Cheesecake without baking: two great recipe ideas for occasions of all kinds

“Since the invention of cooking, people eat twice as much as nature demands” – Benjamin Franklin

This quote is also and above all (in our opinion) for the delicious desserts. You can never get enough of it. Whether as a snack, as a dessert after dinner or as a special seduction at a party, desserts are simply a treat for the senses.

Everyone will agree that the homemade desserts taste best. Stimmt`s? But nobody wants to stand at the oven on hot days and bake a cake. Most of the time, ice cream is used in these cases. But here we have two tantalizing recipe ideas, cheesecake without baking.

The first recipe is for all of you who like the classic cheese cake with strawberries. And if you are a vegan, then you should go to the second recipe idea – a light vanilla nut flavor …

Strawberry cheesecake without baking


To prepare these kitchens, you will need about 30 minutes, without counting the time to fortify. Besides strawberries for the filling, you will also need some for the decoration of the border to make the cheesecake beautiful.

The required ingredients:

  • Biscuits of your choice
  • 125 g of butter
  • 500g strawberries
  • 200 g cream cheese (Philadelphia)
  • 650 g sour cream
  • 100 g of powdered sugar
  • 125 ml cream cream
  • 6 gelatine leaves
  • sugar

A classic strawberry flavor

strawberry cheesecake without baking

The preparation:

For the ground: Mince the biscuits in a bowl and add the melted butter, but the butter should be slightly chilled (not warm). Mix well until a uniform mass is obtained. Spread the mixture on the bottom of the baking pan and put in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

Cut half of the strawberries into two parts and place them with the straight side to the edge of the mold.

The filling: Mix the cream cheese, the sour cream, and the icing sugar in another bowl. In another bowl warm up the cream cream and dissolve 6 gelatine leaves. Add the mixture to the other and stir well. Spread the finished filling on the floor and place in the freezer for about half an hour.

The glaze: Add the rest of the strawberries to a blender with a little water until a porridge is formed. Put the strawberry porridge in a frying pan with 7 to 8 spoonfuls of sugar and cook until the water evaporates. Remove from the heat and when it has stopped cooking, add the three gelatine leaves. Now it’s time to stir well and let cool.

Remove the baking pan from the freezer and spread the icing on the filling. Stand in the chest for about an hour. You can also keep the cheesecake in it longer, but before serving it should be thawed a bit.

Cheese cake with vanilla nut flavor

vegan cheesecake without baking

Our second recipe for cheesecake without baking is good for vegans. In this homemade cheesecake, there are no eggs, mascarpone or cream cheese, but it is full of nuts and flavors. Here’s how to prepare this treat for the palate …

The required ingredients:

For the ground:

  • 1 teacup almonds
  • 20 seedless dates
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 3 tablespoons of agave nectar or syrup
  • 2 vanilla pods, grated
  • pinch of salt

For the filling:

  • 5 cups of cachewnuts (soaked in water the night before)
  • 1 cup of melted coconut oil
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup agave nectar
  • 7 SL lemon juice
  • 4 grated vanilla pods or 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
  • 3 SL matcha tea
  • pinch of salt

For the glaze:

  • 2 SL of melted coconut oil
  • 3 SL cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon agave nectar

Chocolate icing to vanilla-Niss taste

cheesecake with coconut oil without baking

The preparation of the cheesecake:

For the bottom: Take a baking pan with a diameter of 25 centimeters. Place baking paper on the floor. In a blender, add all the ingredients for the soil and mix until a fine texture is created. Spread the finished mixture evenly on the baking paper.

The filling: Drain the soaked cashew nuts and place them in the blender with the other ingredients for the filling. Mix until a smooth and creamy consistency is achieved. Put this filling on the finished floor and put in the refrigerator for at least four hours.

The glaze: All ingredients are stirred together until a smooth texture results. Remove the filled baking pan from the fridge and put the icing over it. Keep in the fridge until serving time.

Enjoy this cool seduction anytime!

Bon Appetit!

Mini Cheesecakes with avocado and lime raspberries

avocado lime strawberry cheescake

Just use your favorite fruit

baking banana cheesecake for the summer

A cool pleasure for the summer

Making blueberries cheesecake without baking

Daim-bar cheesecake without baking

daim cheescake without baking

Combine the strawberries with white chocolate

strawberries white chocolate cheesecake

Oreo Mint Cheesecake without baking

oreo mint cheesecake for the summer party

Pour passion-fruit sauce on the cheesecake

cheesecake with white chocolate and passion fruit

baking vegan berries cheesecake

making pumpkin cheesecake without baking

lime cheesecake in glass

Making mango cheesecake as a dessert

mini vegan cheescake without baking

oreo cheesecake without baking

Preparing pistachio cheescake

chocolate nut cheesecake without baking

snickers cheesecake without baking

prepare lemon cheesecake without baking

prepare simple cheesecake without baking

Making aubergines – delicious ideas for Christmas

Eggplant preparing layers of tomato basil

Prepare eggplants for Christmas

In autumn and in Advent, two things are very important in our diet. First, we need low-calorie recipes to compensate for the hearty Christmas dishes. In addition, we would have to eat as many vitamins as possible.

The food must also be delicious, so we do not lose our appetite.

If you are (still) not a good cook, then we have a great tip for you: Choose products that bring all these qualities with them. Preparing eggplants is not that difficult. At the same time they offer all the listed advantages that were already mentioned. Here is some useful information and quick tips to help you prepare eggplant.

