50 colored walls that give character to the contemporary apartment

Colored walls – colorful ideas for wall design

Are you a lover of beautiful colors? Do they make your mood cheerful by their particular charisma? Then maybe you feel better in a colorful setting than between four white walls? In this case, you have reached our goal with today’s contribution. With a few examples, we’ll show you how to colored walls integrated into the interior design. Do you stay with it?

Colored walls turn the simple room into a beautiful place

walls paint ideas orange wall paint white carpet

Well thought through colored walls in the bedroom

walls paint ideas light blue wall paint bedroom elegant carpet

Make the bathroom look a bit unusual

walls paint ideas bathroom green walls

Is it possible to choose a stark color for the kitchen wall? Or is not that more likely? What do you mean? The white wall paint has long been considered monotonous and boring, although it is stylish and allows great freedom in interior design. Of course you have to know some rules to create a harmonious and perfect interior. We will try to give you some hints on how to properly combine colors and patterns in your contemporary home with respect to your wall design.

Colored walls are typical for the nursery

walls paint ideas purple wall paint nursery

Combine warm shades with each other

walls painting ideas girl room orange walls pendant lamp

You’ve seen the colors several times and in different combinations that we want to pay attention to in today’s article. Today, we present you with these in a different way. What do you mean? What fits better with your living room -Green or Beige? Would the nursery look good in white? You know, of course, not everything necessarily has to be closely related to the fashionable color trends. Your own preferences are ultimately crucial.

Colored accent wall brings a fresh mood to the bedroom

colored walls wallpaper colored bedroom

In light blue, the living room walls look stylish

colored walls living room light blue wall paint

Green is particularly suitable as a wall paint

walls paint ideas nursery boys rustic bed headboard

A proper approach to wall design is to pick a hue that stays trendy over time but is currently very up to date. If you want to see your favorite color here and there, you can surround yourself with objects in that color. But if you want to look at this color all the time, paint your walls accordingly. Furniture, flooring and mantel are usually designed in darker shades. If you arrive at the time when you have to choose the right wall paint, you will encounter some difficulties. Not only with the furnishing style, the wall color is closely related. A designer’s recommendation is to surround yourself with colors that you particularly like. So they stay there for a longer time. So choose carefully the wall color in the living room, bedroom or children’s room. The sense of space depends on it.

Spice up the little bedroom with a blue wall

walls decorate ideas home ideas bedroom blue accent wall

Green and cream color combine in the dining area

colored walls dining room design wall decoration oval dining table

Brown and green are a noble color combination for the living area

colored walls dark shades flowers green armchair

Colored walls can be successfully combined with other colored elements. For example, with furniture in saturated colors. A practical option among all the color options is to paint the walls in light gray. This will allow you to complement the room with other colors and give it extra strokes. In children’s rooms, colored walls look more natural than e.g. in the bedroom.

