Christmas greetings – special Christmas cards for companies and private

Special Christmas greetings

What used to be a matter of course is almost a rarity today: in times of Facebook and WhatsApp are special Christmas greetings in the form of a beautiful card for many a great pleasure. This little attention costs little time and money.

The easiest way to have a personal Christmas greeting is to buy a classic card from the trade. In the meantime you can even find them in the supermarket and do not have to go to a stationery store. However, this is a mass product. If it should be a little more individual and yet not take much effort, offer yourself personalized Christmas cards from the internet. Special online shops have a large selection of designs. It does not always have to be a red card – blue ones can be found here as well as international designs. The latest trend: Christmas cards with QR code. In it, a message can be packed that is not recognizable at first glance.

Christmas cards for companies and private

Some vendors specialize in business greetings and particularly elegant cards in the range, which can be printed on request with the company logo. There are even special Christmas greetings for special industries, such as a Christmas tree made of metal construction pipes or a bathtub shaped like a tree for sanitary companies. The selection is huge and offers the right motif for everyone. An alternative for the private sector are large online print shops, where you can not only print flyers and posters, but also cards for many occasions. For example, Christmas cards with scented or glitter varnish in various sizes are offered.

Special Christmas Greetings Christmas Card tinker Creative DIY Ideas




If you have a creative streak and a lot of time, you can also design the Christmas card yourself. Special computer programs such as Ashampoo Photo Card, which already contain templates and offer the option to insert your own texts and graphics or photos, will help. There are internet pages with Christmas theme collections that can serve as a source of inspiration. A classic text would be for example:

A happy and merry Christmas and health, happiness and success for the coming year.

It may also be a good advice:

Greetings to the Christmas days and please do not spoil your stomach!

… or something philosophical:

The secret of Christmas is to be pointed to the inconspicuous and the small in our search for the great and the extraordinary.

This allows you to create great maps that are then sent to the printer. This should on the one hand be able to handle thicker paper and on the other hand print in good quality.

Design Christmas cards yourself

If you do not have a suitable printer, you can drag the card data file onto a USB stick or a memory card and go to a print shop or copy shop. There you get a professional expression and usually you have to fold the card then only.

A special experience for the whole family is that Tinker of Christmas cards. Cardboard in different colors, scissors, glue, pens and your own imagination are the tools with which to create very special Christmas greetings. The relatives are happy about that.

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