The eggplants

eggplants prepare fresh vegetables

Preparing is the main topic, but first let’s see what the eggplant actually offers. They are very similar to potatoes and tomatoes. Their country of origin is India. They are so popular in the local kitchen that they are referred to as “gentlemen of vegetables”. The preparation of eggplants to great recipes in Europe dates back to 1500. There are several different ways to do it. Among other things, they differ in shape and color.

How should you best prepare the eggplant?

Now you know how great these types of vegetables are, right? What do you say: Is there a reason to give it up? No, certainly not. In the preparation of the dishes is not always compulsory. This is only done if the shell is thick and damaged. Cut them and place them in a jar of water and a pinch of salt. This removes the bitter taste.

Delicious vegetable casserole with eggplant

Eggplant prepare casserole tomatoes

This vegetable absorbs very large amount of fat. That is why it is very important that you choose the right techniques when preparing the eggplant. Think of cooking, steam appliances and other healthy methods.

You can also simply roast the aubergines in the oven. That brings very good results.

Oriental salads

Maybe you know the great aubergines pasta and salads from Turkish or Greek restaurants. They are much easier to do than many think. Their preparation must also be done in the oven in this case. The internal consistency of the eggplant becomes very soft. After a brief cooling at room temperature, the shell should be removed. Then the inside of the eggplant must be pureed. Various other, also baked vegetables are added. You just have to decide which ones will be. Read about the special recipes from the Greek or Turkish cuisine on the net.

Often salads include paprika, garlic, olive oil and various seeds for the preparation of such eggplant. Yes, they are delicious!

Eggplant in dark sauce

Eggplant preparing stew

Grilled aubergines and rocket

aubergines prepare feta cheese rukola salad

Eggplant rolls with fresh salad

Eggplant preparing fresh salad rolls

Fried aubergines with soy sauce

preparing eggplants fried

Pasta casserole with eggplant

eggplants prepare baked noodles

Eggplant lasagna with green salad

preparing aubergines baked salad

Eggplant in a Mediterranean way

eggplant prepare fried yogurt salad

Stuffed eggplant rolls

Eggplant stuffed stuffing

Steamed vegetables and cheese grated

Eggplant preparing vegetable mix

Delicious pizza with eggplant, peppers and onions

eggplants prepare vegetables pizza

Fresh salad of tomatoes, aubergines and peppers with rocket

Eggplant preparing vegetable salad

Oriental recipe – eggplant with cream and pomegranate

Eggplant preparing pomegranate cream

Stuffed aubergine of Turkish kind

Eggplant preparing minced pide

Lamb with eggplant and pine nuts

eggplants prepare lamb nuts

Rice with eggplants and nuts

eggplants prepare mediterranean nuts

Nice baked with cheese

Making aubergines with cheese

Eggplant halves filled with mushrooms

eggplants prepare mushrooms grated cheese

Artfully with eggplant and zucchini

Eggplant preparing pizza

Fresh tomatoes and parsley with baked eggplants

Eggplant preparing salad yoghurt

Fried aubergine slices with onions

Eggplant preparing slices onions

Delicious eggplant towers

aubergines prepare turme kato-potato

Breaded aubergines with tomatoes, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar

Eggplant preparing appetizer

Christmas dinner recipes – spinach salmon lasagna

Christmas dinner recipes spinach salmon lasagna spinach leaves

Have you ever tasted spinach salmon lasagna?

Before Christmas, one should take a contemplative, humane attitude. In our opinion, this works by discovering the joy in the little things.

Spinach salmon lasagna recipe

what do I cook today spinach salmon lasagna

Take more time for yourself and your family, treat yourself to something special. It does not have to be super hard to prepare. No, it can just be a recipe that you do not try every day.

Spinach lasagna with salmon

What Am I Cooking Today Spinach Salmon Lasagna Christmas Dinner Recipes

Norwegian recipe for Christmas

This recipe, so the spinach salmon lasagna is something that comes from our research to Norway. That’s not surprising, right?

The idea fits wonderfully also for the Christmas and winter time. First of all, it is because the people of Norway certainly understand something about cold and dark days and appropriate food. Furthermore, the products, so both salmon, and spinach are really healthy. If you have made a change to good nutrition before Christmas and for the new year, then you are certainly on the right track. We also like to tell you some of the ingredients that are contained and really healthy there: omega 3 fatty acids, iodine, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Salmon fillet

Spinach salmon lasagna recipe Salmon fillet Christmas dinner recipes

Fresh spinach leaves

Spinach salmon lasagna recipe spinach leaves Christmas dinner recipes

Ingredients for spinach salmon lasagna

♦ 450 grams of fresh salmon

♦ 500 grams of spinach

♦ A band of fresh chives

♦ A band of fresh garlic

♦ ¼ teaspoon nutmeg

♦ Black pepper

♦ salt

♦ Olive oil

Delicious Christmas dinner recipes

Spinach salmon lasagna recipe spinach lasagna Christmas dinner recipes

Products for the sauce

♦ Butter

♦ 3 tablespoons of flour

♦ 400 ml of fresh milk

♦ ¼ teaspoon nutmeg

♦ Black pepper

♦ salt

Prepare the sauce

what do I cook today spinach salmon lasagna souce

Products for the bark

♦ 300 grams of durum wheat semolina

♦ 3 medium sized eggs

♦ 1 teaspoon of olive oil

♦ Grind 140 grams of hard cheese over it


Spinach salmon lasagna Christmas dinner recipes

Instructions for the preparation of homemade pasta

For the great spinach salmon lasagna you need best homemade pasta. You have to make four balls and then they have to be stretched to length. Then they are cut in the middle. Thus, eight lasagna leaves are formed.

