists and intellectuals; a real cult developed around jazz music! Each of us enjoys living in a jazz world where everyone works together and improvises without being limited and ashamed, following their own instincts and openly acknowledging their fears.

The emergence and development of jazz music through the decades

In 1808, about half a million slaves were deported from Africa to the United States – the Africans brought their traditional folk music, specific dances and characteristic instruments to their new home. In New Orleans, New York and New England, regular musical festivals were held until 1843 where they performed typical African melodies – but the monotonous music did not fit European understandings of harmony and harmony. Over time, the African Americans learned to play the violin, the European performers began at the same time to include in their musical works various elements of the African rhythms and intertwine them. However, jazz had its actual development and distribution in the 20s and 30s. The older generation saw jazz, first, as an immoral musical genre and, consequently, as a danger and a threat to spiritual values ​​and customs deeply rooted in customs; Jazz was considered a strange musical vice, the origin of which was due to the conversations organized in the brothels.

The jazz music gradually found recognition in Europe – regardless of origin, religion and skin color all played along

jazz music from the beginning until today

Swing was born in the 1930s, and at the same time jazz gained recognition in Europe and, over time, became more and more important – especially in France and Belgium. Ten years later, a new style of jazz music emerged, the s.g. Bibop, which was characterized by a touch of improvisation and abstractness.

In the 60s and 70s, Brazilian and Cuban jazz were also made famous, bossa nova and samba merged into a whole in the Afro-Cuban beats.

Jazz music: Back to home – the best jazz festivals in the US

jazz music new orelans show

Every year, different jazz festivals take place worldwide, and throughout the year the United States celebrates the drive and energy of this kind of music. From April 28 to May 7, 2017, jazz fans gather at the birthplace of jazz – New Orleans to enjoy a unique musical experience. For the first time, the festival was held in 1970, but its concept has not changed until today – more than 12 stages unfold their potential for both well-known jazz musicians and amateurs, revealing the diversity and dynamism of this genre and making it accessible to the general public accessible. The rich program includes many styles – pop, rock, gospel, jazz, R & B, Latin American and Caribbean music. It is worth to experience the swing of the biggest swing and jazz classics!

One of the greatest jazz singers of all time at the Newport Jazz Festival

jazz music jazz festival newport

From 4 to 6 August 2017 you have the exclusive opportunity to become part of the oldest jazz event in the USA! The world-class jazz at the Newport Jazz Festival leaves everyone in the spirited jazz world. Although the long tradition of this festival has been interrupted a few times since 1954 and the show has been down through the decades, the event remains at the top of the list of jazz festivals worldwide! Here are some of the most famous musicians in jazz history: Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane and Miles Davis. Spectacular jazz events and entertaining festivals are waiting for you in America!

Jazz enjoys a great deal of interest in Europe

jazz music copenhagen festival

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is from 7 to 16 July 2017 welcome ! Sonny Rollins (an American tenor saxophonist and jazz composer), whose words have been inspiring jazz fans since 1979 to this day, played in the first performance: “Everything could be expressed through jazz music and improvisation, because this is the highest Form of music! The jazz pretty much resembles the days and the weather forecast. Today it is cloudy, tomorrow the sun will shine. That’s jazz. You never know what exactly will happen. “Since then, the festival attracts more than 250,000 guests annually and is one of the most visited and important jazz events in Europe. At the end of this year, Dresden will enchant residents and city visitors, as the period from 3rd to 12th November is entirely devoted to jazz music. The city invites you to the 17th Jazz Event Dresden Jazztage on and promises you a lot of dance, music and fun with world-famous musicians and local artists!

If you love jazz music and always like to hear, then you will find in the Hauptstraße 89, 12159 Berlin Zig Zag Jazz Club . its authentic jazz ambience (it’s not just about the music, but also about the furnishings) puts you in a magical world. Just come and enjoy a unique jazz show!

The Copenhagen Jazz Festival – the whole world is involved

copenhagen jazz music play

Jazz music simply knows no boundaries!

jazz music no limits

What helps against sunburn? – Optimal sun protection for your skin

What helps against sunburn?

The more beautiful the weather, the more free time we spend outdoors, and that’s a pleasure. Slowly, the coming summer can be felt and the anticipation increases with every other sunny day. Now we are on the verge of enjoying the sun with all our senses, that we completely forget the sunscreen. But that must not be! The sun can bring a big smile to our faces, but it is by no means harmless. Unfortunately, we realize that much too late, when the skin is already reddening.

To prevent sunburn, you should take the topic of “sunscreen” seriously and observe a few basic rules. So you will soak up the sun and at the same time protect your skin from premature aging and sunburn …

Some important tips for optimal sun protection

What helps against sunburn UV radiation protection

If you want to be well protected from the sun, then remember the following: The sun is burning! Whether you drink your morning coffee on the balcony, walk the streets or in the park, camp in the mountains or lie on the beach – in all these cases you need a suitable sunscreen.

So do not underestimate the UV rays and “equip” yourself!

The following items are not just summer accessories, but your weapons on sunny days:

∴ Sun hat

∴ sunglasses

∴ sunscreen

Pack the suitcase for your summer vacation, you must not forget any of your weapons. Enjoy the sun sensibly and avoid the “burning ball” at lunchtime, when the UV radiation is strongest.

Always have sunscreen in the beach bag

What helps against sunburn Summer vacation Sunscreen Beach

In fact, the skin is not completely defenseless against the sun. You probably know that there are 4 skin types that are different prone to one sunburn are. Depending on the skin type, the self-protection time of the skin lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. Basically – the lighter your skin is, the less sunscreen you have.

The length of the sun bath depends on your skin type and the intensity of the sun

What helps against sunburn sunscreen test remedies for sunburn

Apply cream with unprotected skin with sunscreen

The right sun protection factor (SPF) for you is directly related to your skin type ( Skin type test ). Light skin types need a higher sun protection factor (SPF 30 or 50). For dark skin types, a low sun protection factor (SPF 20 or 10) is sufficient. These numerical values ​​indicate the respective protection against UV-B radiation, which is responsible for a sunburn. However, the UV-A radiation triggers long-term damage to the skin such as skin aging and skin cancer. Therefore, pay attention to the UV-A logo, which can be found in the form of a circle on the sunscreen products. The UV-A protection factor should be about one third of the UV-B protection factor.

Which sunscreen is there?