Add a fresh touch to the white atmosphere through the green accent wall

walls painting ideas green accent wall purple elements home decor childrens room

Set a blatant accent and bring out the bright walls

walls paint ideas light gray nursery decorate colored elements

Combine colors to create a cozy and appealing ambience

walls paint ideas nursery warm shades of color

Emphasize the wall color with matching accessories

colored walls elegant accessories armchair

In a baby room with a nautical theme blue walls look great

colored walls nursery blue wall paint red armchair

A colorful living room with yellow walls

colored walls yellow wall paint green carpet living room living room

Combining red nuances for a lively ambience

colored walls red wall paint living room bright armchair fireplace

Replace the white walls with beige

colored walls beige wall color living room sisal carpet

Blue wall paint looks great in combination with orange accents

colored walls blue wall paint small living room

Green creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room

colored walls green wall paint adolescent room design

A fresh wall design guarantees a beautiful room appearance

colored walls wallpaper blue carpet colored bed

Tune the colored accent wall to another element in the room

colored walls warm shades white furniture living ideas

A bold choice for the bedroom is this orange accent wall

walls decorate ideas bright colors bedroom design

Green walls and dark furniture in the living room combine

colored walls living room green walls dark furniture

Select gray shades for the wall design in the living room

colored walls living room green wall paint elegant carpet

Make the dining area look traditional

walls painting ideas dining red walls planting

Be careful that yellow does not appear too intrusive on the room

colored walls living room yellow wall paint yellow curtains

Yellow living room walls complemented by matching carpet

walls painting ideas yellow wall paint living room floral carpet pattern

Blue walls and white furniture combine

walls paint ideas nursery blue wall paint light flooring

Balance the dominant red color with white

walls paint ideas nursery crass wall paint bright flooring

Give the simple bedroom more character with colors

walls paint ideas bedroom blue accent wall

Colored walls and colorful bedding patterns complement each other very well

walls paint ideas bedroom light green walls colored bedding

Female bedroom in purple

walls paint ideas bedroom light purple gray carpet

walls paint ideas purple accent walls white furniture living room

walls painting ideas bedroom purple walls colored bedding

colored walls dark gray colored carpet red sofa

walls painting ideas home decor living room yellow wall paint colorful carpet

walls painting ideas kitchen yellow walls light green kitchen cabinets

colored walls green wall paint living room set up

walls painting ideas green walls bedroom flowers

walls painting ideas nursery bright green walls zig zag carpet pattern

walls paint ideas bathroom orange wall paint

walls paint ideas dining room colored wall design chic

walls painting ideas yellow wall paint living room living room

walls decorate ideas nursery set up greennacen

walls painting ideas nursery room green accent wall shelf system

walls paint ideas nursery light pink desk

walls paint ideas bathroom children green walls

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Wall color pink – What are the latest trends for 2016?

Wall color pink is very trendy

Pink is the new black! You certainly will not hear that for the first time this year, right? Ever since it became very clear what the Pantone trend colors are for 2016, Rose Quartz is right at the forefront with Serenity – the soft blue. The two classic shades, which were formerly preferred in the nursery, are just on the rise. For example, wall paint Rosa is often used this year and combined with furniture and home accessories in Serenity. The color duo always ensures visual peace and relaxation. You can feel the lightness that intuitively relieves the senses. These were definitely the main arguments of the experts from the Pantone Color Institute , In the stressful everyday life of people to create a haven of peace and with colors.

The bright shades also have other properties that are quite valuable in the interior. They give optical width and somehow have a cooling effect. In addition, these trend colors can also be perfectly combined with white and black and love natural wood tones as well as copper and gold. On such a gentle backdrop in pastel you can experiment as you wish. Blankets, carpet runners, porcelain and floor lamps – everything is allowed. But do not overdo it anyway. Chic can sometimes quickly become kitsch. Keep it more subtle and simple.

Wall color pink is very trendy

wall paint pink home office study desk desk scandinavian design chair

The new trend colors suit almost every style of living. However, the Scandinavian design has noticeably the priority. The Nordic clarity and soothing simplicity typical of this style are perfectly matched with the delicate pink and the soft pale blue. Natural materials and home textiles are in neutral colors with a rough texture.

Knitted poufs and high pile carpets as well as sheepskin and felt blankets are ideal.

Rose Quartz and Serenity are also characterized by a strange “modesty”. On the one hand they seem supple and relaxing and on the other they tend to stand in the background. They do not bother and do not necessarily want to be noticed – perfect harmony and balance.

What do you make of it? Would the wall color rose be something for you? Or do you prefer Serenity? And why not the combination of both?

Shining pendant lights in copper

wall color pink dining room copper color pendant lights dining table wood chairs

Refresh your Home Office with Rose Quartz

wall paint pink study wood desk scandinavian living

Sometimes a few pink accents are enough

wall paint pink deco accents throw pillow vase gray sofa wood metal coffee table

And even the blanket can bring some color into the room

wall paint pink old rose woolen blanket gray sofa pictures wall decoration

Dark gray and pink – the perfect color duo

wall paint pink study desk gray chair open shelves

Simple base cabinets in Serenity

wall color pink blue furniture cabinets dining table wood leather chairs

wall color pink attic blue sofa wall shelves cupboards coffee table blue glass

Loft apartments can also benefit from the new color trend

wall paint pink loft apartment upholstered furniture sofa pouf side table carpet runner modern floor lamp

With the appropriate bedding introduce some color to the bedroom

wall color pink dove blue bedside table bedside bedroom set up

wall color pink white walls bedroom double bed linen

The stand-up color in pink stands out clearly from the dark wall

wall color pink taupe floor lamp knitted poufs velor sofas

Porcelain and curtains in harmony

wall color pink curtains natural wood side table coffee table sofa parquet

Nordic clarity in soft colors

wall paint pink white living room set up leather pouf sofa pillow rug gray

Even the smallest details in pink refresh the ambience and bring a cheerful atmosphere

wall paint pink home accessories europalette coffee table diy idea

wall paint pink living room set up open shelving armchair

wall paint pink brick wall chandelier white leather sofa throw pillows high pile carpet