The dough should be left in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Wash the spinach and leave it in the dark. Make it clean and cut very small.

More spinach, little salmon

What can I cook today with spinach lasagna and salmon?

Clean and cut small the garlic and chives. Stew it together with the spinach. Do that with water and a little olive oil. Add some black pepper, nutmeg, salt and stir until the whole gets very soft. Remove from the fire now.

Now, add a piece of butter to the pan, along with three tablespoons of flour. Mix until you get a puree. Gently pour in some milk and stir again. Add some black pepper, nutmeg and salt. Wait until the whole thing gets really consistent on a low fire. For a better taste you should add black pepper, nutmeg and salt. Wait again until it becomes more consistent. Only then should you remove it from the fire.

Delicious Italian recipes

what am I cooking today spinach lasagna with salmon christmas dinner recipes

Slicing fish in spinach salmon lasagna

Cut the salmon down and add salt and pepper. Now spread a little of the sauce in the pan, in which you will bake the fish. Lay two of the leaves and spread the spinach on top. Then spread three thirds of the salmon on it. Then bring it back on leaves and distribute again the sauce. Then spinach, salmon and again leaves follow. Keep it up and the leaves should be in the top part to get the familiar bark appearance.

Not only delicious, but also healthy

Spinach salmon lasagna recipe spinach lasagna Christmas dinner recipes

Make the oven warm to 200 degrees. Bake for about 30 minutes at full temperature. Five minutes before the end, open the oven and spread hard cheese.

Spinach salmon lasagna is eaten warm

What Am I Cooking Today Spinach Salmon Lasagna Christmas Dinner Recipes

All products at a glance

Making Spinach Salmon Lasagna What I cook today

Lay lasagna leaves

Spinach Salmon Lasagna What I cook today

Then salmon

what do I cook today spinach salmon lasagna in tin

And then add sauce and spinach

Spinach salmon lasagna preparing spinach leaves

And voila! Good Appetite!

Making spinach salmon lasagna

Waffle Alert – tempting waffle recipes and waffle cafes recommendations

We all love waffles, whether they are garnished with cottage cheese and fresh berries or with hot cherries and ice cream. For the popular baked goods, there is no real season or recipe. All year round, young and old are looking forward to this sweet seduction, which they like to eat freshly baked. And because the waffles have been providing an insatiable sensation for decades, this theme deserves our full attention.

waffle recipes strawberry colorful sugar

Waffle recipes and ideas for the summer

It does not look like summer, but if the mood is right, we can cut the summer without heat or sunshine. Tasty waffle recipes are always good for a spontaneous visit or planned brunch. Whether you prefer hearty waffles or classic quark waffles, it’s always good to have a handful of ideas and recipe suggestions in case.

waffle recipes strawberry blueberries

waffle recipes strawberry butter pudder sugar

Waffle dough easy

With this simple recipe you can finally bake your own waffles. With your own creations you can inspire your friends and determine the health value of the ingredients.

waffle recipes healthy


100g butter

100g sugar

3 eggs

100g of flour

0.25g baking powder

1 pinch of salt

150 ml of milk

1 packet of vanilla sugar

waffle recipes strawberry healthy breakfast

Preparation: (with or without waffle iron)

All ingredients are mixed to a smooth mass and baked in the desired shape to a popular tan. The waffles from the waffle maker are quite fantastic and extremely authentic, but I leave the choice to you alone.

waffle recipes healthy and hearty

waffle recipes strawberry jam

Sweet or savory waffles

The waffles we all love can be a dessert, as well as the main ingredient of a filling breakfast. The waffles are popular with ice cream, with Nutella, jam or powdered sugar, but also with quark and fruit or even with cream or Ice cream is a pleasure to be seduced from time to time , Less known, but highly recommended are the hearty waffle recipes, which are offered in many modern restaurants or waffle cafes. Good, quick and easy idea for a Sunday brunch would be hearty waffles with spinach and bacon. The vegetarians can replace the bacon with halumi cheese and garnish with plenty of rocket and hemp seed. Try the attached recipe for waffle dough and the right topping will come to mind.

waffle recipes strawberry

waffle recipes strawberry hearty waffles

Best shops and waffle cafes

There are still many people who would rather like to do everything themselves and stand for hours for friends and family at the stove. But those who prefer to travel and discover new and good things, should remember the following shops and waffle cafes.

waffle recipes strawberry summer

Waffle Brothers / Berlin

Here you can fully enjoy your free time in the company of a Belgian waffle and be sure that everything was baked fresh and with much love.

waffle recipes strawberry hearty

Waffle & Friends / Munich

It is rumored that these are the best waffles in the Bavarian capital. Fine baking arts are offered and enjoyed here. If you are looking for traditional but very sophisticated bakery creations, you will be pleasantly surprised by this excellent shop.

waffle recipes brunch healthy raspberries

North Coast / Hamburg

If you like to have breakfast until late afternoon, you should visit Cafe Winklers Platz in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg and especially try the mighty topings of the waffles there.

waffle recipes strawberry strawberries

Foxberry Frozen Yoghurt / Cologne

In Cologne you can always experience something, but what you should not miss, is this ice cream parlor, of course, the waffles there. Also for vegans there are more than enough delicious offers!

waffle recipes strawberry yellow

Waffle Dream / Hannover

Hannover surprises again and again and especially in terms of trends. The fusion between tradition and modernity can be seen quite well in this centrally located waffle shop. Should you still ponder how to resist this sweet temptation? The only solution would be to give in to it.