To provide optimal sun protection for all skin types, the market offers a great variety of sunscreen , Depending on your own preferences, you can choose one of the following products:

∴ Sunscreen – the high fat content in the cream provides a very effective sunscreen

∴ Sun Milk – nourishes the skin very well

∴ Gel – contains little fat and therefore it is very suitable for oily skin

∴ Spray – spreads easily on the skin

Be generous when applying the selected sunscreen and do not forget to cream over and over again

What Helps Against Sunburn Sunscreen Products Sunscreen Test

Please don’t forget the sun hat!

Without a sunhat, it can be dangerous for you in summer and especially on the beach. With a straw hat you are already well armed and even better protected from UV radiation.

Also make sure that the UV radiation is not only harmful to the skin, but also to the hair. With a suitable UV spray you can protect your hair from the sun and the salty sea water.

With a straw hat on your head you are well protected from the sun

What helps against sunburn Do not forget sun hat

The sunglasses are not just a fancy fashion accessory

Just like skin and hair, your eyes need special protection. Vanity does not matter. UV light not only causes wrinkles but is also extremely harmful to the health of your eyes.

The bigger and darker the glasses, the more protected your eyes are

What helps against sunburn sunglasses UV rays protection eyes

Sun protection for the whole family

In the case of the children, the protective mechanisms of the skin are not yet fully developed and therefore the skin of the child reacts particularly sensitively to the UV radiation. Nevertheless, children spend much more time in the sun than adults and accordingly, they need a special sunscreen. Grease the sensitive skin of children with a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF 50), which also protects against UVA radiation. Special children’s creams are waterproof, moisturizing and without perfume and preservatives.

Babies and one-year-old children should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Protect your little ones with special UV protective clothing and leave them only for a short time in the sun and not at lunchtime!

Childhood sunburns increase the risk of skin cancer later

What Helps Against Sunburn Summer Vacation Sunscreen Children

Holiday with dog – practical tips for great trips with your four-legged friend

The holiday season is still in full swing. Yes, traveling is a lot of fun, but what can you do if you have a dog at home? Can we take our four-legged friend on vacation? Are you facing the same dilemma shortly before your planned trip? We have prepared practical tips for you to help you spend a great holiday with your dog. There are also activities planned for your pet so that he feels really great. But the most important thing is to think about small details in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises. For example, if you want or need to drive for hours, you have to have a big enough car (or rent one). The goal is yes, that your house favorite gets enough space in the car. What can you prepare before your trip, keep it at hand while you are on the road and do it at your holiday destination, we’ll tell you right away!

Animal good – spend a great holiday with your dog!

holiday with dog the dog must feel comfortable in the car

Practical tips for your travel preparation with a dog

Brush the dog before departure and comb out excess hair so it will not be left in the car. You should then remove this and then clean the car. This may seem like a triviality now, but from a practical point of view, it is important and will save you extra work after your arrival at the resort.

Holiday preparations are the nuts and bolts of any good holiday with a dog

holiday with dog preparing for the journey

Before the trip you still have to make sure your four-legged friend has a passport. This document includes his name, race, age and mobile number and address. This information must also be in the collar of the dog stuck and used in an emergency, if the four-legged possibly lost at the resort. In recent years, many owners have opted for microchip identification. This is undoubtedly a better option, because collars can easily come off. A chip is placed under the skin of your house favorite and stays there all his life. Safe and reliable.

With a built-in microchip, nothing bad can happen to your pet

vacation with dog to visit a city

Before traveling with a dog on vacation, it is recommended that you take your health data from the vet. So you can prove everywhere (if necessary) that your four-legged friend has all the vaccinations. Including a vaccination against kennel cough. This is a highly contagious upper respiratory tract infection that spreads rapidly.

Extra tip: Take some photos of your dog. It is unlikely that he will lose on vacation, but who knows …. Accidents happen. That your house darling escapes from the car or hotel room at the resort, is just as terrible for the animal and as for his master. Recent photos of the dog will help you and other people to find the four-legged friend again.

Take current photos of your dog on vacation

travel and vacation on vacation with the dog driving

Clever tips for the trip with dog

Currently, you can find a variety of travel accessories for dogs in the trade – from the simple transport box on car travel cot to the folding ramp. These small and / or large extras allow you to travel safely and comfortably with your pet. Special dishes for dog food and drinking water must also be provided. It would be best if you stay with the same feeding plan during the journey as usual at home. Do not forget to give your dog enough water on hot summer days and keep it well hydrated. He needs more water in the summer heat! You’ll be forced to take a short break every few hours during a long drive. This is a very practical tip for any holiday traveler with a dog. Hold the car at a grassy rest area and take a short walk with the dog. Your pet darling will consume some energy, which is a must for him.

Short stay and walk in the lawn are necessary for dog and owner

vacation with dog to make small breaks during the trip

Useful tips for a good holiday with a dog

As soon as you arrive at the resort, you will have other worries if you have not planned everything in advance. Let’s start with the most important tip: only get off at pet-friendly hotels! There is no extra charge for the four-legged friends in principle. However, there could be restrictions on the number of dogs allowed, their size and weight. So before you make a hotel reservation, check in detail online what is allowed in the hotel and what is not. It is best to call the hotel of your choice in which you would like to stay during the holiday to inquire that dogs are allowed there. In the phone call you can get additional information about certain restrictions or additional charges.

Only get off at pet-friendly hotels!

travel and vacation with the dog in a pet-friendly hotel

Dine in pet-friendly restaurants. Look for restaurants (usually with sun terraces or other outdoor area!) Where it is allowed to bring the dog. Before you drive away, research online the pet-friendly restaurants and bars in your resort and make a list of such places. Yes, but the holiday is not only good to eat and sleep comfortably. Therefore, think of interesting leisure activities that you can do with your four-legged friends. Running, playing ball, swimming and much more can be done on vacation with your furry friend. On the spot you will come up with new ideas!

Extra tip: And last but not least, our special advice! Clean up after your dog! Obtain enough dog waste bags and bags in advance. So nothing could go wrong on vacation.

Just follow our tips and you will spend a wonderful holiday with your dog! We want to wish that to you!

Traveling and vacationing with the dog Leisure activities with the pet

travel and vacation with the dog drink enough water

Traveling and vacationing with the dog Nice ideas for leisure

holiday with dog spend beautiful moments with the house favorite

holiday with dog exciting experiences with the pet

holiday with dog to prepare the pet for the journey

99 exclusive watch brands for men with style

Some of the best watch brands for men from A to Z

Would you like to know what the well-known watch brands and the trends for 2016 offer? If so, then stay with us, because we have created a great alphabetical overview for you. Here you will find Wristwatches of the highest quality , All are made of precious materials and with great attention to detail. There is something for everyone. See for yourself!

