Great Halloween make-up – Fascinating eyeshadow by Tal Peleg


halloween eyes make-up princess

Halloween make-up – eyeshadow that recreates your famous movies and favorite fairy tales

Have you already prepared your Halloween costume? And you have the right one Halloween make-up to? You have not come up with something original? Then let’s introduce you to stunning eyeshadow that is a real art.




Created by the Israeli Tal Peleg, this will attract your attention for a long time. Look at the impressive pictures, maybe you will find inspiration for your own make-up!

Yin and yang

Eye makeup halloween cats


Wicked look

eyes make-up halloween evil

Hansel and Gretel

eyes make up house illustration




Instead of using eyeshadow only as a means of enhancing one’s own look, Tal Peleg uses them to create stunning art. In her work, she paints illustrations from famous films and favorite fairy tales or other things from everyday life. The Israeli artist explores motifs from classic works such as “The Sound of Music”, “Hansel and Gretel” and “The Spirit of the Opera” and goes on to modern versions such as “The Princess and the Frog” and “The Excellent”.

snow white

make-up make-up halloween fairy tale

The little frightened Little Red Riding Hood

halloween make-up eyes rottkäppchen


make-up halloween make-up


halloween make-up eye treats

Gone with the wind

halloween make-up fascinating eyeshadow

Their ability to reproduce scenes on such a small surface with such distinct details and colors is truly unbelievable. It is not strange that her talent has aroused significant interest in the social media; As a result, she has numerous followers. One can get up to work Instagram , Facebook or deviantART to introduce in more detail.


cinderella illustration make-up

Nils Holgersson

make-up make-up halloween blue white

Dr. Seuss

halloween eyes make-up dr. seuss

The spirit in the opera

halloween make-up eyes artwork

The princess and the frog

halloween eyes make-up princess

Sweet favorite heroes

make-up animals illustration


rudolph illustration eye make-up


halloween make-up eye make-up illustration

The sound of the music

halloween make-up eyes make-up green

Dream within the dream

halloween make-up eyes black

The little mermaid

halloween make up mermaid illustration

Edgar Allan Poe

halloween make-up man illustration

The power of words

halloween make-up black tear


sushi illustration make-up

The excellent

halloween eyes make-up original

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