In this sense we wish you a lot of pleasure (with or without luck maker)

waffle recipes strawberry butter

waffle recipes strawberry breakfast in bed healthy

Ice cream recipes with strawberries or how to make (vegan) ice cream yourself

Healthy ice cream recipes also for vegans

In the last article, we have already addressed the theme of “ice cream recipes with strawberries” and now continue with a popular classic, which is in great demand especially in the summer days. Whenever the ice cream truck arrives, big and small is happy about a little sweetening and assured cooling off. The ice cream parlor makes a good turnover, especially when the ice is labeled as organic.

Healthy and fast – make ice cream recipes yourself

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream making strawberry ball waffle bio vegan diy

You would like to savor delicious ice cream every day without having to worry about its production? For this reason, we have prepared for today a reading on how you can make ice yourself, and that – without ice cream maker. For the vegans among us follows a suitable recipe.

Nothing tastes better than a homemade strawberry ice cream

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream make strawberries on their own

That’s the only way you have control over the calories

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream strawberry ball fresh

Ice cream recipe for strawberry ice cream

500g fresh Strawberries without green

200 ml of whole milk

200ml cream

3x egg yolks

150g sugar

Juice of half a lemon / lime

Vanilla to taste

Cooling and fruity

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream strawberry ball fresh


Clean and halve 400g of the strawberries and mix with 50g of sugar and lemon juice in a bowl and leave to soak. For the rest of the time mix the sugar with the egg yolk and refine with vanilla to taste. Heat the milk (do not boil) and mix with the egg-sugar mixture. Stir at a temperature of 80-85 ° until the mixture becomes thicker. Then cool and mix with the cream. Puree strawberries or chopped into small pieces and stir several times.

You can make the ice cream completely without ice cream maker

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream strawberry ice cream

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream strawberry ball make delicate

Vegan strawberry ice cream

ingredients : 300 g strawberries / depending on the season any fruits /, 2 ripe banana and honey (optional)

preparation : Put all the ingredients in a bowl and purée until ice is formed.

Vegan ice cream is even easier to prepare

Ice cream recipes with strawberries making ice cream strawberry globe waffle bio vegan

Also easy to combine with other berries or with red wine

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream homemade strawberry waffle bio vegan diy waffle water ice cream

Tasty and surprisingly good for the spontaneous visit

Ice cream recipes with strawberries making ice yourself strawberry ball delicate example

Completion without ice maker

Put the prepared mass in a large bowl and place in the freezer. After the ice mixture is frozen a few inches, we take it out and beat the crowd vigorously with a whisk. Then we put it back in the freezer. Repeat this procedure a few times until you get soft-ice-like consistency.

Garnish and eat to taste! Good Appetite!

Get a sundae

Ice cream recipes with strawberry ice cream make strawberry ball bio

How a professional handle the ice cream spoon

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream strawberry ball tender spoon

A sweet but healthy temptation

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream making strawberry ball waffle bio vegan diy

Unwind vegan ice cream

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream making strawberry ball waffle bio

Get the desired molds

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream making strawberry ball waffle bio stalk

Keep the popsicle handy in the freezer

Ice cream recipes with strawberries ice cream make strawberries on their own

Well get it!

Ice cream recipes with strawberries eo making strawberry globe waffle bio vegan diy waffle cream

Cupcakes Recipes for Beginners: Making bakes easy

Classic cupcakes recipes

Are you new to the world of cupcakes? Then start preparing the classic recipes. They are fascinating and delicious enough to impress your guests. We have a selection of classic cupcakes ready for you. Do this one after the other! If you are really diligent, then you may soon be ready to offer original and original cupcake recipes for special occasions.

Baking small tarts – recipe ideas

Blueberry cupcakes recipe bake small tarts yourself

70 pictures of delicious muffins that you can also bake yourself

Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets bake dessert ideas

Yellow cupcakes

If you have never really made cupcakes alone, we would offer you the classic yellow cupcake recipe idea. It has different variations, but basically you need a bit of flour, milk, eggs and that’s it … good would be some vanilla flavor and sugar of course. You can easily control the amount of calories and fat here.

vanilla cupcakes with blueberries

Cupcakes Recipe Simply Small Tartlets Bake Vanilla Tarts with Lemon

Red velvet cupcakes

The Red Velvet Cupcakes are a different classic. They are difficult to confuse with the other varieties. They look a bit like cupcakes with a light, usually white cream. They taste even better than this. Red velvet cupcakes are easy to eat (they make it difficult to get dirty). They can also be made with very little calories and sugar. Cupcakes of this kind are good for children’s parties and cocktails.

Red velvet tartlet with icing

Chocolate Cupcakes Recipes Bake cakes for beginners

Carrot Cupcake

If you love carrot cake, then we do not need to convince you that you must try this recipe. You can now offer this popular taste in small appetizers. Combine the capucakes with different creams and glazes. You can still experiment a bit more. At the end of the day, you might also come up with great ideas for carrot cake.