Of course, you can also attach your desired watch directly, for example Valmano or Crist to order.

A. Lange

watch men's watches men's watches long AND sons

source: bond watches

Almost two centuries have passed since the founding of this watch brand. More precisely, it is 170 years. At that time, at the very beginning, the first workshop was built. Recently, the company opened a new one and launched a special model for the occasion.

It’s about the model Lange 1. This watch is a bit more accessible than many men’s watches before. The present model is the first major renewal of the brand since 1994. At that time one created a line of hand watches with narrower bezel and index


watch men's watches men's watches alpina

Next, in our list, we present the good watch brand Alpina. The big news this year is the current model with timepiece instruments. The technology used here is almost the same as that of Frederique Constant.

Audemars Piguet

watch men's watches mens watches audemars piguet

Let’s continue with the watch brand AudemarsPiguet. This brand is known for its long-standing innovations in the field of watches with minute strike. You have already gained 150 years of experience. The latest in this field is Royal OakConcept RD1. This watch was created after a long collaboration with a silk manufacturer.

Unfortunately, RD1 is not for sale. However, there are many fabulous models of the brand that show just as good quality.

Ball Watch Company

watch men watches mens watches ball watch co

Do you like clocks that glow in the dark? Ball Watch Co has a number of such in their collections. If you are a true fan of this technology, we recommend you to have a close look at the following models: Engineer II Volcan and Engineer Hydrocarbon GMT. They show an illuminated, sapphire-covered surround.

Baume & Mercier

watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Baume and Mercier

These fans find especially these fans of luxury men’s watches fascinating, who really enjoy the moment. Because these people have the strength to perform well. The fact that this watch brand fits exactly to such persons, also proves the following fact: The best students of the London Business School are honored with a clock of this brand.

Bell & Ross

watch men's watches men's watches Swiss watches Bell and Ross

Do you already know this watch brand? Do you already have a rectangular appearance in mind? In the current collection of Bell & Ross, however, you will find many conventional round models.

Furthermore, there are several models with vintage flair available.


watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Blancpain

This brand is known among the good watch brands for its great diving watches. Part of the company’s profit will be invested in projects for environmental protection and in particular for research in the field of oceanology.


watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Boss

Also this year Hugo Boss has created some good men’s watches for the competition GQ MenOf The Year Awards. This time, these are elegant timepieces combined with a ceramic shell.


watch men watches mens watches swiss watches Braun

Braun also remains very practical and effective in the watchmaking industry. This year, the uncompromising quality is unmistakable, even on the smallest details of the models. Take a closer look at the Braun Classic model.


watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Breguet

Breguet is our next selection for the list of good watch brands. Particularly striking for us were some special new details on the 2016 models. the tourbillon bridges and the titanium base plates.


watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Breitling

A key feature of this year’s collection is a pilot’s watch model with a digital analogue display. You can sync this from your smartphone. All you need is a special application.


watch men watches mens watches swiss timepieces Bremont

Bremont opened a new boutique in New York, bringing many new models to market. Currently, the Jaguar and Boeing collections, as well as the watches, which are dedicated to the topic America’s Cup continue.


watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Bulova

On its 140th anniversary, the American-Swiss watch manufacturer Bulova returned to its American roots. The brand resumed its headquarters in the Empire State Building. This happens, although the fire has been owned by Japanese company Citizen for some time. The return to the American style is also experienced in the design of the current models.


watch men's watches men's watches swiss watches Bvlgari

Distinctive to the current models of Bulgari are the ring-shaped case the wrist and the super innovative technologies that are used in the manufacture of Bulgari watches. For the development of the latter one worked with the specialists in the field of data protection – WISeKey. Within a cryptographic chip you save all personal data. You can also connect to your own smartphone.


watch brands men watches swiss watches Burberry

Here is the last brand of good watch brands for men starting with the letter B, which we would like to introduce to you. It’s about Burberry. Did you know that in this company the managing director and the head of the design department are one and the same person? This is Christopher Bailey. He is a talented artist and manager who earns more than 8 million a year. If you look at the current models of men’s watches from the company Burberry, it is no wonder that this is so.


watch brands casio men lifestyle

First, we will introduce you to the Japanese luxury brand Casio. This year, the model Dual Dial World Time with its modern Bluetooth technology is striking. Since the synchronization via your smartphone is possible. This is just one of the many elegant models that are at the same time in line with the latest technologies.


watch brands cartier men lifestyle

Cartier impresses with some models that carry an unforgettable, somehow even mystic character. This year, the masculine version of the fashionable ladies’ watch Ballon Bleu, whose index is covered with bright diamonds, is taken as an example.


watch brands certina luxurious mens watches

Certina extends the popular chronographic line DS. We experience the already well-known models Action, Eagle and Podium in a completely new, modern version. In addition to the more modern design, these watches also show an improved security system.


watch brands chanel men lifestyle

If you represent the good watch brands, you can not get past Chanel. We find the new version of the Boy.Friend model with its more conspicuous appearance very convincing.

This is something for the particularly vain gentlemen.


watch brands chaumet men's watches lifestyle fashion trends

There is talk of one of the universal good watch brands! Take a look at the illustrated models. It can not be that you do not like it.


watch brands chopard luxurious mens watches

Chopard launches new models created in partnership with Porsche Motorsport. And thanks to the new series of driver’s watches Mille Miglia GTS, the company has become one of the biggest sponsors of the Mille Miglia Rallye.

Christopher Ward

watch brands christopher was luxurious lifestyle

All you have to do is look at the models of this watch brand to see that it is a British brand. The high class of all products will be maintained this year, although the products are now offered at a much lower price.


mens watches citizen watch brands fashion trends men

Citizens designers love the military style and they also offer many new fascinating models in military look. Impressive example in this context is the limited series Royal Marines Commandos, which has over 1000 copies.


men's watches corum watch men lifestyle

Corum is a young brand among the good watch manufacturers. The company Corum has prevailed through the creative nature of their models. They have numerous elegant men’s watches models, which were fascinated by the radiator masks of Rolls-Roy.