Do you want to carrot cupcakes to bake?

Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Bake Images

Chocolate Cupcake

You are certainly not surprised when we say that chocolate cupcakes some of the most popular ones are. The even better news is that they are also very easy to prepare. You can also use chocolate as a cream or garnish. Or maybe a delicious cream and lemon cream? What do you like better?

Munch on chocolate muffins

Cupcakes recipe chocolate tartlets bake recipe ideas

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry cream

Some people like chocolate with even more chocolate and others are crazy about the fruity taste. For the second group we have this recipe here: Prepare Strawberry-cupcakes and add strawberry cream to it. Believe us: that will not be too much. You may even be surprised by the variety of directions the strawberry flavor could take depending on the preparation.

Prepare strawberry tarts

Cupcakes Recipes Strawberry tartlets bake for beginners

Read even more about the classic Cupcake recipes in the second part of our article!

Apple Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Bake recipe ideas

Delicious tarts with blueberries

Blueberry cupcakes recipe bake delicious tarts yourself Blueberries Cupcakes Recipes Tartlets bake for beginners Blueberries Lemon Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Baking Recipe Ideas

Blue tarts with lemon

blue cupcakes Recipes tart bake an advanced

Crowned with a raspberry

Cupcakes Recipes Raspberry tartlets bake for beginners

Or with a cherry

Cupcakes recipe simply bake small strawberry tartlets

Tarts with strawberry topping

Cupcakes Recipe just bake small tarts

You also eat with your eyes. This rule applies perfectly to the small tartlets

Cupcakes recipe just bake small tarts yourself

Shape cupcakes as cacti and decorate them artistically

Cupcakes Recipes Cactus Tartlets bake for advanced

The paper cups are also of great importance

Cupcakes recipes bake and decorate small tarts

recipe for Lime Tart

Cupcakes Recipes Lime tartlets bake for beginners

May the following pictures be pure cooking inspiration for you

Cupcakes Recipes Baking chocolate tartlets for beginners

Cupcakes Recipes Bake cakes for beginners Cupcakes Recipes Tartlets bake for beginners mint cream Cupcakes Recipes baking tartlets for beginners cream cinnamon Cupcakes recipes tartlets with pistachios Cupcakes Recipes Tartlets bake recipe ideas Cupcakes Recipes Lemon Tartlets Bake for Beginners Cupcakes Recipe bake small blueberry tarts yourself Cupcakes Recipe bake small chocolate tartlets yourself Cupcakes Recipe small tarts bake themselves purple cream cream Cupcakes Recipe small tarts bake chocolate topping Cupcakes Recipe small tarts bake vanilla cakes Cupcakes recipe bake delicious tarts yourself Cupcakes recipe with image tartlets baking recipe ideas
Cupcakes Recipe Tartlets bake easy recipe ideas Cupcakes Recipe Tartlets bake recipes with berries Cupcakes Recipe Vanilla Tart Baking Recipe Ideas Cupcakes Topping Marmalade tartlets bake recipe ideas Cupcakes Topping recipe Strawberry tartlets bake recipe ideas Cupcakes Topping recipe baking small tarts Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tasty tartlets bake cute colors Cupcakes Topping recipe delicious tartlets bake yourself Cupcakes Topping recipe cream tartlets baking recipe ideas
Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets with banana Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Bake with nuts recipe ideas Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets with walnuts Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Bake recipe ideas Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets bake recipe ideas delicate colors Cupcakes Topping Recipe Vanilla Tart Baking Recipe Ideas simple cupcakes recipes tartlets with caramel topping bake recipe ideas simple cupcakes recipes tartlets bake recipe ideas Strawberry cupcakes recipe simply bake small pink tarts Strawberry Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Baking Recipe Ideas Owls cupcakes recipe tartlets bake recipe ideas Flamingo cupcakes recipes bake pink tarts Daisies Cupcakes Recipe bake small tarts yourself Raspberry Pie Cupcakes Recipes Bake cakes for beginners Coffee flavor cream cupcakes recipes cake bake for beginners Lime Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Baking recipe ideas Oreo cream cupcakes recipe tartlets bake recipe ideas Cream Topping Cupcakes recipe bake delicious tarts yourself Chocolate cupcakes with icing recipe Tartlets bake recipe ideas Chocolate cupcakes recipe simply bake small tarts
Chocolate cupcakes Topping recipe Baking cakes Chocolate Raspberries Cupcakes Topping Recipe Tartlets Baking recipe ideas Chocolate muffins cupcakes recipe bake delicious tarts yourself Chocolate cream cupcakes recipe simply bake small tarts Sneakers Cupcakes Recipes Bake cakes for beginners Tiramisu cupcakes recipe simply bake small tarts Vanilla cupcakes recipe simply bake small tarts Lemon cupcakes recipe bake delicious tarts yourself

Making pancake dough – basic recipe and other delicious ideas

Pancakes for breakfast are undeniably a good start to the day, especially on weekends, right? What do you mean? Do you also like to start a nice lazy day with a few pancakes with chocolate?

For us personally, the globally popular breakfast recalls the summer holidays and the carefree days of childhood, when Grandma’s pancakes were our favorite breakfast. Today, not much has changed, only the pancake recipe we should master ourselves. Luckily, pancake dough is not that hard to prepare.

Prepare delicious pancakes

Pancake dough recipe breakfast simple recipes

It’s that easy … To prepare the pancake batter for 2 portions (about 16 pieces) you need the following ingredients:

♦ 300g of flour

♦ 500 ml of milk

♦ 4 eggs

♦ a pinch of salt

♦ some frying fat – butter or oil

Here’s how it’s done: Put the flour, salt and milk in a bowl and mix well with the blender.

Then add eggs and mix all ingredients to a smooth dough. The ready-made pancake batter can rest for 20 minutes. Heat some fat in a pan, switch the temperature down and bake the dough golden-yellow on both sides.

Pancake recipe

Pancake dough recipe ingredients milk eggs butter flour salt

And voila!

Pancake dough basic recipe and inspirational pictures

Pancakes are prepared quickly and can be combined with many ingredients, e.g. Spicy with cheese, ham, spinach or mushrooms and sweet with honey, chocolate or berries.

Pancakes with jam prepared in the Swedish style

Pancake dough basic recipe simple recipes Swedish Pancakes

Galileo reveals the secret of the perfect pancake batter for you. With these simple tricks, the pancake will succeed you perfectly …

Pancake dough without lumps – the secret of the perfect pancake

Add 2 tbsp sugar, 4 tbsp cocoa powder and 1 tsp vanilla sugar to the pancake batter recipe (above) and you will get a sweet brown mixture and as a result you will have chocolate pancakes that you can combine with nutella and berries. Tasty right?

Making chocolate pancakes

Pancake dough basic recipe with chocolate

Delicacy – chocolate pancakes with banana, blackberries and pomegranate

Pancake dough recipe black pancakes with chocolate

Pancakes with strawberries

Pancake dough recipe pancakes with strawberries and chocolate

With cream and raspberries

Pancake dough recipe pancakes for breakfast raspberries

With lemon and powdered sugar

Pancake dough basic recipe with lemon

Funny ideas: American pancakes in heart shape

Pancake dough recipe heart shape American pancake

As we mentioned earlier, the pancakes are a very popular food around the world. And clearly they are prepared with certain differences in different countries and sometimes named with different names. The American pancakes or pancakes are smaller and much thicker, but also just as delicious.

American pancakes with honey and berries

Pancake dough recipe to prepare american pancakes

How to prepare American pancakes, you will learn from the following video. Stay with it and experiment in the kitchen. We have other delicious pancake recipes for you …

Fluffy pancakes American style

American pancakes

Pancake dough recipe american pancakes with berries

Combine with strawberries and honey

Pancake dough recipe american pancakes with strawberries

For breakfast or as a dessert?

Pancake dough basic recipe with honey pancake american

Pour with honey

Pancake dough recipe american pancakes with honey

healthy Pancakes with kale You can also serve as a main course

Pancake dough recipe Pancakes with kale and marmalade

Pancakes of Dutch style

Pancake dough recipe dutch pancakes

With avocado and cherry tomatoes

Pancake dough recipe pancakes with avocado

Pancake batter with vegetables

Pancake dough recipe pancakes with vegetables

Recipe ideas: make compote and jam yourself

Make compote and jam yourself Make compote and jam yourself

In the kitchen DIY projects are easy to implement. Anyone who has a garden or collects wild fruits will appreciate the opportunity to make jam and compote themselves. These fruit preparations are unique, so you can not buy them. As a gift or a supply for the winter, they are sure to have much success.

Jam itself make simple recipes

Make compote yourself

Making compote is a breeze. Cherries, plums, apples, pears and wild berries such as wild raspberries or blackberries are cooked with water and sugar and immediately filled into clean screw jars. The fruits should be cooked, hard pears need a few minutes of cooking time while the soft raspberries may only cook briefly so they do not disintegrate. The liquid in the screw glass must cover the fruits, otherwise they may discolour on the surface. The firmly screwed glasses develop a vacuum on cooling and the lid crackles clearly audible. The glass can then be stored for several months, preferably dark and cool. Apples and peaches, apricots and prunes can also be used as a cake topping. Of these fruits, the juice is poured off when used on cakes or pies.
Recipes for compote you can find here ,

compote and jam itself make simple recipes
A raspberry compote is especially good for this scary Halloween cake, take a look here

Making blueberry jam yourself

Making jam yourself

Jam and jam is the fastest way to make a gelling sugar. Here you can put together wonderful fruit mixtures and delicious spices. Recipes are available on the Internet in large numbers, but there’s nothing like your own experiment. Strawberry-rhubarb jam is a common spread, but only few people know varieties like kiwi-apple jam or elderberry-pear jelly. Try to create your own varieties! After the instructions for use on the package of gelling sugar, cook the prepared fruits for about 4 minutes and then put the hot material in screw-top jars and seal them immediately. Since there are different gelling sugar, you should pay attention to the mixing ratio. Very exquisite jellies are conjured up on your own stove. If you are familiar with juicing, you can cook the delicious jellies that are the culmination of the food for gourmets. Currant jelly, quince jelly or elderberry pear jelly melt on the tongue and develop a distinctive aroma. Hot filled in screw jars, they become a lovely gift or an aromatic supply for your own breakfast on cool winter days.
You can find recipes for jams here ,

make simple recipes jam yourself
If you want to label your precious treasures for stock, you will need labels. So you can not confuse anything and also have the date of manufacture on the glass. Have a look over here ,

compote and jam make breakfast in bed

Recipes for pancakes from all over the world – 24 delicious recipe ideas

How to make pancakes in different countries around the world

Do you already have ours? Basic recipe for pancake batter tried out? This would be a good recipe for Sunday morning, right? But if you feel like experimenting, take a look at the 24 international ones Recipes for pancakes underneath.