But maybe you will like the minimalist model Golden Bridge?


men's watches cyrus trends wristwatches men

Let’s continue with the young watch brands. Because Cyrus is a positive example. It was founded five years ago by the brothers Laurent and Julien LeCamp. The fire was named after the founder of the Persian Empire. One also refers to it in the design of the watches. For each individual model, a Persian coin has been used as a model.


dior watch men's watches men's watches

Chiffre Rouge from Dior has been on the market for more than ten years. These models have already reached a very high quality level. Even the latest Dior models are clearly in the category of men’s watches of the highest class.

De Grisogono

de grisogono watch men's watches men

Behind the success of this brand stands above all a distinctive person and that is Fawaz Gruosi. His company was established in 1993. The founder set a very interesting strategy: He made watch models with the then not particularly modern black diamonds. This design immediately appeared as original and unique and secured the brand a worthy place among the best watch brands.


diesel watches men watches men

Is the size of a watch important to you? If yes, then use diesel. The models are big in style and dimensions.


Dietrich watches men men watches men

Did you miss the name of this brand? Maybe it’s because he’s not that new either. The fire was founded by French designer Emmanuel Dietrich. He has been working in the production of branded watches for a long time. He has also worked for the famous brands Hermes and Luis Vuitton.


ebel wristwatches watch men's watches

In recent years, the designers of Ebel were focused on the production of beautiful ladies’ watches. The men were slightly neglected. Let’s see if this has changed at the moment …

Emporio Armani

emporio armani watches men watch men's watches

The most expensive models of this watch brand are distinguished from the others by their Swiss style. This Italian brand currently offers Bold Motion series with exclusive men’s watches. They include, among others, some models with quartz drive.


Fiyta Uhrenmarkan Men's Fashion Men's Watches

We start with the fascinating Chinese brand Fiyta. It was founded in Shenzhen more than 20 years ago. The latest models have the super current program R & D. The watches are offered in more than 1000 stores in Asia and 25 countries outside of this continent.

FP Journe

FP Journe Watch Brands Mens Fashion Mens Wristwatches

Would you like to make a one-time and exciting investment? The watches of the brand FP Journe are a good opportunity for that. With the colored version, many of the models are absolutely valuable pieces that are certainly worthy of the finest collections.


Fossil watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

Here comes a familiar name for the fans of good watch brands. The Fossil models have a massive, classic appearance. They are also attractively priced and more widely available compared to many other brands.

Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

Do you know the men’s watches from Ferrari? If you have a car of this brand and you are looking for a matching watch, then choose Hubolt. The logo of the dancing horse also fits Scuderia Ferrari, which comes from the world famous and powerful company Movado.

Frederique Constant

Frdrique Constant watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

We came to Frdrique Constant in relation to the watchmaker Alpina in our first article on this subject. Even under his name there are many smart models that can be synchronized via mobile phone.

These models were developed in collaboration with Fullpower. This is a company that also works with Nike and Apple.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

Georg Jensen does not work exclusively in the exclusive sector, but he has many good models in this area as well. A wonderful example of this is the stylish model in Scandinavian style Henning Koppel.


Girard Perregaux watch brands Men's Fashion Men's Watches

Girard-Perregaux is one of the good watch brands that continues to enrich our lives with vintage models. The Girard-Perregaux designers continue to rely on the XXL size.

Graham 1695

Graham 1695 watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

The brand was founded to create a model dedicated to watchmaker George Graham. The appearance is elegant, but at the same time it gives way to the very official impression.


Graff watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

The first model of this good watch brand is called Baselworld. Already with this men’s watch it became clear that it is an important supplier. The current models prove that this was successful.


Gucci watch brands mens fashion men's wristwatches

What about a stylish and voice-controlled smart watch? There are a number of such models from the well-known Gucci brand.

Guess / GC

Guess GC watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

Some of the new models were created in cooperation with Martian Watches of California. You have here microphone and speakers, which can be controlled by your own voice.


Hamilton Watch Brands Mens Fashion Mens Wrist Watches

Do you know what Hamilton offered last year? On the occasion of the 80th year since the birth of Elvis, a model dedicated to him has been created. Elvis80 was characterized by a quartz drive.

This men’s watch differs from the electrically controlled Ventura models by its mechanism. The models, however, show many similarities in style, where you can see many similarities.

Harry Winson

Harry Winson watch brands mens fashion men's wristwatches

Are you impatient to hear the news in the Harry Winston Opus series? There is something great for you on the market!


Hermes watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

Hermes watches are known for their seemingly delicate and appealing materials. Leather, silk, glass and ceramics are used here. The success of these watches is not just in it. He can also be explained by the seriousness with which Hermes perceives the production of watches. The company has its own manufacturer of dials and watch cases.


Hublot watch brands mens fashion men's wristwatches

Few are the models that have achieved the popularity of Hublot’s Big Bang design. It was launched by the genius Jean-Claude Biver and is still up to date in the market.

H Moser

H Moser Watch Brands Mens Fashion Mens Wrist Watches

H Moser is a testament to how far the small watch manufacturers can bring with appropriate marketing strategies and original products with the best quality. And also that Swiss style watches are almost always a guarantee of success.


IWC watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

IWC chooses a distinctive theme for its luxury watches every year. This year, they represented themselves through the luxury pilot’s watches.


Jaeger LeCoultre watch brands men's fashion men's wristwatches

Even Jaeger-LeCoultre manages time and again to stay at the top of popularity through well-selected topics. Do you already know the heavenly and astronomical inspired series? It came on the market in 2015. In this collection of exclusive men’s watches, you created a contrast in your own style through sober restrained models. Immediately the variety in the forms is noticeable. There are classic round and rectangular unusual shapes. The dimensions are also very different.

Jean Richard

Jean Richard watch brands mens fashion men's wristwatches

Here is another watch brand that deserves your attention. They were named after the self-trained 17th century clockmaker: Daniel JeanRichard.

This American watch brand was recognized by President Obama. Can there be better evidence of the best quality?


Junghans Uhrenmarkan Men's Fashion Men's Watches

This watch brand has been around since 1861. This is currently the largest manufacturer in Germany. It is characterized not only by its classic style, but also by the perfectly functioning electronics and smart mechanisms.

Lars Larsen watch luxury watches lars larsen round dial black red

The first brand on our list is called Lars Larsen. The person after whom the clocks were called was an old fur seal. The Dane was a captain on a ship named Agnes Louise. In his spare time, he worked in watchmaking and created models that could withstand the bad weather conditions.

The brand and the current company Lars Larsen was developed by his grandson.

Larsson & Jennings

watch luxury watches men gold leather round dial

At Larsson & Jennings, Scandinavian minimalism meets British upscale style. The international company sells watches of the best quality at relatively low prices.