The beloved pancake is prepared and served in a specific way in different countries of the world. And so, thanks to the different cultures worldwide, many variations of the pancake have been created.

Would you like to join us on an exciting cooking trip online? Stay with it and be prepared to write down the delicious pancake recipes.

Recipes for pancakes from all over the world

Recipes for pancakes from all over the world

North America and Canada

American pancakes, or simply pancakes, are a popular and quick breakfast in the US and Canada. The round, small and slightly thick pancakes are often served with butter and honey or syrup in Canada, of course with maple syrup.

The secret of the fluffy pancakes is in the dough preparation: eggs, buttermilk, sugar, flour and the mysterious ingredient – baking soda. The exact recipe you will find here ,

American pancakes

American pancake recipes for pancakes worldwide


The Australian pancakes are very similar to the American and are called Pikelets. They are very popular in Australia as a snack or eaten at afternoon tea. With jam and cream, the Pikelets taste very delicious. You can find the recipe for the pancake batter here ,

Pikelets with strawberry jam and cream

Australia Pikelets Recipes for pancakes worldwide

Australian pancakes

Australia Pikelets Recipes pancakes worldwide pancake batter


Chinese pancakes, unlike pikelets, are not combined with jam, but with soy sauce. Try it this recipe made for Chinese pancakes with spring onions.

Pancakes in Chinese style with soy sauce

China Scallion Pancakes Pancake dough recipes pancakes worldwide

United Kingdom

Englishmen like to eat pancakes with lemon / lemon juice and sugar – an extraordinary combination that must be tasted at least once in a lifetime. The recipe is very simple and by no means time consuming.

Thin pancakes with lemon and sugar

England pancakes with sugar and lemon recipes for pancakes worldwide

English pancakes

English pancakes with sugar and lemon recipes for pancakes worldwide


From the same pancake ingredients, you can make Finnish style pancakes. Tense on the recipe ? This is also very easy.

Finnish pancakes are baked in the oven

Finland Pannukakku pancake dough recipes pancakes worldwide


French pancakes are hot crepes and are very thin. The crepes dough is tasteless and can be enjoyed with many different ingredients – hearty or sweet. You will find a crêpes basic recipe here ,

Crepes with banana, chocolate syrup and mint

France crêpes recipes for pancakes worldwide

Greece / Crete

Typical of the Greek cuisine are the so-called Tiganites, which are served with honey, cinnamon and yoghurt. You will learn more about this here ,

Tiganites with honey

Greece Tiganites with Honey Recipes for pancakes worldwide


Dutch pancakes are known by the name Pannenkoeken. They can be both sweet and spicy. Pannenkoeken with ham and sour apples you can after following recipe prepare.

Sweet Pannenkoeken are sprinkled with sugar / icing sugar and with fruit z. B. garnished berries

Holland Pannenkoeken Dutch Baby Recipes for pancakes worldwide


Uttapam is an Indian, crepe-like breakfast made from ground beans and rice dough. Carrots, red onions and coriander are often mixed with the dough mixture. Recipe for South Indian vegetable pancakes can be found on the following page ,

A crepe-like breakfast from India

India Uttapam pancake dough recipes for pancakes worldwide

Uttapam – South Indian vegetable pancakes

India Uttapam Recipes for pancakes worldwide


Icelandic pancakes are very similar to French crepes, but they are called Pönnukaka.

Pancakes with apple and quark filling

Iceland Pönnukaka Recipes for pancakes worldwide


The pancakes in Japan are called Okonomiyaki and taste good. For all fans of Japanese cuisine, we recommend the following Okonomiyaki Recipe ,

Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancakes

Japan Okonomiyaki pancake Recipes for pancakes worldwide

Pancakes in Japanese style

Japan Okonomiyaki recipes for pancakes worldwide


Kimchi Jeon is the name of the Korean pancake, which, like the Japanese, tastes good. Kimchi jeon with pork You can prepare according to the following recipe.

Korean pancakes

Korea Kimchijeon Kimchi Pancakes Recipes for pancakes worldwide

Asian style

Korea Kimchijeon Kimchi Pancakes Recipes pancakes worldwide


Malaysian pancakes with wheat flour and coconut milk are still a way to get closer to the Far Eastern culture.

Apam Balik – Malaysian pancakes

Malaysia Apam Balik Recipes for pancakes worldwide


Let’s go from Asia back to America, this time to South America. Here we find the Mexican pancakes, which are very similar to the American one. But they are made with cinnamon

Pancakes with cinnamon – recipe

Mexico pancake dough recipes for pancakes worldwide Mexikko Hotcakes Recipes for pancakes worldwide

Venezuela and Colombia

Cachapas are the pancakes from the South American countries Venezuela and Colombia. These are made from cornmeal and stuffed with cheese.

corn pancakes with melted cheese

Venezuela and Colombia Cachapas recipes pancakes worldwide Venezuela and Colombia pancake dough recipes pancakes worldwide


Maybe you know the Austrian pancake Kaiserschmarrn? Named after the Emperor Franz Joseph I, who is said to have eaten pancakes very much.

Kaiserschmarrn recipe

Austria Kaiserschmarrn recipes pancakes worldwide

Eastern Europe

Blini or Blintz are called the pancakes in many Eastern European countries. They are a bit thicker than the traditional French crepes. Blini are mostly made from wheat or buckwheat flour and yeast. Then they are served with sweet or spicy stuffing.

Eastern European pancakes

Eastern Europe Blini recipes for pancakes worldwide


Nalesniki are quark-filled pancakes from Poland. Recipe for the delicious quark pancakes you will find here ,

Polish pancakes with quark and strawberries

Poland Naleśniki Recipes pancakes worldwide

Pancakes with jam

Poland Naleśniki pancake dough recipes pancakes worldwide


Oladji are russian buttermilk pancakes, which, like American pancakes, are small and fat and as the name suggests, they are made with buttermilk. Oladji recipe you will find here ,

Russian Buttermilk Pancakes – Oladji

Russia Olady recipes pancakes worldwide

Delicious oladji served with yoghurt and jam

Russia Olady pancake dough recipes pancakes worldwide


Palacsinta or split ham is the name of the Hungarian pancake. Also how the Polish pancake will be Palacsinta filled with cottage cheese and can be combined with nuts or raisins.

Hungarian pancakes with quark cream

Hungary Palacsinta Recipes for pancakes worldwide


Learn how to make delicious Scottish pancakes for dessert here ,

Dessert with fresh berries and jam

Scotland Scotch Recipes pancakes worldwide

With honey and banana

Scotland Scotch Scottish Pancakes Recipes pancakes worldwide


Raggmunk are crepe-like pancakes made from potatoes or more precisely Swedish potato pancakes. According to recipe you can easily master Raggmunk.

Raggmunk – pancakes made from potatoes

Sweden Raggmunk recipe ideas pancakes worldwide


Malawah are Somali pancakes that are popular in their home country for breakfast or dinner.

Malawah – Somali pancakes

Somalia Anjero pancake dough recipes pancakes worldwide

South Africa

Finally, we drive to South Africa to prepare Pannekoeke. Unfortunately we only have one Recipe in English which reveals the secret of the South African dessert.

Stuffed pancakes sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon

South Africa Pannekoeke Recipes pancakes worldwide

“Mix the dough, heat the pan, fry the pancakes and enjoy.” – That’s the basic principle of the pancake preparation. It’s definitely delicious and maybe that’s why the pancakes are the sweetest breakfast in the world.

If you want to go into more detail and learn more delicious recipes for pancakes from around the world, then take a look Pancake book ,

An autumnal recipe for yummy pumpkin spice cake

Pumpkin spice cake to enjoy

Do you think it’s time to bake another delicious cake? Well, then you are right with us. Today we have a very simple and quick recipe for a pumpkin spice cake, which is not only delicious, but also quite suitable for the fall right now. The ingredients are pumpkin puree. But it’s pumpkin time and it would be a shame if you do not use fresh pumpkins when preparing your cake. We especially recommend the Hokkaido or the butternut squash. The first one is even more practical because you do not have to peel it at all. Its shell is very tender and can be consumed without problems. Add to that the fact that most of the vitamins and minerals are right there. Depending on the setting and taste, you can either bake or stew the pumpkin before pureeing or simply cut it into small cubes. The rule: the less processed, the healthier, of course applies here in any case.

Let’s go! Trust it and bake a special pumpkin spice cake for the whole family or for your dear guests. Have fun and good luck!

Pumpkin spice cake

Tin pie pumpkin two layers spices white glaze


  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar
  • 1 can of pumpkin puree
  • 1 cup of oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 teaspoons of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon soda
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1 tsp spices for pumpkin pie
  • pinch of salt

You can also prepare the pumpkin cake in mini form

tin cake pumpkin mini variation

for the cream glaze:

  • 1 packet of butter
  • 230 g cream cheese
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2-3 tablespoons creme double
  • 4 cups powdered sugar

How is it done:

1st step:

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Grease a medium-sized baking tray and put it on its side.

2nd step:

Mix the sugar, pumpkin puree, oil, vanilla extract and eggs in the blender until the mixture becomes even. Gradually add the flour, baking powder, baking soda and spices and mix. Then fill the cake dough in the greased baking tray.

A roll of pumpkin would also be an excellent alternative

tin cake pumpkin rollo form

3rd step:

Bake for about 20-25 minutes and let the cake cool completely.

4th step:

Prepare the cream cheese glaze during this time. Add the butter, cream cheese and vanilla extract to the blender and mix until creamy. Slowly add the icing sugar cup after cup and mix. You can easily change the consistency with the crème double as you wish.

5th step:

Then pour the glaze on the cooled cake. Serve it with coffee, with strong black tea or with a fragrant yoghurt tea.

tin cake pumpkin three layers white glaze

If you stand on a very light glaze, you can also use skimmed cream cheese

Tin pie pumpkin autumn recipe

Decorate the glaze with cinnamon for an even more intense taste

tin cake pumpkin autumn specialty

You can of course also prepare the cake in several layers

Tin pie pumpkin caramel syrup

If you like the dough stickier and moister, you can just add more butter

tin cake gourd light cream glaze white

Sweeten the day in a sophisticated way

Tin pie pumpkin light glaze cube cinnamon

Experiment with size and ingredients

tin cake pumpkin round mini

Invite the nice neighbor for coffee and cake!

Tin pie pumpkin pieces of coffee

Decorate your cake according to your mood

tin cake pumpkin white glaze walnuts