Linde Werdelin

watch brands mens watches futuristic design titan

We continue with a fire based in London. Linde Werdelin is currently in cooperation with the demanding Danish company Frmandskorpset. Together they have created the model Octopus Frogman, which is characterized by its watch case made of titanium.

Louis Vuitton

watch brands mens mark colorful dial round leather stainless steel

In recent years Louis Vuitton has many new models associated with sporting events and accordingly designed in a sporty style. Perhaps this is the most appropriate for you.


watch marks men's leather steel round dial longines

Longines impresses with its historical models. The designers of this world-famous brand always seem to find great role models in the archives. Anyway, the current models are also fascinated by good old models.

Links Of London

watch brands mens luxury black dial leather bracelet links of london

The striking look of these men’s watches should not be confused. Here are their own ideas of this brand realized, which are also combined with details of the brands Marc Newson and Louis Vuitton.


watch brands mens luxury brands luminox gumiband round dial

Many watch brands achieve the business look. But there are few who show a rough, military style. This is the case with Luminox in the latest collections. Last year, the brand celebrated 25 years since its founding.


car brands mens luxury brand movado modern design round dial black leather

Achille Ditesheim was only 19 when he founded the company. That happened in 1881. At that time the company was called La Chaux-de-Fonds. Later it was renamed Movadop.

The most famous model dates from 1947, it was created by Nathan George Horwitt and is already a museum exhibit.

It is located in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Michael Kors

watch brands mens luxury brand michael kors titan round dial

Maybe you know that Michael Kors is also a fashion company? Yes, it is also a watch manufacturer. And the brand already has more than 5 trillion models sold. They can be found in all price ranges.

Maurice Lacroix

watch brands mens luxury accessories black bracelet maurice lacroix

Maurice Lacroix has completely relied on the success of the Pontos S chronographic series. So far, all models of this series are successful. The sporty water-resistant models are some of the best of their kind on the market.

MB & F

watch brands luxury mens genuine leather mb f

Last year MB & F celebrated its 10th anniversary, a big anniversary since the company was founded. For this occasion, a special robot clock has been created. It is called Melchior and was designed in collaboration with the specialist in watchmaking L’Epe. The price of such an exclusive watch is $ 25,000.


watch marks mondaine round dial genuine leather stainless steel

This watch brand is best known for the models from the SBB Swiss Railways series. Furthermore, Helvetica No1 Bold and MotionX are also very popular and in demand. Almost all new models incorporate the most innovative smart technologies.


watch brands mens luxury brand genuine leather wristwatch stainless steel montblanc

Montblanc is the leader among smart watch manufacturers. All the more impressive is it that the classic look is not lost.


mens watches nixon wristwatches men lifestyle

Sophistication and robust character. Only the most gifted designers of men’s watches can reconcile Nixon. Furthermore, several models fit many different sporty looks and are suitable for extreme conditions.


mens watches nomos men's wristwatches stylish

These watches show how the Germans interpret minimalism. The capture is very thin and almost floating. The model Caliber DUW 3001 is an excellent example of this.


mens watches omega men wristwatches

Omega watches have been advertised in one of Bond’s last movies. It’s about the model Seamaster 300 Specter – a new version of the not less known Seamaster Aqua Terra.


mens watches oris men wristwatches lifestyle

Many good watch manufacturers make a big deal out of producing some of the watch parts and mechanisms in-house. They also give an extra charge for it. This is not the case with Oris. Despite the mechanisms created in-house and the limited editions, the prices of this brand are relatively reasonable.

Parmigiani Fleurier

watch brands men wristwatches parmigiani fleurier

Veyron is the clock with which the existence of these watch brands began in 2004. This is a very expensive and unique model. It was created in cooperation with the Autobatt Bugatti, which came back to the market at this time after a certain break. The then launched Veyron series is still available for purchase. Some specimens have a high collection value.

Porsche Design

watch brands men wristwatches porsche design

Porsche Design established itself in the market thanks to strategic partnerships. Between 1995 and 2011 the cooperation with Eterna took place. Then she was killed. Citychamp is the new and much more powerful partner of Porsche Design.

From both stages have remained distinctive watch models, which will certainly remain current for a long time.


watch brands men piaget lifestyle fashion trends

Let’s start the portrayal of this good watch brand and their male models with a bit of history. It is said that the Cuban refugee Gerry Grinberg played a big role in this. He was the first to come up with the idea that the clocks could represent a status symbol. Piaget is again one of the people who established this thinking. He had used a very simple strategy when selling the Sixties models: he simply said they were the most expensive ones on the market.


men's watches panerai luxurious exclusive lifestyle

This brand belongs to the first watch made of carbon fiber. It was even named after this innovation: Carbotech. Other well-known historical models of the same brand are 1950 Luminor Submersible, Radiomir Firenze and Radiomir 1940 EquationOf Time.


Rotary watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

The brand was established by the eponymous Chinese company, which is the same size as Corum and Eterna. Rotary offers reliable and reliable watch brands at very good prices. The range of designs is very large. There are also a number of top models in the current series. They have very good mechanisms with quartz drives, but their prices are affordable!


Rado Uhrenmarkan Men's Luxury Watches Men's wristwatches

No brand seems so eager to emphasize the Swiss character of the designs. This comes in the new range of ceramic clocks in brown nuances very much to advantage.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Uhrenmarkan Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

The style of Ralph Lauren is characterized by the love of nature and wildlife. This is especially popular with the popular and popular safari line.

88 Rue Du Rhone

88 Rue Du Rhone watch brands Men's wristwatch red

This young watch brand exists since 2012. It was founded by Elie and Pierre Bernheim. So now the company partners with a number of events and events at the highest level. For example, 88 Rue Du Rhone is at the British Academy Film Awards or at major international film festivals in Miami and Geneva.


Rolex watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

Last year, Rolex celebrated the 60th anniversary since its creation. For this occasion, 17 new watch models were created. The innovations are in the design and also in the integrated electronics.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

Since last year you can finally find some new male models of these good brand watches on the market. They are dedicated to different sports stars, including Yohan Blake, Felipe Massa and Rafael Nadal.

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil Watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

The brand Raymond Weil exists since the year 1976. The inspiration for the first watches were the classical music and opera pieces, which loved the eponym and founder of the brand itself.

The new models are inspired by modern music.


Seiko watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

Seiko also looks back on long traditions in watchmaking. The company offers the best models for its own market. It’s news that Seiko has become more open lately. Some of the best models are now available outside of Japan.


Swatch watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

This is a fire that speaks for itself. If you speak of news, then the new Gran Turismo models should be mentioned.

Seven Friday

Seven Friday Watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

Do you know this young brand? She was known for her very successful models in industrial style. The watches are made in China using the high quality Miyota mechanisms. The limited edition will sell out fast.


Shinola watch brands Men's luxury watches Men's wristwatches

The brand, founded in 2011, is now making models for clothing manufacturer Filson. This company was acquired by Shinola himself in 2012. The first two models from the series are called Journeyman and Mackinaw.

Day, this year

watch brands mens luxury watches wristwatches men's day this year

For a long time Tag Heuer was the leading sports watch brand. However, they have got a very big competition in the last years. Jean-Claude Biver played a very important role. However, the competition also served as motivation for great, new achievements in technology and design.

Tommy Hilfiger

watch brands men's genuine leather wristwatch round dial tommy hilfiger

This is one of several watch brands behind which Movado Group stands. Tommy Hilfiger are open to a broader group of fans of brand watches, yet show a high-end style.

They gain from the rapidly changing lines that ultimately lead to a great deal of variety in the design.


watch brands mens green wristwatch tateossian

Behind this brand is the former investment banker Robert Tateossian. The company celebrates its 25th anniversary since its founding. This is not an expensive watch brand, but it shows an excellent price-performance ratio.


watch brands mens stainless steel wristwatch tudor

Tudor saw a significant breakthrough among the top sports watch brands. One of the newest and most interesting models is FastriderChronoScrambler.

TW Steel

watch brands men's watches stainless steel rubber band tw steel

Jordy Cobelens calls himself the first watchmaker of this brand. He was called by the founder of the company more than 25 years ago. Now this is a name among the watchmaker that virtually everyone knows.


watch brands men's leather stainless steel tissot

The first T-Touch watches were launched in 1999. It was no surprise to anyone that Tissot was among the first to introduce the latest innovations and develop trendy models. They are still among the most technologically innovative brands in this industry.


watch brands men's rubber band wristwatch stainless steel timex

Timex produces some of the rugged watch models. You have already passed the most incredible tests. The popularization of the latter is at the center of the brand’s marketing strategy, which proves to be very successful time and time again.

Tiffany & Co

watch brands mens genuine leather black gold tiffany

After a partnership, this brand has separated from Swatch Group. It was not an easy time until all rights have been clarified. However, Tiffany & Co manage to bring great models to the market and now show their many fans many current designs in men’s watches.

Thomas Sabo

watch brands men's genuine leather gray wristwatch rose gold thomas sabo

Thomas Sabo is promoted by the Formula 1 StarNico Rosberg. That says a lot.

U Boat

watch brands mens luxury brand italian genuine leather wristwatch u boat

U Boat is an elegant Italian brand. His watch models are characterized by their universal character.

Ulysse Nardin

watch marks genuine leather black wristwatch ulysse nardin

The company is best known for chronometers that work perfectly underwater. Now this is the sponsor of the Swedish yacht club Artemis.

Vacheron Constantin watch brands mens genuine leather brown wristwatch luxury brand vacheron constantin

This revered brand has celebrated its 260th anniversary last year. At the moment the retro look of their articles stands out.


watch brands mens genuine leather brown titanium inox victorinox

Two models have been particularly noticeable in recent years for all watch fans. These are Inox and Naimakka. The company launched it as some of the most enduring in the market.


watch brands gentleman genuine leather brown brass luxury brand zenith

Another brand celebrated an anniversary in 2015. That’s zenith. His watches have managed to thrill fans of classic cars, and not just them, at least we believe so!

Van Cleef & Arpels

watch brands mens luxury brand gold wristwatch men van cleef arpels

We conclude our overview with the brand Van Cleef & Arpels. There are no such impressive new models of this brand last year. But there are many classic ones that are impressive enough.

Latest jeans trends: a denim for all occasions!

Jeans fans, watch out! Just ask: What jeans should I get next? “Well, the jeans are not there, because this iconic piece of clothing is so comfortable, trendy and versatile that we just want so many of them how it is possible Since the invention of blue jeans or denim called, several decades have passed and many jeans trends have appeared in succession. Today we’ll tell you which ones are the latest and which are already on the rise.

Denim or blue jeans?

The American word denim actually comes from the French “Serge de Nîmes” – which means something like tissue from the southern French city Nîmes , Basically, it’s made from the robust fabric of the jeans, which is woven from hemp and cotton and has the specific blue color that we still know as a classic. Patented as the “studded trousers” of the late 19th century in the US, the world’s most worn trousers have gone a long, dramatic journey to this day. The jeans have finally made it from a simple work wear on a rebellion icon, the most popular and hottest garment of all time to get to the international catwalks of high-end fashion.

high hills sandals summer outfit ripped jeans

Jeans trends for the upcoming fall / winter season

Undisputed must-haves in terms of jeans are certainly the classic models, which are then in dark blue for autumn and winter and in light blue for spring and summer to prefer. Depending on their own taste and specific body type, jeans trends such as the boyfriend jeans and the long-acclaimed and still trendy skinny jeans are some of the best-selling ever. These can be combined with almost any outfit and can be worn on different occasions with the matching top and accessories. The most important thing is always the perfect fit and of course the optimal comfort. These two criteria are the be-all and end-all when choosing the right jeans. Therefore, especially with tight-fitting jeans, opt for the highest possible stretch content of the fabric.

skinny jeans summer denim destroyed look

In the long run it depends!

The new trend that has become apparent in all jeans models this year is the 7/8 length. Everywhere you can see calf and ankle-length models, which are perfect for elegant pumps, ballerinas and even sports shoes. Often the hem is decorated or frayed. Simply cool!

elegant outfit black jeans ripped

The new denim motto par excellence: The main thing Destroyed!

Distressed denim pants have been in high demand for a long time. This trend will certainly continue in the next year. For some time, however, the so-called destroyed look is gaining more and more popularity and can be seen almost in every jeans shop and everywhere on the streets and in the cafes. It does not matter if it’s skinny, boyfriend or hit jeans. With big holes, scuffed and frayed, every denim looks great! Such jeans are especially chic and trendy when worn with a lace pattern pantyhose underneath. Try it out!

net tights with denim jeans in destroyed look

And slowly, a new or better said a somewhat forgotten jeans trend prevails: the straight-cut skinny jeans. Known as the ’80s, these denim models will definitely make a comeback next season, along with the slightly wider trousers that made for a hype in the early’ 90s.

ladies jeans trends fall winter 2017

Not only the asymmetrical Vokuhila dresses were very popular this summer and are often worn by many women. Also with the jeans, this tendency has clearly prevailed. Front short back long! The asymmetrical hem definitely celebrates its revival.


With these numerous, cool jeans trends, it’s no wonder that we all want to have a whole lot of them – a new pair of jeans for every occasion! So versatile and timeless are the jeans that you just can not get enough of it. So, look at all the new trends and discover these world-famous and most popular trousers over and over again!

Have fun and you will find it!

destroyed modern jeans denim ripped skinny jeans trends 2017 white jeans

Top films you must have seen – our movie list with 36 recommendations

Top movies whose end you can not guess in advance

Unexpected events in the subject and a finale that nobody expected? Surely you have long been looking for such an exciting movie? Are you tired of looking at scenarios whose development is easy to predict? If this is the case, then we have created a wonderful list for you. Most interesting movies are listed here and in all of them the development comes to an unexpected end. If you have not seen these movies yet, then you have something to do on the next evenings.

Top Movies – The Strange Son (Changeling)

popular movies top movies cinematographic

The Stranger Son is an American movie from the year 2008. A woman turns to a policeman with the news that her son has disappeared. Soon the baby is found and returned to his mother. She assures everyone that the little boy is very similar to her son, though that is not the case.

A perfect murder (A PerfectMurder)

top movies movies good movies list

A successful businessman named Steven Taylor finds out that his wife has a lover. These are the unknown painter David. After researching, Steven also finds out that David works as a wedding consultant. Steven offers David money to kill his wife Emily. The plan looks perfect, but does it develop accordingly?

No dying word (original title Ne le dis à personne)

no aspiration word watch top movies movies

It’s about the story of Alexandre Beck, a pediatrician by profession and tells a tragic incident in his family. Margot, his wife is killed and she is recognized by her father. The criminal was found, but he does not want to admit that he is responsible for the murder of Margot. After a very long time of eight years, the investigation is resumed. In the same region where the body of Margot was found, two more were discovered. These are the remains of two men, finding a key from MargotsTresor in one’s pocket.

Unknown Identity (Unknown)

movies watch top movies movies

The plot revolves around Martin Harris, a well-known scientist. He is in a coma for a long time and when he wakes up, he finds out that his identity has been stolen by another human being. He can not trust anyone, not even his own wife. He asks a young lady for help. Together they try to find out who and why they want to lie to him.


feature films top movies movies

The movie Prisoners from 2013 also has an exciting storyline and ends unexpectedly. In a small town, two six-year-old girls have disappeared. Nobody heard or saw anything. Time passes and the work of the police does not bring results. The father of one of the girls takes the things in his hands. He had seen his daughter talk to the owner of a caravan some time ago. This was released by the police due to the lack of evidence. The father, however, doubts that he is innocent.

Dream House

cool movies top movies movies

Will Atenton is a publisher who moves to a foreign city. The first impression that this is a quiet and relaxed place proves completely wrong. The place has its own terrible story. We tell you in advance: This is not a story with ghosts and ghosts. But it is something no less scary and very intricate.

Taking Lives – For Your Life He Kills (Taking Lives)

movies top movies cool movies

It’s about the epilogueIlleana Scott. In front of her is a big challenge. She has to find a criminal who first kills people and then continues their lives for a while.

Flightplan – Without any trace

good movies list top movies

The engineer named Kyle Pratt loses her daughter during a flight. The flight crew and the other passengers try to reveal the mystery. A little child can not easily disappear thousands of feet above the earth during a flight! After a while, it also turns out that on the name of Kyle Pratt no flight ticket was booked.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas (Original Title: The Boy in theStriped Pajamas)

movies watch movies top movies

The plot in this film is based on real events. These happen during World War II. The eight-year-old son of the comrade-in-arms of a concentration camp maintains a peculiar friendship with a Jewish boy. The two talk through the protective fence. It’s unbelievable where this friendship leads to.

88 minutes (88 minutes)

120x160 Aff 88 Min OK

Dr. Jack Gramm works as a psychiatrist in college. At the same time, the FBI is set to make profiles of psychopaths, mainly murderers. Once he helps with the arrest of a serial killer. A few hours after Jack was caught, Jack gets a frightening phone call. A stranger tells him that only 88 minutes of life are left to him.

Seduction of a stranger (Original title: Perfect Stranger)

top movies top movie top action movies perfect stranger

Rowena Price loses her friend after a terrible crime. She starts to do her own journalistic investigation. She finds out that Harrison Hill may be involved in the murder. He is the boss of a big advertising agency and a very influential person at the same time.

Mystic River

top movies top movie top action movies mystic river

Dave, Jimmy and Sean are best childhood friends. They are also facing a great tragedy: the death of Jimmy’s daughter.

Remember Me – Live the moment

top movies-top movie-top action movies-remember-me

Tyler is a boy with a rebellious character. He becomes involved in a fight, is arrested by the police and released after a short time. Tyler’s friend finds out that his daughter is the policeman’s daughter in the school group. The boy tries to start romantic relationships with her in order to persuade her to influence her father in his favor.

Orphan – The orphan (Original title: Orphan)

top movies top movie top action movies ophran

After her baby’s death, Kate and her husband adopt a girl. Her name is Ester. The girl plays a fabulous piano, she is very intelligent and shows a wisdom that is simply not typical for her age. But why does she have no friends? In the movie you will soon find out.

Match point movies top movie top action movies mstch point

The next of our top movies tells the story of coach Chris Wilton. He can not decide between two women. One assures him of better positions in society, and he needs that because he comes from a humble background, and the other is a gifted actress whose heart is actually beating.

The hidden face

top movies top movie top action movies the hidden face

We continue our top film list with a spanish-columbian movie. It’s about Adrián, a successful conductor and his wife Fabiane. In the life of the two everything seems to be perfect. After a while, it turns out that the police are investigating the disappearance of his ex-wife. Fabiane herself has the strange feeling that something funny is going on in the house.

Hide and Seek – You can not hide

top movies-top movie-top action movies-hide-and-seek

After the suicide of his wife, David decides to move with his daughter to another city. Strange events are beginning to appear in the new village. Emily, the daughter of David claims that her friend Charlie is to blame for everything. But it is an imaginary person.

“La vie en rose”

top movies top movie top action movies la vie en rose

The translation of this title into German is “Das Leben in rosa”. It is a sensitive retelling of the life story of Edith Piaf. To live and to sing so wonderfully – that is remarkable in itself. This film is a masterpiece that fabulously portrays life in Paris at the time of the world-famous singer.

The file Jane (G.I. Jane)

top movies-top movie-top action movies-Act-jane

This is a film that shows us how strong the human mind can be. And it is a very strong and beautiful woman. There are many deep psychological moments that made this movie classic.

Mona Lisa’s smile (Mona Lisa Smile)

top movies-top movie-top action movies-mona-lisa

The third title in our top movie list is Mona Lisa’s smile. They learn a great deal about the courage, about human dignity and about what it means to be single-minded. But that’s not the most important thing in this movie. Above all, it shows how to learn to love yourself.

Million dollars baby


This film is so thrilling, above all, that it represents the reality so uncompromisingly and honestly. It shows how rough and rough life can be and that women are not spared. The director brings out the intricacies of some simple-looking everyday situations. Even the actors just present their roles perfectly!

The devil wears Prada (The Devil Wears Prada)

top movies-top movie-top action movies-prada

Have you already watched the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? You absolutely have to do that and especially if you are interested in the fashion world. You will learn from it how beautiful but how uncompromising and cruel this industry can be.

Times of turmoil

kinoflime feature films top movies watch movie

If you were to read that this is a movie about a couple with two children in their mid-year crisis, you will find it boring. Nobody can take offense at that. But that is not the case here. This banal, but actually all of us topic is presented in the best possible and most realistic way.

The Queen

watch movies watch movies top movies

The film tells of a very critical period in the life of the English Queen. It’s about the time that followed immediately after the death of Princess Diana. How should a monarch behave when he (in this case, she) has to hear so many rude and actually very insulting words about herself? Does the Queen prefer to show her emotions or should she be reserved? You will ask yourself these questions while watching the movie as if it relates to you.

Erin Brockovich

top movie good movies list movie

This is the story of a very strong but at the same time very vulnerable woman. Given her situation, she can not afford to be weak. She is not awesome, but she shows incredible staying power. She has to win the fight against a big corporation. Whenever you feel weak, watch this movie again.

Top Movies – Frida

popular movies movies look top movies

This is an unforgettable woman with an incomparable pain. In the film, you’ll learn more about the stubbornness of the human mind, about the yearning that you can not resist, and about how our energy can eventually come to an end. This is the story of a brilliant painter and artist, but also of a strong love that forgives every insult and injury because she just can not help it.

Eat Pray Love

cool top movies watch movies top movies

Of course, we can not omit this title from our list of top movies. It shows how difficult, how instructive it can be to overcome depression. Take a look at the experiences of a typical modern woman in a deep life crisis in three of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Elizabeth – The Golden Kingdom (Elizabeth: The Golden Age)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Women's Movies Elizabeth The Golden Age

In the first part of our article we wrote about the movie “The Queen”. Here is another wonderful production about the life of the English queen. But this is hardly about the monarchy. It’s about the personal story of the queen. Elisabeth is a woman who has no right to private life. She was even taken from the simplest pleasures of life. The subject is full of turmoil, tales of cheating and passion. If you’re in the mood for an epic storyline then you need to watch this top movie.

Where your heart beats (Where the Heart Is)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Women's Films Where The Heart Is

This is certainly one of the most remarkable love films you have ever seen. In the beginning, the story looks as banal as thousands of those that have existed since the creation of the earth. A boy leaves his girlfriend because she is pregnant. She thought he was the love of her life. But life is not as bad as it sometimes looks. You simply can not afford to give up everything, to go into depression forever and turn away from the world. You have to go forward, forgetting your failures, helping others and enjoying your life. How this all works, you will learn in this film.

Johanna of Orleans (Original title The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Women's Movies The Messenger The Story of Joan of Arc

Long historical films like this can quickly get boring. But that does not apply to this wonderful production. This is about faith that can not be broken through. There is also talk of trust and justice. All this is not least due to the wonderful game of Mila Jovovic, who was entrusted here the main role of Joan of Arc.

Head in the Clouds (Alternative title: Women’s Games)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Movies Head in the Clouds

The title of this film is anything but random. He describes the state of mind of the main characters. Her emotional state and attitude completely take her away from reality. And they tear one with you. The quest to forget reality unfortunately causes a pessimistic mood and a lot of tragedy. It is all the more important to watch this movie. Because he explores how the bad feelings can conquer the human heart.

Elegy or The art of love (Original title: Elegy)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Movies Elegy

Some films manage to really shake the audience. That’s one of these. It’s about the story of a professor in college and a student. He reminds us that there are some people in this life who naturally belong to us. The film shows this deep emotional connection and explores what moves them in our souls.

The fabulous world of Amélie (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Women's Movies Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Amélie is a young French woman, but she has extraordinary imagination. She discovers a collection of toys in her bathroom and is obsessed with the idea to return them to her real owners. This act of politeness puts you in the most incredible adventure. She begins to interfere in other people’s lives in an inappropriate, but very amusing way.

My Week with Marilyn

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Women's Movies My Week with Marilyn

It is always a challenge to portray Marilyn Monroe. It’s unbelievable how well that works in this movie. Both self-esteem and vanity are wonderful. But you also manage to look behind the scenes. There you will discover a young girl who wants to fight the whole world. After this movie, you will probably believe for yourself that it is worthwhile to reach for the stars.


Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Movies Evita

This is the film adaptation of a musical. It is the story of Maria Eva Duarte de Perón (Evita). The so popular first lady of Argentina is represented by Madonna. She manages to present her good and dark sides in a very authentic way. And of course, the music itself, is a reason for watching the movie.

For this one must not forget to thank Frank Lloyd Webber for his wonderful contribution.

Gia – Award of Beauty

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Women's Movies Gia

After watching this movie, you will surely consider the person Gia as the symbol of beauty price. You will hear the hard truth about the fashion industry. Unfortunately, this is not just about fashion shoots, exciting trips and public events. Behind this beautiful-looking life, there is a dynamic of its own that by far not everyone can stand.

Coco Chanel – The beginning of a passion (Coco avant Chanel, dt. Coco before Chanel)

Top Movies Popular Movies Movies Movies Coco avant Chanel

The last title in our list of top movies is a must for all strong women. He shows a gifted lady who is not afraid of dealing with the world. Some critics say the plot is too monotonous. But we think that’s what makes her closer to reality and makes the movie even more valuable.